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Colin & Justin’s Cabin Pressure is a renovation series featuring the hilarious and talented designer duo – Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan. In this season, the boys are dipping their toes in to test the waters by co-buying a cottage with friends.

Without the hefty design budget Colin and Justin normally enjoy from their high-end clientele’s pocket books, these spoiled rotten designers must do the unthinkable… penny pinch, economize to the max and pitch in – yes, that means get dirty and WORK!

Over this 13-episode construction and design series, Colin and Justin transform this lakeside fixer-upper into a rural sanctuary worthy of Hollywood stars. Through an overarching story, each 30-minute episode will be stand-alone and follow a theme, ending with one fantastic renovation reveal within the cabin!

Expect to learn DIY tips from a fly-on-the wall perspective packaged with their trademark behavior, which will include frequent bickering with their cast of construction characters, fussiness, tantrums, mild innuendo and light-hearted put-downs, as comedic relief. Colin and Justin have big ideas, and big designs.  They want it all.  At what point do they have to learn to ‘compromise’.  Can they have differing views and still make the decisions necessary to make their home the lakeside retreat they dream of, without blowing their budget?


Colin and Justin search for months with friends Cherri and David, determined to find the perfect cottage to share in beautiful Muskoka.  After seeing many places that don’t quite work, the group falls in love with a down at heel lakeside log home.
Rather than being daunted, however, by the ‘fixer-upper’, they are excited at the prospect of a major renovation to transform the wee house into an upscale, rustic retreat.  But will their bid be successful?

Episode 2 – THE GUEST ROOM

To establish a cozy nest amongst the chaos, Colin and Justin decide to tackle the smaller upstairs guest bedroom.  After fighting floral wallpaper, quarreling with quilts and creating a massive dust cloud sanding the living daylights out of all the wood, will the orange pine floor and ceiling have them beaten… before they’ve properly started?


A dated floral fiasco is ripped out and transformed into a sophisticated bathing delight as walls are clad in stone and an old television stand upcycled to become a sink vanity.  But of course not everything goes smoothly; things really kick off when Colin persuades contractor Dan to trim the new bath (with a saw!) to create a sleeker profile. Incensed by this, Justin gets himself into a lather before the designer duo finally reveals the bathroom to their cottage mates Cherri & David.


Colin & Justin try to convince their co-owners to sacrifice a bedroom as they strive to put their ‘quality over quantity’ logic into practice.  For them, knocking two smaller bedrooms into one large ‘A’ framed suite makes SO much sense.  But!  Will Cherri & David love their new larger room… or will they pine for the days when they owned a four, rather than a three bedroomed cottage?


Delving into the depths of the log cabin, an ungodly basement is transformed into a timber clad, media room like no other.  Battling wood rot, dead mice, brick walls and dated diagonal cladding, will Colin & Justin wish they had the budget to allow someone else to tackle their downstairs dramas?   And just who is going to shift the mold creating, indoor hot tub to its new outdoor position?


The boys go into ‘dock shock’ when they realize replacing their existing lakeside pier is about to cost them dear.   A truly explosive episode, Colin & Justin blow up a quarry of Canadian Shield granite and harvest a giant boulder…which is later sliced ‘like ham’ (wait till you see the stone cutting process!) to create new steps to the shoreline.  But will their big bang theory succeed, or will stormy weather wash away their newly landscaped garden?


A bedroom with a barn door is created as the designers update the notion of timber cladding.  How so?  Watch Justin add his own special ingredient while attempting to recolour the new blond timbers.  Let’s just say the room, upon completion, isn’t exactly ‘caffeine free’.  Meanwhile, as the scheme is suffused with a touch of Scottish heritage, we learn that too much plaid is never a bad thing!


As they investigate the screened in porch – that looks for all the world like ‘God’s waiting room’ – Colin & Justin’s plan to simply paint and furnish their outdoor sitting room falls apart.  Yup, the rot, over the last years, has clearly set in.  Tears, tantrums and teardowns follow as the entire deck and Muskoka room are demolished.  Remedy?  When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping and a brand new screen system (to baffle the elements) is top priority.  Watch in wonder as the entire Muskoka room is rebuilt from the ground up.


Inspired by a photograph of a nuclear fall out shelter spotted while working in Boston, Colin struggles to convince Justin that ‘bleak chic’, his proposed design direction, is the perfect look for the new shower room.  Will commissioning a local concrete artisan to fashion a trough sink be enough to win Justin over?


When a suicidal squirrel halts the delivery of a custom built Bunkie (a unique 600 sqft glass fronted guest annex) the duo starts to feel the pain.  In a nutshell, the aforementioned electrocuted bushy tailed rodent causes a powerline to collapse, delivery is delayed and a $500 an hour crane sits idly.  All the time eating away at the purse strings of our two canny Scots…

Episode 11 – WE’VE GOT A BUNKIE!

With the budget literally down the toilet, thanks to a new $12,000 septic system, the boys’ plan to furnish and equip their bunkie runs into serious cash flow problem.  The frustrating situation finds Colin in despair and Justin fighting back tears as they struggle to make their dream bunkie a reality.

Episode 12 – THE KITCHEN

Always a source of kitchen sink drama, Justin terrorizes the house as he swings a mean demolition axe to rip out the existing cabinetry and clear out a nest of dead and decaying mice.  His ‘rodent on a rod’ behaviour soon finds Colin running, gagging, for the door.  Whilst on a fact finding mission to their custom kitchen builder, Colin discovers the joys of drag racing.  But not, ahem, in heels and lipstick.  No sir!  In a killer, souped-up Studebaker dragster…

Episode 13 – THE GREAT ROOM

With the seasons rapidly changing, the race is on for the big finish.  Yup, Colin and Justin’s cottage dream is nearing its stylish conclusion.  A cunning plan to remove a log wall – and replace it with glass doors – causes last minute chaos, with the duo up against the clock to clear out the contractors… and install swanky rugs, soft furnishings and an armory of gorgeous accessories.