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New Zealand’s most inspirational and talented designers are gathered together, tasked with challenges and competing for the title of New Zealand’s best Design Junkie. A group of creatives, including contestants with backgrounds in different materials, Industrial artists, builders and traditional artists, gather in a salvage yard where they are tasked with the challenge of repurposing materials from demolished buildings.

12-18 April: Episode 5

It’s the last 2-day challenge, the Junkies meet at a computer recycling scrap-yard where they are given their assignment; creating an installation piece that references native Flora and Fauna. Their pieces will be on show at the historical military defence tunnels in Takapuna, meaning they need to focus on how they can utalise light in their installations. Chanel feels out of her comfort zone with these materials, a feeling that most of the designers can relate to as they rummage through foreign objects, desperate for inspiration. Taikitai finds Aluminium sheets and motherboards, deciding to create something inspired by the wings of native birds. Chanel aims for something more achievable, planning to create a log with bugs and leaves that light up. Whereas Kara claims a giant pile of wires, sketching out a giant cocoon concept. Adelle does research to find uncommon and rare fauna and attempts to recreate images with her haul. Aaron struggles with the brief, and attempts to bend it to find a more artistic take on it, which worries Shane. Shane gathers the junkies for a game changer, presenting six mystery items; telling the contestants that whatever they reveal, they will need to incorporate. Rob reveals a ceiling fan, Taikitai gets a lamp, Kara gets hair curlers, Chanel a heater, Adelle gets a projector and Aaron reveals a fan. This must use item throws a spanner in the works, Aaron decides to dismantle his fan quickly, making the item unrecognisable and Rob puts his aside to continue on his original plan. Chanel’s object was exactly what she had been searching for, but again she worries that her design is too simple. With only three hours to go, Kara and Taikitai come across problems that may stop them from finishing in time. A stark contrast to Chanel, who finishes her installation early and sets it up in a dark room to test it. Shane worries again, that she may have thought too small. Aaron is determined to utalise the space, he plays around with adding sounds as well as light. The designers gather at the fort Takapuna, where their installations will be displayed in dark rooms and tunnels. They head in and chose the spaces where they will set up their works. Chanel discovers a small cupboard and decides she wants her piece displayed in there. The judges tour the location, giving the Bronze award to Chanel, the Silver award to Aaron and the Gold award to Rob.

Episode 6

In the season finale of Design Junkies, only three points separate the top four places – with Aaron in the lead on 9, but with double points up for grabs this week, it’s still anyone’s game. The last challenge gives the Junkies $2000 and six weeks to complete their masterpiece, based on heritage that will be displayed publicly. Aaron takes inspiration from trips to his Grandparent’s caravan, so he finds a rusted old motor-home and he plans to restore it, turning it into a mobile art instillation filled with childhood nostalgia. Tiakitai takes inspiration from his Maori heritage, planning to carve layered designs into a table, then coating with a clear resin, keeping the functionality. For Adelle, her main design is based on traditional wood joints; she plans to make a three piece set, a coffee table, mirror and lamp. The story of her Dutch heritage and the use of timber pays homage to her carpenter grandfather. Chanel’s concept speaks to her love of horoscopes and astrology, two hanging frames, each with her parent’s star signs, and on the other side there will be a lightbox showcasing the corelating constellation. Rob plans to convert a petrol-powered bike into an electric powered bike, he runs the risk of missing the brief but he is determined to live out his fantasy of building an electric vehicle. His first time working with such intense electronics has led him to roadblock, as he struggles to get it working. Kara plans to make her masterpiece extremely personal, based on four pieces of writing that she published on her blog and she collects old pieces of materials that she finds inspiration in; together these will inform four pieces of art for her final project. She needs thousands of pieces of wood, as she plans to use her signature mosaic style, so time will be of the essence; but she feels much more in her element, back in her home studio. Time is up, and in transporting his piece up from Napier, Tikaitai notices that the resin didn’t set, and the packaging stuck to it. He spends the time before the open day, desperately trying to fix it. The pieces are on display, the expert’s asses the pieces and anyone who isn’t a friend or family is able to cast their vote on their favourite work. Shane chats to Aaron, who stands behind his tendency to push the brief, believing that a risk is worth reward. Tikaitai talks Shane through his disappointment around the resin, but Shane encourages him on his thoughtful concept and hard work. Adelle describes the reward of seeing her work on display, Rob is excited to show off his bike, which he finally got working, the day before judging. Chanel is nervous to showcase her masterpiece, but Shane congratulates her on her artistic approach. Kara is extremely proud of her work, showing a vulnerable side of her to the judges tonight. The public gallery is in full swing, the voting draws to a close and the night comes to an end. The contestants gather for judging, after the votes are counted and the judges have their say, the Bronze award goes to Aaron. This takes Aaron to 11, still atop the leader board. The Silver award goes to Adelle, taking her to 7 and the Gold award for 6 points goes to Kara; putting her second on the scoreboard with 10 points. Making Aaron the overall winner of Design Junkies season 2.