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Design for You: Home Inspirations

Join host Pilani Bubu on Design for You: Home Inspirations. This studio-based interior design show explores all aspects of decor and the fundamentals of interior design. Watch as we give you a full spectrum understanding of how, why, and what – when it comes to any design-related element, from fabrics, carpet, paint and pattern to layout, walls and more. Our experts will give you enough information to make the best decisions when it comes to repairing, renewing or sprucing up your interior.

Episode 1

Who said that square footage should limit what you can do to enhance your home’s interior? In today’s episode, we’ll give you all the reasons why size doesn’t matter. Kicking off with a look at clever design for smaller spaces – Pristine Home Interiors offers some insight into what you can do to create the illusion of a bigger space. 

Then, we take a look at a “modern classic”-style home with a slick and functional home library and gym. We’ll also provide you with top tips on how to emulate these spaces in your home.


Samkelisizwe Moralo – Pristine Home Interiors  

Heather Boting – Heather Boting Styling and Visual Consultancy

Jessica Kearns and Natalie de Villiers – Empire Design

Episode 2

In this week’s episode, we’re going back to the basics.

When admiring an exquisite home, we usually focus on how it was built before we consider what it looks like inside. Theo Bothma joins Pilani Bubu to chat about designing consciously and what you need to know when building from the ground up. Thereafter, we look into the formula behind putting together a charming interior with bold colour and mixed patterns.


Theo Bothma – Theo Bothma Architects and Design

Tammy Holmes – Ivy Décor and Design

Episode 3

Introducing natural materials and botanical elements into a home instantly refreshes your interior. It provides effortless bursts of colour and vibrancy.

In this week’s episode, we’ll tell you why greenery is the way to go.

Then, Christelle Afana Fonkem showcases a luxurious and cosy contemporary apartment with eclectic layers.


Jessica Boyer – Jessica Boyer Interiors

Latoyah Mei – Lint Design House

Christelle Afana Fonkem

Episode 4

When it comes to interior design, the beauty of a home is in the details! In this week’s episode, we discuss how accents and accessories add character to your space, and how to choose the right accents.

After that, we learn about the role of colour: how it behaves, how it influences our mood and how you can blend different colours to create harmony in your interior.


Nelisa Nene

Christelle Afana Fonkem

Leanne van Niekerk – LVN Interiors

Episode 5

In this week’s episode, we’re going big on style but low on cost! When designing the interior of our homes, we may have very expensive taste but not the funds to match it.

Nick Woon joins Pilani Bubu to discuss clever ways to decorate on a tight budget without compromising your style.

After that, we step into a masculine and bespoke home with a classical architectural style and modern accents.


Nick Woon – Plan Creatif

Lane Reeves – Metaphor Design

Ehrardt Nieuwoudt & Teighan Killassy – Kim h.nieu

Episode 6

Embarking on an interior design project without a lighting designer is like keeping jewels in a safe without enjoying their value. Jewels best shine when they’re in the light.

In this week’s episode, we explore lighting and how it brings an interior to life.

Then we take a look at a blend of traditional warmth with the openness and transparency of contemporary design in this modern home.


Dylan Olivier – House of Gargoyle

Ehrardt Nieuwoudt – Kim h.nieu

Romi Kaplan – R Kaplan Interiors