Colin & Justin’s Cabin Pressure

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Colin & Justin’s Cabin Pressure is a renovation series featuring the hilarious and talented designer duo – Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan. In this season, the boys are dipping their toes in to test the waters by co-buying a cottage with friends.

Without the hefty design budget Colin and Justin normally enjoy from their high-end clientele’s pocket books, these spoiled rotten designers must do the unthinkable… penny pinch, economize to the max and pitch in – yes, that means get dirty and WORK!

Over this 13-episode construction and design series, Colin and Justin transform this lakeside fixer-upper into a rural sanctuary worthy of Hollywood stars. Through an overarching story, each 30-minute episode will be stand-alone and follow a theme, ending with one fantastic renovation reveal within the cabin!

Expect to learn DIY tips from a fly-on-the wall perspective packaged with their trademark behavior, which will include frequent bickering with their cast of construction characters, fussiness, tantrums, mild innuendo and light-hearted put-downs, as comedic relief. Colin and Justin have big ideas, and big designs.  They want it all.  At what point do they have to learn to ‘compromise’.  Can they have differing views and still make the decisions necessary to make their home the lakeside retreat they dream of, without blowing their budget?