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Following the success of building two custom homes in Season One, Bryan is expanding the construction arm of his business to tackle even more projects! This season on Bryan Inc., Bryan and Sarah brave the tumultuous world of residential renovations for clients. This is a new challenge for Sarah as she continues to juggle the demands of family and work life, while taking on even greater responsibilities.

20 – 26 Jan 2020: Episode 3 – Woody Bully

A pet-project of Bryan’s proves to be a huge undertaking. The Baeumlers complete a client build.

Episode 4 – Mind Your Beeswax

When reno fatigue sets in for their clients, Bryan and Sarah have different approaches. The Baeumlers start a new family project.

Episode 5 – Bones About It

Bryan and Sarah’s largest client build gets off to a rocky start. The Baeumlers meet their most demanding client yet.

Episode 6 – Flutey Patootie

Sarah delivers tough news to a stressed-out client. Bryan takes on a surprise project for his parents.

Episode 7 – Feel the Bern

Sarah is shocked when a client doesn’t share her design vision. The Baeumler backyard gets some new additions.

Episode 8 – Playing with Wire

A mistake on site has huge ramifications on Paul the electrician. Bryan makes an unexpected discovery. The Baeumlers’ multigenerational clients see their renovation complete.

Episode 9 – Promises, Promises

Sarah makes a promise that Bryan’s not sure they can deliver on. A sudden cold snap wreaks havoc on a site.

Episode 10 – Away Game

The Baeumler’s start a unique project. Bryan and Sarah troubleshoot an issue when a client goes out of town.

Episode 11 – What’s the Stitch

Bryan and Sarah wrap up a large renovation. Sarah brings a special helper to site.

Episode 12 – Take Cover

Winter weather costs a project time and money. Bryan and Sarah complete a home gym and basement for a young family.

Episode 13 – Satisfaction Guaranteed

As the final deadline looms for their largest project, Bryan and Sarah face the impact of construction delays. The Baeumlers reflect on working with clients together.