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When indoor space isn’t enough, Backyard Builds showcases the endless opportunities outdoor areas can provide. The series stars contractor and designer Brian McCourt and design expert Sarah Keenleyside who work with homeowners to maximize their backyard’s potential by creating tailored, one-of-a-kind structures. Whether it’s a converted shipping container, cake studio, treehouse village, or outdoor theatre, this contractor and designer duo can extend any living space.

19 – 25 Feb: Episode 2

Kirsten and Joel have short commutes. She’s a Realtor who works from the home office, while Joel is a sales representative with a make-shift workspace in their master bedroom.

Episode 3
Ali and Hana have two very talented young children – and a very noisy and crowded house. Their son, Mateja, is a budding drummer, while their daughter, Mila, enjoys everything from tap dancing to violin.

Episode 4
Debbie, Kevin, and their three children are a newly-blended family. There has been a lot of change lately, including a new house and school for the kids. Brian and Sarah build an irresistible treehouse village in their backyard.

Episode 5
Craig and Claudia are new homeowners living in a space crunch. They share their new space with Craig’s brother, Craig’s parents – and their two massive dogs. Brian and Sarah build a sports bar and entertainment hangout in their backyard.

Episode 6
Miriam and Mark are busy parents to four kids. She’s in school studying nursing, while he works two jobs. To help these hardworking parents unwind, Brian and Sarah build them a parents-only hideaway in their backyard.

Episode 7
Jon, Trish, and their two children live in a quintessential family-friendly neighborhood. They fell in love with the spacious backyard when they first bought the house, but 12 years later, it still sits untouched.

Episode 8
Steve and Tanya are Realtors who just bought their forever home a few doors down from Tanya’s parents. Their new home came complete with their own mini forest in the back. Brian and Sarah build a dream cottage retreat in their backyard.