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Camping Vanity

A camping vanity is ideal for people who enjoy camping but would like a few additional conveniences like a portable washing basin. See how Peter and Annalien build this project that has the option of being made into a permanent feature at home.

You will need

Tools Materials
Primo sander meranti 20mm (we can also use fancy wood)
PST 18 Jigsaw – plus extra clean for wood blades basin top and lid 370 mm x 370mm – 2 piece
PSR 1080 cordless drill driver basin top frame 50 mm x 410 mm – 4 pieces
Pex sander Lid frame 40 mm x 410mm – 4 pieces
PFS 300 spray gun Legs 50mm x 850mm – 4 pieces
PSR 18 Li cordless drill cross slats 30 mm x 450mm – 5 pieces
angle grinder with Bosch thin discs leg slat 50mm x 600 mm – 1 piece
Router screws 4 x 35mm
Skil angle finder (Im sure you still have one, if not let me know by Monday) wood glue
  Clear varnish – 1 ltr
  metal bowl
  3mm mirror 300 x 300 mm
  double sided tape 
  brass hinges 40-50mm
  cup hooks 2
  thin décor chain. (NB must fit onto cuphooks)
  brass hook and loop small to hold the lid closed
  meranti wood filler

Follow these steps

  • Cut out hole for bowl in base
  • Join four sides to the base
  • Join four sides around  lid
  • Fill all holes with filler
  • Measure and cut angle in legs
  • Join legs with slats
  • (something I might try) Make a middle joint to join two legs
  • Attach legs to base
  • Varnish
  • Insert bowl
  • Attach mirror
  • Attach hinges, chain and hook and loop.

Get the layout

Camping vanity