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In Design Junkies, ten ingenious people make the most beautiful creations out of trash. Car wrecks, washed-up items found on the beach and the weekly bulky waste of a city: these are just a few of the challenges the do-it-yourselfers can expect during this competition. Which contestant is the most creative in turning garbage into wonderful new objects?

09 – 15 Dec: Episode 3

Tonight on Design Junkies, The designers must create a masterpiece fit for a designer apartment. But a twist sees some designers in unfamiliar territory.

16 – 22 Dec: Episode 4

Tonight on Design Junkies, The designers collaborate in pairs to create a functional masterpiece. While one pair becomes a force to be reckoned with; others struggle to see eye to eye.

23 – 29 Dec: Episode 5

Tonight on Design Junkies, One last challenge before masterpiece week sees our six kiwi designers creating an art installation to be judged at night. And with a log jam at the top of the leaderboard, there’s no rest for the wicked.

30 Dec – 05 Jan: Episode 6

Tonight on Design Junkies, our designer’s masterpieces are revealed and go to auction. And we find out who takes out the grand prize – a trip to the acclaimed Milan Furniture Fair.