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Hosted by Architectural Commentator Gary Takle, ‘Build Me A Home’ will inspire everyone who watches it. There is something quite special about watching a house being transformed right before your eyes. In this series, viewers will have an up close look at the building process and get inside the minds of professionals who are creating the project. We will also witness the construction through the eyes of the owners and see the dramatic reveal at the climax of the show. The show will be as engaging as it is entertaining. Viewers will follow one house construction per episode.


19 – 25 Feb: Episode 6

How do you build a brand new home in remote Western Australia?  You build it in Perth and transport it out to the location on the back three trucks.  In this episode viewers can watch home a morph from a concrete slab in a factory right before their eyes. Once revealed it is hard to believe it wasn’t constructed on site.

In this episode, a home morphs from a concrete slab in a factory and is transported out to the location on the back of three trucks.  Once revealed it is hard to believe it wasn’t constructed on site.

Episode 7

Family man and Architect Michael Ellis designs and builds his dream home in the leafy suburb of Elwood, Melbourne. Here must take into account a neighbouring house which shares an entire wall, find solutions quick as his suppliers unfortunately go bankrupt around him and finish the house in time for the new baby who is due any day now! The end result of Japanese inspired living spaces and landscapes will amaze you.

Episode 8

The homes of yesteryear were just so impractical for today’s lifestyle. In the Melbourne suburb of Mount Waverley we follow this family building company, pull down an old dinosaur and replace it with their own home of the future.

Episode 9

The Queensland coastline is one of the most beautiful places to live. Warm air, tropical seas and beautiful ocean views have created some of the best coastal properties in the world. But the seas are not always calm up here… We follow a house construction in Yeppoon that is struck mid build by a category 5 cyclone. Will it survive the storm? and become the luxury coastal home it aspires to?

Episode 10

Every now and again we come across a project that really turns heads.

This is a house that takes the idea of our Australian suburban streetscape, deconstructs it, turns it inside out and on it’s head. Just wait until you see this one.