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On Coast vs. Country, house hunters from across the UK enlist the help of property experts, Sara Damergi and Kerr Drummond to assist them in finding their dream home in a desirable location, whether it’s a holiday home, a retirement retreat or a fresh start home.

Each host takes on the competitive task by tracking an array of properties to view either by the coast or in the country, whether in the UK or abroad, giving potential purchasers a wide scope of options to choose from.

21 – 27 Oct: Episode 10

Sara and Kerr are house hunting in Northumberland for retired teachers Chris and Wendy.  After living in Cornwall they’re ready for a change and they’re determined to find them their dream property in the North East of England!

With fond memories of growing up in Northumberland Chris wants them to move to the country.  But Wendy’s newfound love of swimming makes her yearn for a home by the coast.  Chris and Wendy have been searching for their new home for five years.  They have got their heart set on the North East which they’ll use as a base to travel the country in their beloved motorhome indulging in their love of walking and bird watching.

Episode 11

Sara and Kerr are in North Wales to help Clare from High Peak in Derbyshire find a second home to escape following the sale of her business.

Clare loves the sea and now that she has more time on her hands, she dreams of taking walks along our coastline with her two dogs, Roxy and Murphy.

But she also loves the stunning hills and valleys of North Wales, and I’m hoping that friend, and ex-business partner, Sharon, will help me remind her that country living is best

Episode 12

Sara and Kerr are on the southern tip of Cornwall searching for a home for Shirley and Dave.  Shirley’s home has been in her family for 80 years and having recently married her childhood sweetheart Dave, she feels it’s time for a fresh start and a new home.

Episode 13

Sara and Kerr are in West Sussex helping British Airways manager Godelieve find her dream home.  She wants the perfect place where she can relax and enjoy life

Joining her on her search is her daughter, Sally-Ann, who’s keen to make sure her mum makes the right choice.  But is the perfect home to be found in the fresh sea air of the coast…or the rolling hills of the country?

Episode 14

Sara and Kerr are in Tyne and Wear in the North East of England helping Ian and Ann find their perfect home to settle down in.  Ian and Ann have spent the last 19 years living between rural Scotland and sunny Spain, BUT they now want to move closer to their 4 children and grandchildren.

Episode 15

Sara and Kerr are in East Anglia, looking for the ideal home for life coach Daniel and his wife, Nicolette.  The challenge is, they have very different ideas of where that home should be. Daniel has his heart set on a quiet country idyll, well away from the hustle and bustle; whilst all Nicolette dreams of is being close to the sea.

Life coach Daniel, who works from home, and full time mum, Nicolette, have been together for four years.  Between them they have six children – two of school age – and ‘Stewie’ the dog.