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Join Pilani Bubu on Design For You, a brand new show where you can draw home decor and design inspiration from some of South Africa’s top interior designers. Whether we live in a mansion or a bachelor pad, we all plan and decorate the interior of our homes the way we know best. But we could always do with a bit of help from the experts.  So if you need assistance with figuring out the best place to put your couch or need a little help in creating design features in your home that best suit your space, then this show is for you

04 – 10 Dec: Episode 1

This week on Design For You we look at transforming your home for the new season. Odette Löhrke of Nowadays Interiors takes us through a contemporary forest themed family home. Silk&Cotton Co shows us their range of fabrics and wallpaper then Vintage Vista give us more tips on making your home summer ready.


11 – 17 Dec: Episode 2

This week on Design For You we look at the classic contemporary interior with our featured guest Claire Clark of By Dezign Interiors. Rocket Design shows us their range of furniture and Alida Lambooy of Living Divani takes us through a classic space.


18 – 24 Dec: Episode 3

This week on Design For You we explore the baby nursery with our featured guest Bailey Bezuidenhout of Kimmy and Bear. Cait’s Room Interiors inspires us with their custom made baby room furniture and we get more baby nursery inspiration from some of the best interior designers and decorators.


25 – 31 Dec: Episode 4

This week on Design For You we look at achieving harmony in the home with our featured guest Leighton Clapton of So Designs. Damn Good Looking shows us their range of mirrors and textiles and Sharon Nicolaci of Spegash Interiors shows us how harmony was achieved in a luxury contemporary farmhouse.


01 – 07 Jan: Episode 5

This week on Design For You we explore ways of introducing colour into the home. Cathrin Bolt of Nowadays Interiors takes us through a “colour splash” inspired interior. We also have Makers of Stuff with their inspiring product range and Vintage Vista showing us the colour palette in an open plan home.


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