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In the show “Design Twins”, twin sisters Heidi and Heather team up on a new interior design business, Joyful Living, to transform people’s homes with creative ideas, inventive solutions and beautiful design meant for families to actually live in. And they should know, given that in order to get their business off the ground, they and their husbands have moved both their families into Heather’s home. With seven kids under the age of six under one roof, it’s all hands on deck as the sisters and their husbands take the “it takes a village” concept to a whole new level by juggling life at home, working closely to nurture their growing business and delivering jaw-dropping designs that prove that functional family space can also be beautiful. 

14-20 June: Episode 7

Outdoor Wow!

Heather and Heidi want to give Paul and Tyson a father’s day surprise by redesigning the back patio but in order to pull it off they have to convince the guys to take the kids camping.

Episode 8

The Big Magazine Shoot

Heather and Heidi receive an opportunity to have their work featured in a local magazine. But when Heidi becomes bedridden Heather has to take on the workload for two. Tyson feels neglected and becomes frustrated with Heather.

Episode 9

A New Bedroom for Poppy

Heather and Heidi redesign a bedroom for a retired navy veteran while planning a huge launch party for their business, Joyful Living Designs.

Episode 10

New Baby, New Nursery

It’s been ten weeks since the Andrews moved in with the Fujikawas and a lot of lessons have been learned. Heidi and Paul celebrate the upcoming addition to their family by having a gender reveal party.