Bathroom Vanity


Material List:

Material list

Power tools

Supa wood 16 mm

PST 18 Cordless jig saw

1666 mm x 570mm – 2 pieces

PSR 18 VLI Cordless drill driver

White melamine 16mm

PSR 10.8 volt cordless drill driver

547mm x 740mm – 2 pieces (edging on 1 long side)

Pex 220 sander

547mm x 434mm – 3 pieces (edging on 1 short side)

PWS angle grinder with diamond disc for tiles

100mm x 466mm – 2 piece (no edging)

Router (maybe we can decide on the day)

100mm x 514mm – 2 pieces (no edging)

Big sponge for grouting

100mm x 434mm – 2 pieces (edging on 1 long side)

Paint brush (100mm)

3mm white masonite 466mm x 534mm – 1 piece (no edging)

Grout spreading tool (rubber strip on handle)

4 x 40 mm chipboard screws


Flex ready mixed tile glue. 2 lt bucket


Mid brown grout 2 kg


11 mosaic tile squares


roof water proofing sealer – 1 ltr


Water resistant wood glue


Bathroom basin




Steps for vanity


  • Join two pieces together to make one thick top.
  • Cut out for basin
  • Paint with water proofing and leave to dry.

To continue once dry…….


  • Mark out where bottom, middle and top shelves fit.
  • Drill pilot holes
  • Join sides onto shelves
  • Fit backing board
  • Assemble foot piece and attach to cupboard.
  • Attaché shelves to main vanity cupboard

Back to top

  • Cut tiles to fit top
  • Apply glue to tiles and stick.
  • Grout all tiles
  • Attach top to vanity cupboard

Place basin on top and connect taps once installed.