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Bookshelf and coffee table

In this week’s episode of Get It Done, Peter and Annalien build a cantilever bookshelf and a glass topped coffee table.

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You will need



PCM Compound Mitre saw Pine 20mm PAR NB not warped
12 volt Cordless Drill driver Back slat 200mm x 1600mm – 1 piece (cut to length)
18 volt Cordless Drill driver Side slat 200mm x 1500mm – 1 piece (cut to 1460)
PEX Eccentric sander Side slat 200mm x 1100mm – 1 piece (cut to 1040)
Top Shelves 200mm x 350mm – 2 pieces (cut to 320mm)
Middle shelves 200 mm x 320mm – 2 pieces (cut to 300mm)
Bottom shelf 200 mm x 450mm – 1 piece (cut to 440mm)
Pine 40mm x 40mm PAR
  500mm – 4 pieces
  350 mm – 8 pieces
  6mm x 700mm glass circle – 1 piece
  Door stops – 4 pieces
  rubber bumpons for glass top – 8 pieces
small rubber feet – 4 pieces
wood glue
4 x 60mm screws
4 x 40mm screws
Water based Varnish – 1 ltr
wood filler to match varnish


Follow these steps

Cantilever shelf

Coffee Table


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