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Best Houses brings to life the heart and soul of everything house and home. Author and host, Gary Takle, is on a quest to discover what really makes a house work. Each episode grabs the audience’s attention while walking them through some of the most exciting and visually stunning houses in Australia. From sprawling country estates to urban homes in compact spaces, viewers of Best Houses get an up-close look inside some of the most inspiring dwellings around, while in-depth interviews allow them to meet the professionals who create them. Whether you have a small budget or if money is of no concern, this series has something for everyone.

23 – 29 April:  Episode 1

Today we’re going to take you through four completely different customised homes. A modern concrete home that oozes with style, a renovation on an old heritage home in Melbourne and more.

Episode 2

We are going to show you four completely different homes and our first one is located in Gippsland. It has the most breath taking water views. We also see a coastal home that oozes with beach side chic.

Episode 3

Today’s show is about what’s hot right now in Australian home design. We kick off the show in Curl Curl with a brand new home where the owners have put their own personal touch to create this amazing modern design.

Episode 4

On today’s episode, we’re gonna take you through some pretty special and diverse homes beginning with an amazing coastal home on the New South Whales south coast.

Episode 5

We kick off the show with an eco-luxury home in Sydney. We check out a luxury mansion that has a bar that’s more like a nightclub. And then we see this virtually indestructible home in the highlands in Victoria.

Episode 6

We kick off the show today with a very clever renovation, which has a retro interior, in Paddington in Sydney. Then we’re off to the Tweed Cost to see a brand new house that oozes with character.

Episode 7

We’re going to go back and look at some of Gary’s favourite houses from the show. First up we take a look at two very special renovations and they’re both located in Sydney.

Episode 8

We start the show today with a sprawling luxury house that is built around a pool. We also get an up close look of a modern home with some really interesting rooflines.

Episode 9

We kick off the show today in Canberra with a house design that has stood the test of time. We see an award winning home that has a lot of house for a small site in Melbourne.

Episode 10

We explore four homes that will wreck your appetite for everything that’s cool in Australian house design. We kick off the show with a trip to the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Episode 11

We kick off the show today in beautiful Queensland to see this luxury home that has its own water theme park in its backyard. Then off to Adelaide to see some luxury accommodation that is Asian inspired.

Episode 12

Gary visits four very different homes that will hopefully give you some inspiration you can use in your own home. We kick off the show today with a tour of a luxury mansion on the beautiful Sydney Harbour.

Episode 13

Gary takes us through a modern bungalow in a backyard in Koogee. We’ll see how a tiny terrace was converted in a contemporary home for one. We then see a modern mansion on acreage in Dural.

Episode 14

We kick off the show today in Darwin, with a look at a development that uses the climate as a very big role in its design. Then we go inside a house that uses the natural breezes to cool it down.

Episode 15

We kick on the show today in Brisbane with a home that is built on the back of a racecourse. And talking about getting away from it all, this home is built in the most beautiful place.

Episode 16

If you prefer your homes with Old World Charm, you’re going to love this affordable character home in Melbourne, Victoria. And in keeping with Period charm we travel to the mountains in Gippsland.

Episode 17

Well today we kick off the show with some luxury boutique accommodation on the mighty Murray River. And we take an average floorplan and show you how to do something special.

Episode 18

Today is all about luxury and we’ve assembled six magnificent homes all with varying degrees of appointments all ready to impress you. We start our tour today in the Noosa hinterland.

Episode 19

Vertical living has so many other benefits other than just space saving. In this episode we find out what this means to Australian residential living.

Episode 20

Gary Takle shows us through a boutique development on the marvelous Gold Coast. Get some sun and inspiration from these uniquely different styled glamour apartments. 36