Get it Done – Breakfast Tray

Tool List

  • PST 700 E jigsaw
  • PSR 18 cordless drill
  • PSR 10.8 cordless screw driver
  • PSM 160 sander
  • PEX 220 random orbital sander
  • POF 1400 ACE router with round oval router bit
  • Dremel 8200 cordless with green oxide bit to engrave on glass
  • PFS65 spray gun
  • Dremel glue gun


  1. Draw out where glass will go in the top, and cut out this section.
  2. Router recess for glass
  3. Draw out and cut shapes in the sides
  4. Draw out where the sides will join the top
  5. Drill pilot holes
  6. fit sides to the top with glue and screws
  7. Sand, stain and varnish table.
  8. Draw out pattern on the glass
  9. Shade in pattern on glass
  10. Fit glass to the table