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On Big House, Little House, interior designer Aidan Keane helps homeowners create amazing new spaces in their homes. In each episode, we see him lending his expertise to two sets of homeowners with two very different homes; one big and one little.  The homeowners have two very different budgets on hand, but two very similar renovation projects on mind. Plus, by following his clever tips and tricks, Aidan reckons these renovators should be looking to the value of their homes by a lot more than they spend.

Using his years of experience, Aidan helps both couples spend wisely – but will they listen? By following the two different projects all the way through to completion, we can see what design decisions add value, and what doesn’t get them their investment back.

13 – 19 May: Episode 16

Today Aidan’s helping two couples as they look to reconfigure their downstairs rooms.

In the Big House, Reg and Paula in Crowborough have £25k for their project as they look to create their dream kitchen diner. They want to fall back in love with their house and connect the inside with the outside.

In the Little House in Wetherby, Saul and Amanda have just £7k to knock through from the kitchen and into the dining room to create a space that suits their childminding business. With a small budget Saul gets stuck in to try and keep costs down.

Episode 17

Today Aidan’s helping two couples looking to make major alterations to their current layouts.

In Cheshire, Big House couple Claire and Rob have £80k to add a large extension to their home. They want to make their downstairs work better for the whole family and connect with their garden.

In the Little House in Brighouse, Gareth and Emma have £20k to add an extension, along with a detached office space in the garden for Gareth who works as a tutor.

Episode 18

Today Aidan’s helping two couples with very contrasting budgets.

In the Big House in Oxford, Nigel and Lucy have £85k to add a double storey extension to their dated bungalow. They want to create an amazing open plan living space downstairs and add a new master bedroom with ensuite upstairs. In order to keep on top of the build, Nigel decides to project manage it himself.

In the Little House in Chester, Sally and Kirk have £30k to add a front side extension that can be used by all the family. With the kids having flown the nest they want a multifunctional space for themselves and to entertain guests.

Episode 19

Today Aidan’s helping two bungalows realise their true potential.

In the Big House in Ewell, Joseph and Bettina have £70k to build a ground level extension for a large kitchen diner along with a basement extension. They aim to drastically increase the size of their bungalow with their project, which includes adding a third bedroom.

In the Little House in Sussex, Gawaine and Katrina have £30k to build onto the back of their property. They want to revolutionise the current layout by adding a sleek, contemporary kitchen diner. With money tight Gawain takes on a lot of the work himself.

Episode 20

Today Aidan’s tackling two contrasting projects as they look to add to their homes.

In the Big House in Hale, architect Carl and his wife Tanya have around £100k for their build. It’s a huge project that involves adding a large kitchen diner to their 4 bed semi along with excavating tonnes of soil to add a basement.

In the Little House in Buckinghamshire, Gemma and Richard have £35k to add an extension to their cramped three bed home. With a third child on the way they hope the build will give them the extra space they need.