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Design for You

Join Pilani Bubu on Design For You, a brand new show where you can draw home decor and design inspiration from some of South Africa’s top interior designers. Whether we live in a mansion or a bachelor pad, we all plan and decorate the interior of our homes the way we know best. But we could always do with a bit of help from the experts.  So if you need assistance with figuring out the best place to put your couch or need a little help in creating design features in your home that best suit your space, then this show is for you

It’s a brand-new season of Design for You and keeping with to our promise always, we’ll be bringing you some of the best in local interior décor and design.

01-07 March: Episode 7

A comfortable contemporary home with well-balanced stylish and inviting moments, enhanced with drops of Africana is you can expect this week on Design for You. Then, sculptor Marina Walsh talks us through the creative process behind the making of her unique sculptures. And, in our design feature of the week… we take a peek into a recently completed interior with an optimal use of space and a uniquely inspired colour palette.

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Guest Details:

Red Rabbit Interiors:
https://www.redrabbitinteriors.co.za/ [2]

Marina Walsh Designs:
https://www.marinawalshdesigns.co.za/  [3]

Episode 1 

This week Christelle Fonkem invites us into her exquisite home, where she’s managed to strike a balance between the opulence within, whilst still appreciating her outdoor surroundings. Then, Dean Jacobs takes us through the construction of a mid-century modern inspired table. And, Ivy Décor and Design showcases what a “tropical country estate” home encapsulates.

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Guest Details:

Episode 2 

Olde Worlde contrasted with some modern elements tied together in a seamless eclectic interior – is what to expect this week on Design for you. Then we take a look at the making of bespoke industrial light fittings that add a whimsical touch to any interior. And, Tonic Design showcases functional spaces that are simple with eye-catching layers.

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Guest Details:

Episode 3 

This week on Design for You we take a journey of transformation as we preview a modern Industrial style home with classy, chic and sophisticated details. Then, we take a look at modern African solid wood furniture pieces created by Khwebula Arts. And, Jacoline S. Designs showcases a contemporary-smart home with an earthy feel with eco-friendly considerations.

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Guest Details:

Jacoline S. Designs:

https://jacolinesdesigns.com/ [10]

Episode 4 

If you have had the privilege to have been born in the home you live in, it sure holds a lot of heritage, tradition and sentimental value. This week on Design for You, Sarah Watermeyer walks us through the ins and outs of an interior where she’s brought family heirlooms into the modern day in a transitional family home. Then, we take a look at light fixtures described as “jewellery for architectural spaces”, created and manufactured by Mema Designs. And then, we’ll take peek into an achromatic interior that might spark new ideas for your home.

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Guest Details:

Sarah Watermeyer:

https://www.sarahwatermeyerdesign.com/ [11]

Mema Designs:

https://memadesigns.co.za [12]/

Oksijen Interior Design studio:

https://oksijen.co.za [13]/

Episode 5

Carina Louw’s dream was to live in a fashion museum, taking inspiration from her favourite exhibitions, like the famous Alexander McQueen exhibit at the MET museum in New York – this week on Design for You; she invites us into her interesting home where she’s achieved that dream. Then, Fabric Bank takes us through the design and manufacturing of their custom fabrics and wallpapers. And in our design feature, we take a look at a chic interior that champions the classic black and white

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Guest Details:

Milner Fashion House:

https://milner-fashionhouse.com [14]

Fabric Bank:

https://www.fabricbank.co.za/ [15]

Deborah Garth Interior Design International:

https://www.deborahgarth.co.za [16]

Episode 6

This week on Design for you, we take a look at a home that features a 70’s inspired colour palette, with layers of understated cool and nature inspired hues – all contained in an uber cosy retreat. Then, Anatomy Design showcases their timeless furniture pieces that are best described as memorable and intimate modern day heirlooms. And, we catch up with Metaphor Design in an elegant minimalistic interior with pops of colour.

Click to view the guest details of Episode 6 [1]

Guest Details:

Room 31:
http://room31.co.za/ [17]

Anatomy Design:
https://www.anatomydesign.co.za/ [18]

Metaphor Design:
https://www.metaphordesign.co.za/ [19]

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