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Each episode of Build me a Home follows one house construction from start to finish. Experience the highs and lows of the building process as we follow the owners, builders and architects creating these life changing projects.

Knock down re-builds, renovations, architecturally designed masterpieces & pre-fab houses shipped out on the back of trucks are just some of the fascinating projects followed in Build me a Home.

At the end of the episode the finished house is revealed in all its glory.

15 – 21 April: Episode 6 – Suburban Deconstruction by Third Garden

This is a house that will change the entire streetscape of this small suburban thoroughfare. The architect is known for pushing the limits of residential architecture, just wait until you see this one…

Episode 7 –“Rock House by Mardini Constructions & CR EIGHT

Wow. Projects like this come along but once a lifetime. On the highest hill in Bronte, Sydney, with views of the ocean to die for, was a 3 level block of flats, cheaply rented out to surfers and lovers since the 1960’s. Locals to the area – the owners, who are also the designers – had a dream and vision to transform this tired old building into a single dwelling masterpiece. But this will be no easy feat, with access a massive problem, the whole demolition will have to be done by hand. And to top it off, the builders plan to excavate into the hill the house is on  – to create a 17 metre tunnel, leading to a 12 metre tunnel for a glass elevator up into the residence. Will they pull if off? The reveal will be an OMG moment to talk about.

Episode 8 – Modern Beach House by Cassari Group

San Remo, Western Australia about an hours drive south of Perth. Here, life is a beach, and blocks of land don’t come much closer than this one. But with this proximity comes all the elements as well. The wind, the rain and the storms. Coming off the ocean and blowing straight into the block. This knock down re-build will have to be built to not only take advantage of this amazing ocean aspect, it will also have to protect against it as well. What’s created is a beautiful modern beach house for the owners to continue their life long memories in this dream location.

Episode 9 – “Hoarder to High End by Graya Constructions

The guys from Brisbane based – Graya Constructions – take on an old Queenslander that has been a hoarder’s house for decades. They aim to bring new life to this dilapidated dwelling and turn this junk haven into a modern masterpiece.

Episode 10 – Sloping Block by Stroud Homes

On Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, one of the region’s newest, and definitely youngest builders, takes on a sloping block where the risk is big but the reward will be plentiful.