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Designer/builder Paul Lafrance (Decked Out, Disaster Decks) is known for his wicked backyard transformations… and now he’s taking his creativity inside.

Custom Built is a series that breaks the rules of standard home renovation. Each episode, Paul tackles two projects that he customizes for clients with spectacular results. It could be a full kitchen reno, or revitalizing a rundown 1970’s bar cart – Paul’s willing to put his custom spin on any room or any thing battered, broken or bent. With his hilarious crew by his side, each project will be cool, amazing – and knowing Paul, one of a kind! Custom Built redefines what’s possible and imaginable in the world of home renovation and custom building. Because it ain’t just built… it’s Custom Built.

04 – 10 Dec: Episode 10 – THE BARN BEAM BATHROOM

Jeff and Allyson live in a large heritage home, but with only one poorly organized bathroom with a tired ‘60s look, they need to renovate it to match the aesthetic of the rest of the house. Paul comes up with an innovative design that blends modern bathroom appliances and the heritage flavour of the home, exposing brick behind the shower, adding a vanity made form salvaged barn beam and a soaker tub.

11 – 17 Dec: Episode 11 – THE BREAKFAST BAR KITCHEN

Single mom of three Terri has been saving up for 20 years to renovate her kitchen, and the time has finally come to take the plunge. Paul remodels the layout and creates Terri’s dream kitchen, complete with a custom breakfast bar, peninsula table for entertaining, and a functional but sophisticated galley kitchen.

Kimberly commissions Paul to build her a media center to house her new 55-inch flat screen TV, all done in an updated mid-century modern style.

18 – 24 Dec: Episode 12 – THE HUNTER YOGA KITCHEN

Shasta and Ian desperately want to update their kitchen to bring it inline with their eclectic interests. Shasta wants it to be a Zen space where she is inspired to cook, and Ian wants it to incorporate elements of a hunting lodge. Paul unites the kitchen with a stone look, gives them a unique wooden topped island with a hideaway stainless steel prep zone where Ian can dress his latest game hunt.

Emily asks Paul to convert an old rocking chair from her childhood into a music stand where she can also store her guitar and flute.

25 – 31 Dec: Episode 13 – THE BLINGY BATHROOM

Chris and Irma have a dated and poorly functioning bathroom that they want to enlarge and re-style in a Parisian flair. Paul blings out their bathroom with Roman-style columns, a chandelier and heated floors, while giving Chris the massive shower he has always wanted and Irma a corner soaker tub. There is even a vintage style phone for Irma so she can talk to her friends while having a bath.

Tony wants Paul to build a Tiki bar for his backyard that can entertain adults at night, but also be kid-friendly during the day

01 – 07 Jan: Episode 14 – THE LADY COVE

Nancy has an empty space connected to her bedroom that she wants to turn into a private retreat where she can read, reflect or even dance whenever she feels inspired. Paul goes all in and creates an oval shaped daybed by the window and unique cabinets for plenty of personal storage, all done up with a very feminine feel.

Previous Episodes


Foster parents Geoff and Heidi need a multidimensional room that can serve as a family entertainment room for their three children, but can also transform into a bedroom so they can accommodate temporary foster kids. Paul has the perfect solution and builds a movie-themed room with a booth that converts into a king size bed, with stowaway single beds underneath and a painted projection screen.

Musician Darren needs a storage rack for his numerous guitars and their cases, and Paul comes up with a country styled rack that holds guitar cases, coats, bags and shoes.


Jeremy and Tabitha want their cluttered family room to reflect their love of the West Coast and be neat and orderly. Paul turns their cramped room into a well-organized space with sliding screens, tons of storage and a cool Pacific flair.

Allen and Christina have some old barn doors that Paul turns into

Christina and Allen bring in some old barn doors to the workshop, and Paul turns them into a showpiece wine cabinet.


An adventurous couple with a love of travelling, Méline and Greg want to turn their spare room into an escape within their home. They give Paul carte blanche with their space, and he creates a Caribbean oasis complete with a cabana-style cocktail bar, lounging sofa and backlight beach murals.


Brian and Allison have always dreamed of owing a cottage, so they decide to recreate that cottage feel in their home. Paul transforms their great room into a warm inviting space with a central stone fireplace, and adds a vintage canoe hung from the ceiling for visual flair.

Paul builds a special breakfast bar for his foreman Jimmy who is recovering from a stroke.


David and Andrea spent two years renovating their entire home, but left their master bedroom until last. And with two active young boys, the couple needs their own personal bathroom. Paul has carte blanche with this bedroom and gives them a sleek modern in-suite bathroom with a massive two-person rain shower, and a unique room divider with built in cupboards and a vanity.

Claudia wants a coffee table and a dining table for her small urban apartment, so Paul builds a table that transforms from a compact coffee table with storage to a four-person dining table.


Tim and Terri Anne just bought their dream home and want a unique mudroom space where their kids can get ready for school. They want it to be functional but personal, so Paul creates a space that reflects their love for travel and their careers as teachers. He builds 4 storage lockers fronted by a glass map of the world, earthy wooden barn boards and a hidden laundry corner.

Paul and his crew revamp Karen’s derelict piano into a cocktail bar for her country home.


Michele and Tyrone tried to turn their family room into an open concept space, but ended up with a messy playroom instead. Their twin girls’ toys were everywhere, and Tyrone’s video gaming console and wires were adding to the visual clutter. In one bold stroke, Paul solves their problems by flipping the room around, keeping it open but adding in a floating television that swivels, and a high tech fireplace!

Rhianna needs a cool communal table for her live-in yoga space, so Paul comes up with a multi-functional table, which incorporates natural elements and an organic look.


David and Laura’s home life revolves around cooking and entertaining in their kitchen. But with no counter space or room for their worldly wine collection, they must renovate their kitchen so they can host dinner parties in style. Paul completely guts the kitchen and changes the layout, giving them a central stove and a backlight stone onyx backsplash.

Adam and Thea come into the workshop with an unusual request – they are zombie enthusiasts and want Paul to build Thea a vanity where she can store her zombie makeup and outfits.


With a new baby on the scene and another on the way, Stephanie and Eric realize now is the time to turn their master bedroom into a master escape. Their builder basic room is bland and lacks storage, but they have no time to fix it themselves. Paul revamps their bedroom adding a stone feature wall, built-in ‘his and her’ wardrobes with a central vanity, and a hidden TV unit.

Paul and the team refurbish Joshua’s old card table into a poker table that looks like it belongs in a high-end Vegas casino.