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Cash In The Spare Room is a renovation series where designer Sarah Moore and small spaces expert Max McMurdo aim to help people turn their unused and forgotten spaces at home into lucrative holiday lets. From garages to spare rooms, lofts to annexes, caravans to outbuildings, this series follows the highs and lows of people trying to turn their unused spaces at home into money spinners, often on small budgets and with little experience. Armed with innovative design ideas, clever storage solutions, and ingenious ways to make the most of any space, Sarah and Max help transform homes and show that you don’t need a fortune to make a profit.

12-18 April: Episode 3

Vanessa/Carol & Edward

Small space expert Max McMurdo travels to County Tyrone to help Vanessa transform her family garage into a boutique rental. But when her finances run low Vanessa has to make some difficult decisions about final fixtures and fittings that threaten to derail the project. In Hertfordshire, Carol & Edward want to start spinning a healthy profit from their tired-out annex and want designer Sarah Moore to guide them on creating a high-end product from a disused dumping ground.

Episode 4

Helen & Pete/Fiona

Helen and Pete are investing £15,000 to create an idyllic log hideaway in the grounds of their property but disaster strikes when Pete loses his job and money becomes so tight they have to reduce their budget. Design expert Sarah Moore helps shape the project and comes up with some clever money saving solutions to help them finish the build. In the Brecon Beacons, retiree Fiona tries to transform a rundown caravan into a high end African themed retreat with just £2000. Small space expert Max McMurdo is on hand to help her think big….

Episode 5

Ben/Alice & Matt

In Fort William, single dad Ben is looking for a new income to allow him more quality time with his children since recently losing his wife. His disused stable block in the shadow of Ben Nevis is the perfect spot for a high-end holiday let and Max McMurdo has some innovative ideas to help transform the plot and hopefully transform Ben’s family time. In bustling Brighton, Alice and Matt need Sarah Moore’s help to convert their home office and dumping space into a money-making guest room, with just a £500 budget it’s all about ideas and getting stuck in!

Episode 6

Kate & Rob/Pauline

On the stunning Gower Peninsula in Wales, Kate and Rob have a massive £100,000 pounds to convert a ruined outhouse into a successful holiday let. Small space expert Max McMurdo has an idea that could help them recoup their massive outlay faster but when the build stalls they’re at risk of missing Wales’s peak holiday season and the budget creeps even higher. In Southampton, Sarah Moore tests the theory that you don’t need deep pockets to start turning a profit when Pauline wants to transform her spare room with just a micro £100 budget but with super high expectations.

Episode 7

Malcolm & Jane/Grant

In the Brecon Beacons, Malcolm and Jane are gambling their pension pot on transforming a tumble-down outhouse into a profitable holiday let, and they need Max McMurdo’s help to make their money stretch as far as possible; but a problem with the ramshackle tin roof jeopardises the project, and their pension savings. Two miles from the Bournemouth seafront, plasterer Grant wants his spare bedroom in his suburban semi- detached house to appeal to holiday makers to generate a life changing income and he needs Sarah Moore to make it stand out in a crowded market.

Episode 8

Kate & Gary/Marion

On the doorstep of Scotland’s popular walking routes, Kate and Gary want to transform their wooden shed into a profitable holiday let. Kate wants to escape the rat race but when huge building challenges are unearthed she needs the help of small space innovator Max McMurdo to step in. In historic Bath, Marion’s daughter is taking a gap year leaving a spare room in her home ripe for renovation. Marion has no idea creatively what to do with the space and needs Sarah to help her generate some cash.

Episode 9


In the cathedral city of Ely, school teacher Georgina has spent £20,000 building an extension for her elderly parents but she now wants the space to also generate a much needed second income. Georgina’s finances run dry and designer Sarah Moore needs to help her find clever ways to just finish the build. In Pembrokeshire, teacher Louise has roped in her dad to transform an annex bedroom above her garage. Max McMurdo has some clever solutions to make the small space work hard as a possible and set up a profitable business in the eaves.

Episode 10

Tristan & Maxine/Seb

In the coastal town of Christchurch in Dorset, Tristan and Maxine enlist the help of interior design expert Sarah Moore to transform a teenage boy’s bedroom in to a vibrant and welcoming guest room for paying visitors. And along the south coast in Kent, single mum Seb needs guidance from Max McMurdo on how to create a multi-functional space from a room in the eaves that will hopefully turn a profit from a £500 budget.