Copper Tube Lamp

Peter shows you how you can build your own copper lamp made from normal copper water piping and a few fittings. Be inspired to make something similar for very little outlay. Peter also gives you a few interesting plumbing tips on how to solder water pipes.

You will need

Tools Materials
PHG 500 heat gun 16mm copper tube
PST 18 JigSaw various lengths
PSR 18 Cordless drill reducing elbows 4 pieces
PSM 18 Cordless Sander T-piece – 2 pieces
PEX Sander 45 deg elbow – 1 piece
Angle grinder stop end – 1 piece
POF 1400 router Timber – 350 x 350mm – 1 piece
PKP 18 glue gun plus 11mm glue sticks Timber – 400 x 400  – 1 piece
  3 x 30 mm screws
  wood glue
  Wire – 2core – 2mtrs
  lamp switch
  metal polish – (brasso/silvo)
  wax crayons/wax for candles
  egg cups
  brass globe holder


Steps to build your lamp

  1. Lamp
    1. Make a rough drawing of the lamp you want
    2. Purchase fittings based on the drawing
    3. Place fittings on worktop to get measurements for copper pipe
    4. Draw a plan for the shape of your lamp and right down measurements
    5. Cut copper tube to size
    6. Place tubes and fittings together loosely at first but in order
    7. Thread the wire through the pipes and fittings (keep them all in order) 
    8. Glue all the fittings and pipes together (doing it piece by piece)
  2. Base
    1. Cut bottom board to size and router edges
    2. Cut top tier and router edges
    3. Mark and drill holes for the feet
    4. Fasten top and base
    5. Sand and varnish
  3. Final step
    1. Assemble lamp onto base
    2. Connect wire to globe holder
    3. Attach globe holder
    4. Connect switch and plug to bottom end of wire
    5. Insert lamp

Get the plans

Copper Tube Lamp plans