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Building Dream Homes follows some of the UK’s Architects leading the way in ground breaking design. We’re with them every step of the way as they battle with builders, blue prints and the clients who hire them all in the name of making the properties we dream of become a reality.

16 – 22 Sept: Episode 9

Today in Dorset Architects Paul and Laurence are nervously waiting for the delivery of the factory built home from Germany. But with the south coast battered by exceptional high winds and rain will they be able to erect the house against the elements?

Over in Edinburgh Architect David Blaikie is overseeing an unsual but very important project for his client Angelica. Who is having a state of the art mechanical front door step installed. But work on the step is tricky and builder Denis is worried the step might not fit into the space.

Episode 10

Today Architects Laurence Bowen and Paul Robinson visit the Dorset countryside to meet client Marcus and see the work on the new factory built home. Have they been able to beat the elements to deliver a home to be enjoyed by all the family?

Not far by – Architect Wendy Perring is taking on the build of a new cottage at a B&B in the majestic New Forest. Wendy also meets a client for the first time who wants to renovate an old water tower into a beautiful new dream home.

Episode 11

Today in Stirlingshire Architect Bobby Halliday is taking on a huge development of bespoke homes on the site of an old farm steading in the shadow of Stirling castle. As if juggling the ups and downs of such a huge build wasn’t enough, he has to make sure that a house is ready for a client to move into every three weeks. Today he is dealing with a couple whose move in date is four days before Christmas. It all seems to be going according to plan until the building inspector turns up. And he throws a very big spanner in the works.  Will Bobby be able to put things right and get the couple in in time for Christmas?

In Cardiff, Architect Dan Benham is designing an amazing one and half million pound family home. But as the build is delayed and deadlines fall by the wayside will the stresses between architect and client threaten derail the project?

Episode 12

In Stirlingshire, Architect Bobby Halliday’s ambitious ten house farm steading development in the shadow of Stirling Castle continues through the depths of winter. He is dealing with newly weds who plan to make a four bedroom house on the development their first home. Sounds simple, but with one half of a couple living in Indonesia and making decisions on design and interiors via the internet, tensions rise as Bobby worries what her reaction will be when she finally sees the house. When she does arrive, the kitchen is in the wrong place, not only does the whole thing have to be dismantled, the new floor has to be dug up.

In Edinburgh Architect David Blaikie tackles an ambitious kitchen and winter garden room extension to an Edwardian townhouse. The owners have a young family, and living on site during construction threatens to overwhelm them.  But their unusual build plan eventually pays off and they finally get the kitchen of their dreams… even if they have to wait a little longer than planned for their glass extension.

Episode 13

Today in Stirlingshire architect Bobby Halliday’s 10 bespoke house farm steading development in Stirlingshire nears completion.  Used to designing for what his clients demand, today he is has to design a home that has no buyer, so the pressure is on him to make it somewhere that will appeal to everyone. On the other side of the site he’s dealing with the polar opposite problem as one client’s obsession with cars forces a complete redesign of the house they’re moving in to.

Near Edinburgh, Architects Christopher Dinnis and Carolyn Whiteford, work with a family to gain planning permission to convert an old silversmiths in the heart of a conservation village into a family home. Tough negotiations with the planners ensue, will Chris and Carolyn be able to pull it off?

Episode 14

Today in Scotland Architect David Blaikie grapples with a modern extension that will double the size of an old railway station, making it a dream home for a young family. But money is tight so they cut corners at every stage. One of the cost cutting exercises involve overzealous owner Kenny getting his hands dirty. But when he and his mates take on the demolition of part of the house, their gung-ho attitude leads to costly accidents.

In the New Forest, Wendy Perring designs a mobile home like you’ve never seen before. Not only is this state of the art bespoke house the same size as an average Victorian semi,  Wendy hopes it will be the top eco home in the country – no mean feat. The home is built in a factory in Manchester, but when they try to get it to site, it turns out to be less mobile than expected.

Episode 15

Today in Scotland Architect David Blaikie forges ahead with the modern extension that will double the size of a young family’s historic home.  But money is tight and in a desperate effort to save money they take on as much of but the pressures of the build push the family to breaking point.

In Dorset, Architects Paul Robinson and Laurence Bowen design a state of the art modern house. But the horrific weather and complicated nature of the build which uses technology from across Europe threatens to derail the whole project.