Beyond The Hedge

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Hosted by Melanie Walker, viewers get a peep into how these gardens came about, what goes into maintaining them and better understand the features that bring them their status. You also get to meet innovators who are taking gardening to the next level.

11-17 Aug: Episode 4

Melanie visits the exquisite Beechwood Gardens in Hyde Park where owner Christoper Greig takes us on private tour. We also meet with James Delaney who pioneered the rejuvination of The Wilds inner city park.

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Episode 1

Melanie Walker visits Castle Ridge in Westcliff Johannesburg to explore what lies behind the wall of this 1920’s built historical home.

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Episode 2

We feature two very special gardens that were designed and implemented over a number of years by their passionate owners. One is a testament to its owner’s love for travel and the other a testament to the beauty of an indigenous paradise.

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  • Michael Hogan – Mulligatawny Farm 
  • John Crain – Aloe Ridge

Episode 3

Melanie visits a Westcliff garden with two sides… landscape designer Dawid Klopper takes us to new heights as he shares this recent project of his… We talk wetland pools and the benefits it has for you and your garden…

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