Best Laid Plans

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Architectural Designer Charlie Luxton and Property Developer Sophie Morgan are joining forces to help the UK’s biggest and boldest home improvers.

Across the UK millions of homeowners are carrying out large scale renovations and extensions that are transforming their properties and revolutionising the way they live.  For many these are once in a lifetime builds.  But with so much at stake almost half of those undertaking these ambitious projects can’t agree on the improvements they’re making.

To help these remarkable renovators solve crucial design dilemmas and disagreements Charlie and Sophie will be visiting their builds to offer their advice and taking the owners to see incredible inspirational properties, ensuring these remarkable renovations deliver the stunning new homes their owners are dreaming of.

01-07 June:  Episode 8

Mark & Eryn/Mike & Jayne

As ambitious building projects can often involve differences of opinion over design between even the closest of families, Architectural Designer Charlie Luxton and Property Developer Sophie Morgan are on hand to help.

On the outskirts of Stafford, Charlie’s working with Architectural Technician Mark and Retail Manager Eryn who are turning a disused chapel into a fantastic family home, it’s a challenging project, made even trickier as Mark’s carrying out most of the work himself. They also need to resolve important differences of opinion about their kitchen.

In Surrey, Sophie is helping Mike and Jayne who don’t see eye to eye about Mike’s plan to fill their single storey extension with the latest smart home gadgets.

Episode 9

Liesa & Keith

For homeowners undertaking ambitious renovations and extensions, differing design visions can be tricky to settle, so Property Developer, Sophie Morgan offers her advice.

In Essex, knocking down their 2 bed bungalow and building a new three bed home from scratch is the ambitious challenge taken on by Liesa and Keith. They’ve moved from Devon to be near better training facilities for their team GB gymnast son. Sophie helps them through their competing visions over whether or not to have an ensuite for their master bedroom and a flooring dilemma that goes on and on.

Episode 10

Stephen & Julia/Lauren & Charles

Architectural Designer Charlie Luxton and Property Developer Sophie Morgan, guide two couples to resolve their differing design visions whilst they take on ambitious renovation and extension projects.

In Norfolk, future proofing their home is the name of the game for retired couple Stephen and Julia but can Charlie help them reach an agreement about how best to do that, including whether or not Stephen should have an ensuite? They also have a dilemma over how to marry their existing cottage with the new extension when it comes to the flooring.

Over in Cambridgeshire, Sophie helps Lauren and Charles reach a decision on the key finishing touches over whether or not to go for a log burning fire and the type of outdoor screen to provide privacy between them and their neighbours, as they create their luxurious kitchen/diner extension with a raised patio area.