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On Coast vs. Country, house hunters from across the UK enlist the help of property experts, Sara Damergi and Kerr Drummond to assist them in finding their dream home in a desirable location, whether it’s a holiday home, a retirement retreat or a fresh start home.

Each host takes on the competitive task by tracking an array of properties to view either by the coast or in the country, whether in the UK or abroad, giving potential purchasers a wide scope of options to choose from.

23-29 Nov: Episode 19

Sara and Kerr are in Kent searching for the perfect home for Marika.   She knows that country life has a lot to offer, but she’s always dreamt of living by the sea.

Episode 20

Sara and Kerr are in Somerset helping Patricia and Mark find their dream holiday home far away from the hustle and bustle of city life.  They want to find a place where they can lay down new roots. 

Episode 21

Sara and Kerr are tasked with finding house hunter, Sandy, the perfect holiday home. But with her husband abroad, she’s brought fiend, Jules, to help make the decision.

Episode 22

Sara and Kerr are in Norfolk helping Stephanie and Ian find their dream home.  They’ve decided to build a whole new life by moving east, far away from the hustle and bustle.

Episode 23

Sara and Kerr are in Devon helping Wendy and Rob find their dream home and start a brand new chapter in their lives.  But they just can’t agree on where to look. 

Episode 24

Sara and Kerr are on the West Coast of Scotland helping Marjory and Brian get back to their roots.  After years of living in Bedfordshire, they’ve decided to get back to where it all started.

Episode 25

Matt and Renee are ready to start a whole new life together in the West Country.  But the challenge lies in deciding where they should buy their first home together.

Episode 26

Sara and Kerr are in Lincolnshire helping John and Sue find their perfect home.  They’ve decided to move north to be within easy reach of friends and family.

Episode 27

Sara and Kerr are in Dorset, helping Colin and his wife, Jane, find their new home.  After living in their current home for the past 25 years, they’re now ready for a change.

Episode 28

Sara and Kerr are in East Sussex helping Tony and Debbie find their perfect home.  They’ve decided that they want to move south to get good access to clean country air.

Episode 29

Sara and Kerr are house hunting in east Anglia for a holiday home for Doreen and her daughter, Carla.  Doreen has one main dream, and that’s to live near the sea.

Episode 30

Sara and Kerr are on the East Coast of Scotland helping David and Anne find their perfect home.  They are now ready to return to the homeland.