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Bathroom Cabinet

This is what you’ll need

Material List Tools:

16mm melamine board (NB they must subtract the edging from the measurements below)

Jig saw

700 x 598 – 2 pieces (edged all sides)

Cordless drill drivers

968mm x 200 – 2 pieces (edged 1 long side)

PDB 40 Drill press

700 mm x 200 – 2 pieces (edged 1 long side and two short sides)


668 x 200 – edged 1 long side)

Hinge cutter bit

968 x 70mm – 2 pieces (edged 1 long side)


white masonite – 1000mm x 700mm


clear glass 6mm – 474mm x 195mm x 4 (edged all round)


frosted glass x 3mm – 518mm x 416mm – 2 pieces (sharp edge removed on edges)


plastic glass clips/holders (flush)  To fasten glass to the door


plastic glass shelf brackets x 16 (type that we drill holes in the side of the wood and then press inside)


edging to match board colour x 1 roll


caps to cover screw heads ( same colour as wood)


3.5 x 35 mm screws


hinges – for kitchen cupboards x 4


door handles x 2


nail in anchors


plastic corner brackets – 4 holes x 20


Bathroom Cabinet


  1. Build carcase
  1. Doors

Attach cupboard to the wall