Buy It, Fix It, Sell It

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Buy It, Fix It, Sell It reveals the exciting world of restorers, ‘fixers’ and ‘re-purposers’. These are the people who make a living buying hidden treasures cheap at auction, restoring them in their workshops, and selling them on to collectors, shops, and the public, for a profit.

For the first time we’re going to explore every stage of the process, revealing the tips and tricks of the trade. In each episode we see three ‘fixers’ battle over items at auction and restore or re-purpose those items. But which of them will make the most profit when they try to sell their treasures?

20 – 26 Aug: Episode  4

Tiffany’s in love with a ‘Life’ magazine collection and the Neon Brothers are in love with a Marilyn Monroe portrait.  Willy turns a vintage suitcase into a stunning modern classic.

Episode 5

Rob baffles partner Jules as he bags an old piano. Could it be the key to riches?  Willy creates an epic deck chair and the Neon Brothers design a high end table for a trendy office.

Episode – 6

Willy has an auction meltdown as Bob bids him up on all his top pieces.  Tiffany is in trouble as she overspends on a fantasy bedroom for a favourite client.  Will anyone make money?