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Shaynna Blaze invites us into the complex, creative world of interior design.  Each episode follows the journey of a home owner who employs Shaynna’s company with the task of reinvigorating their home.  Every house is well loved, but not necessarily working for the owner/s in its current condition.  Shaynna’s team have to be adaptable given they’re working with vastly different characters, house types, tastes and budgets. They also need extreme practicality as they’re working to a pressing deadline on every job.

The team is a small but perfectly balanced mix of opposites which includes the amazing Shaynna herself, experienced builder Mike Griggs and Yasmine Ghoniem an edgy, emerging design talent.  Tackling design aesthetics as varied as French Provincial, Hamptons and modern industrial and characters as fickle as the weather, it’s fascinating watching how the design journey the owners expect, isn’t necessarily the design journey they get.  Shaynna has an uncanny ability of knowing what an owner needs often before they do – but she’s diplomatic enough to understand the owner is always right.   The resulting designs are fabulous, ingenious and sometimes, jaw dropping.


The clean lines of minimalist design can look incredible, but Jo and John have taken it to the extreme. Their warehouse apartment is so lacking in any personal items, it looks like someone has burgled the place. Shaynna and the team have the challenge of injecting some personality, whilst staying true to minimalist style the guys love. It’s a matter of pushing them out of their comfort zone, but how far is too far and will the transformation be complete in time for John to host his parent’s 70th birthday?

Episode 2 – BOX HILL

Jen and Adam’s weatherboard is bursting at the seams. With 3 children under 5, baby Xavier has to share a room with Mum and Dad. The couple has set a deadline to move him into his own room by his first birthday, but that means building a generous extension. It’s a big project with a tight budget, so getting the high-end look they desire is going to be tough.

Episode 3 – DONCASTER

Kathy is desperate to renovate the family home. Husband Alex has promised to get the work done, but years later the house is still untouched. The couple hasn’t bought any new furniture in 20 years, and Kathy wants the place looking smart in time for their son’s 18th birthday. Can Shaynna, Mike and Yas come to the rescue and give Kathy the stylish entertainers pad of her dreams?

Episode 4 – DEEPDENE

It started with a broken cooker and ended with a six-figure renovation! Martin and Teresa have been cooking the family meals outside on the BBQ, but with winter fast approaching they need to move their catering back inside. But that’s not the only issue, son James has an internal bedroom without a window. Can Shaynna and the team rework the floor plan, to bring this 1930’s shocker into modern living?

Episode 5 – BLACKBURN

Imagine how you could transform a house with half a million bucks in the kitty. Owners Peter and Debbie asked for some wow factor and they got it in spades. A sumptuous hotel style suite, a Dr Who inspired media room and an entertaining area to die for to name but a few. It’s the team’s biggest makeover yet and with a grand unveiling birthday deadline, the results are stunning.

Episode 6 – FOOTSCRAY

Max and Kirby might look like your average couple, but delve a bit deeper and they’re a little bit quirky. Shaynna used this as basis of her design, to give each room individual personality and style. From hidden colour in the kitchen, to an extravagant bathroom this house is full of surprises. But its not all colour and whimsy – in a few weeks the couple will have relatives visiting from overseas and unless the team can create another bedroom, there will be nowhere for them to sleep!

Episode 7 – PASCOE VALE

Young couple Jamie and Loretta have saved long and hard for their first house. For the last year they’ve been living with Loretta’s parents to save cash, but now they’re ready to move in and transform the tired Californian bungalow into a home. The only trouble is they seem to like every style under the sun. So it’s up to Shaynna and the team to deliver an interior that is both unique, yet practical for family living. The clock is ticking to get the work finished before baby daughter Angelica’s first birthday party, but a tight budget and unforeseen problems make this renovation no easy ride.

Episode 8 – PRAHRAN

Mark’s inner city cottage is so lacking in furnishings, it’s hard to believe he even lives there. Mark would love to have his Mum round for dinner, but is too embarrassed by his décor desert. The deadline, to create a stylish gentleman’s pad, so Mark can finally treat his Mum to a special home cooked meal and introduce her to his new girlfriend.


Helen’s apartment is a very big, small space challenge. She wants the look and feel of a New York industrial style loft, but in a tiny modern one-bedroom apartment. To make matters worse, the space needs to function as both a holiday let and a home. With the deadline looming, the team can’t afford any mistakes. Helen has already booked her ticket overseas and her holiday guests are due to arrive in a matter of weeks.

Episode 10 – YARRAVILLE

Good design needs to suit the whole family, but it can become a challenge when that family is 2 adults, 3 kids, 2 cats, 2 guinea pigs, a gold fish and a great dane.
Hamish the dog thinks of himself as another child, he sleeps on the bed with Mum and Dad, and takes more than his fair share of the sofa. With a tight space to work in, can Shaynna come up with a practical yet beautiful design that will stand the rigours of busy family living?