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Coolest Places to Stay’ explores the creative and unique ways homeowners are transforming their homes into short-term rentals. In each episode renovation expert Katie Herbert meets homeowners and learns how they have used homemade and handmade touches to take advantage of the short-term rental market.

12-18 April: Episode 5

Tiny Living

On this episode of ‘Coolest Places to Stay’, renovation expert Katie Herbert explores the fascination with Tiny Living.  It’s a massively popular trend, and short-term rentals give travellers the chance to try it out for themselves, without the burden of buying.  Every tiny home is unique, using homemade and handmade touches to get guests through the door. Katie discovers an off grid, secluded cabin, with a private pond; a tiny lux rental created from a converted downtown garage; and the quintessential tiny home – a wooden house on wheels, on a ranch. 

Katie Herbert visits a tiny family home on wheels that was completely hand-crafted by the owners; a sweet rustic mini-cabin with twinkle and a view; and a garage that has been transformed into so much more.

Episode 6

Restoring History

Renovation expert Katie Herbert takes a closer look at properties that have Restored History, on this episode of ‘Coolest Places to Stay’.  These homes have been renovated and restored to surpass their former glory, and are now available as vacation rentals.  Katie discovers a sprawling Victorian mansion, complete with converted stables, where you can be the lord or lady of the manor; a former church, lovingly renovated into a 1400 square foot sanctuary; and a century old minimalist loft space for rent.  All the homeowners have used homemade and handmade touches in unique ways to appeal to the short term rental market.