Climbing the Property Ladder

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Whilst for most of us living mortgage free is just a dream, more and more people are putting their cash and backs into property developing for profit.

Climbing The Property Ladder  follows 12 developers from all over the UK who did just that. Over the course of a year we see them buy, renovate and attempt to sell properties for profit.

From single mums to savvy grannies, from those sick of the 9 to 5 to ambitious new kids on the block. It’s no easy ride; it means long days and late nights, disasters on site and budgets running out of control.

Will it all be worth it?  Can one big sale make your mortgage a thing of the past? Watch Climbing The Property Ladder to find out.

01-07 March: Episode 5

With house prices out of most peoples’ reach, ex Marines Matt and Rich are pooling money from friends and family to boost their spending power. They also take on 2 high interest loans. Spending over a million pounds in 6 weeks on two London houses, it’s not surprising they get strung out when both projects fall off the rails. It’s testing times for Matt and Rich as every week lost costs them just under £2,000 in loan repayments alone and they have to take one of their houses back off the market.

At the other end of the spectrum, and the country, in Manchester 24 year old Briony Branson is doing one property at a time while living on site. No lights for two weeks almost tips her over the edge and its free favors from her sister that bails her out. But in the end Briony is laughing all the way to the bank.

Episode 6

Ex city banker, Sara Yates, takes on the London auction rooms in a bid to become a full time property developer but she has lots of competition. With no city banker salary to fall back on, Sara sets her sights on a 2 Bed Streatham project and hopes to do as little as possible to make a much as possible. Can a lick of paint and some new curtains decorate Sara in profit, or will she be left yearning for her old city bankers salary?

In Hereford young entrepreneur Alex Godding dreams of moving up the property ladder and takes on a renovation project in a Grade 2 listed building. He’s soon wondering if he’s bought a white elephant when the 50 stairs leading to his fourth floor flat feel like a gigantic step away from a possible £20,000 profit.

Meanwhile in Coventry, Bex and Max take on their biggest renovation project to date and are trying a different approach to property development. Desperate to make a £30,000 profit so that Bex can quit the day job, they’re counting on a second hand kitchen bought off Ebay to win over potential buyers, but will their cut price kitchen cut their dreams down to size?