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Art Journaling

This week on Show Me How, Gloria Bastos is joined by Kim Geyser of K Craft. She introduces us to the new and exciting trend of art journaling. She’ll teach us various techniques such as inking, creating texture, how to mix different colours, ghosting, stamping, doodling and so much more. Don’t miss Show Me How, only on The Home Channel.

Art Journaling
By Kim Geyser
K Craft

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An art journal is a diary or record of your thoughts, experiences, and observations expressed in images. You can illustrate your thoughts, experiences, inspirations and observations with colour, patterns, design, doodles pictures and sketches. You can do this daily or whenever you have the urge. There are no rules when it comes to art journaling, you can do whatever you like and if you don’t like your page you can just apply a nice layer of Gesso and start again.  It’s as simple as that.