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Shaynna Blaze invites us into the complex, creative world of interior design.  Each episode follows the journey of a home owner who employs Shaynna’s company with the task of reinvigorating their home.  Every house is well loved, but not necessarily working for the owner/s in its current condition.  Shaynna’s team have to be adaptable given they’re working with vastly different characters, house types, tastes and budgets. They also need extreme practicality as they’re working to a pressing deadline on every job.

The team is a small but perfectly balanced mix of opposites which includes the amazing Shaynna herself, experienced builder Mike Griggs and Yasmine Ghoniem an edgy, emerging design talent.  Tackling design aesthetics as varied as French Provincial, Hamptons and modern industrial and characters as fickle as the weather, it’s fascinating watching how the design journey the owners expect, isn’t necessarily the design journey they get.  Shaynna has an uncanny ability of knowing what an owner needs often before they do – but she’s diplomatic enough to understand the owner is always right.   The resulting designs are fabulous, ingenious and sometimes, jaw dropping.

10 – 16 Dec: Episode 10 – YARRAVILLE

Good design needs to suit the whole family, but it can become a challenge when that family is 2 adults, 3 kids, 2 cats, 2 guinea pigs, a gold fish and a great dane.
Hamish the dog thinks of himself as another child, he sleeps on the bed with Mum and Dad, and takes more than his fair share of the sofa. With a tight space to work in, can Shaynna come up with a practical yet beautiful design that will stand the rigours of busy family living?