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It’s been said that your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love. In this new season of Design For You, we give you more décor and design inspiration so you can tell your story in style. Join me as we visit some of SA’s top interior and product designers and delve deeper into all things timeless and unique.


17 – 23 Sept: Episode 3

There are many different ways to add colour to your home. This week on Design For You, we show you various techniques, from bringing in pops and accents, to creating feature walls to brighten up a room. All this and more, only on Design For You.


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Matsela Moshokoa – Diaro Living

Nastasha Watson – Vintage Vista 

Karen Richards – K Interiors

Antonia Morgado – Makers of Stuff

Derrick Tabbert – Tabbert Interior Consultants



10 – 16 Sept: Episode 2

Who says small space living has to be cramped and cluttered? This week on Design For You, we take another look at some of the more compact apartments and homes. Many people are looking to downsize in order to save costs but it doesn’t mean your home should look any less grand. This week’s designers are here to give us all the tips and the advice we need.

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Louise Bradbury –

Donald Nxumalo –

Kim Hutton –

Elisha Annandale –


03 – 09 Sept: Episode 1

Spring is here, and with the coming of the new season, we welcome fresh interiors and an appreciation for outdoors living. This week on Design For You, we focus on nature inspired features, elements and interiors. Whether you want to add in bits of greenery or make your whole home a mirror of the outdoors, we’ve got some lovely tips on all this, and more.

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