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On Big House, Little House, interior designer Aidan Keane helps homeowners create amazing new spaces in their homes. In each episode, we see him lending his expertise to two sets of homeowners with two very different homes; one big and one little.  The homeowners have two very different budgets on hand, but two very similar renovation projects on mind. Plus, by following his clever tips and tricks, Aidan reckons these renovators should be looking to the value of their homes by a lot more than they spend.

Using his years of experience, Aidan helps both couples spend wisely – but will they listen? By following the two different projects all the way through to completion, we can see what design decisions add value, and what doesn’t get them their investment back.

11 – 17 Nov: Episode 8

Today Aidan’s tackling two contrasting projects as they look to transform two very different unused spaces.

In the Big House in Portsmouth, Poppy and Pam have £50k to convert their empty loft into a work studio and ensuite bedroom. With a big family living under one roof they need the extra space and by tackling this big project, they’re also realising the vision of Poppy’s late husband Mike.

Little House couple Nik and Jyoti, from Halesowen, have £35k to knock through into their redundant outbuilding and open up their kitchen.

Episode 9

Today Aidan’s tackling two contrasting projects as they look to breathe new life into their period properties.

In the Big House in Edinburgh, web developer Iain and his wife Frankie, who works in marketing, have £190k to renovate their beautiful Victorian villa.

In the Little House in Matlock, retirees John and Vanessa have £40k to turn their dilapidated barn into a picture postcard holiday home. They’re experienced renovators and full of great ideas but they’ll need to make sure their budget goes far to pull this one off.

Episode 10

Today Aidan’s tackling two contrasting projects as they look to make the best of their inside and outside spaces.

In the Big House in Norwood, Brenda and Michael have £25k to tear down the walls and open up their boxy bungalow. They want to create a social space that stretches out into their garden. But with money tight it’ll be a big ask.

In Brixton, Paul who works in marketing has a small budget of just £500 to breathe new life into his garden. Having already finished renovating the inside of his flat he wants the outside to match.