Brother vs Brother

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For the past two seasons Jonathan and Drew went head to head in their hometown of Las Vegas; challenging each other to fierce flipping competitions that Jonathan ultimately won. In this season, these talented twins are hitting the road to battle it out on the beaches of the Gulf Coast in Galveston, Texas. With 6 weeks and $550,000 each in their pockets, it’s all new territory for these brothers as they race to find, buy, renovate and sell their properties to a whole new set of buyers. And for Drew, losing is not an option as he fights to claim the crown, while two- time winner Jonathan, fights to defend it.

This is an exciting new season that will highlight America’s beautiful Gulf Coast, with Galveston, Texas as a fresh backdrop to the competition. The season will also feature a variety of celebrities side by side with the biggest property and renovation reality TV stars; and Jonathan and Drew will continue their support of local charities and donate all proceeds from the sale of the houses at the end of the competition.

30 March – 05 April: Episode 3

Drew tries to sway the judges with some twin telepathy when the Listed Sisters Alanna and Lex LeBlanc come over to judge the master bedrooms and baths.

Episode 4

The brothers compete to see who can design the most efficient and attractive family room, office and laundry spaces with their mom, dad and Egypt Sherrod judging.

Episode 5

Jonathan and Drew use some makeover magic to get their guest bedrooms and bathrooms redesigned in time for judges David Bromstad and Tiffany Brooks.

Episode 6

Jonathan and Drew’s flip competition in Vegas is almost complete as they tackle their final spaces: the front and back yards.