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In All About Property we chat to the residential real estate experts who provide advice, insight, solutions and offerings to home buyers, home sellers, property investors, landlords and tenants. Buying or selling a home is probably the biggest investment that you will ever make. You want to know all the facts and you want to explore all your options.

22-28 Sep: Episode 8

Buyer’s and Seller’s Market; Melville; Making money from buy-to-let properties

We are currently in a buyer’s market, and some experts predict that we might even be heading for a seller’s market, in the foreseeable future. But what does this mean, and, what do you and I do with this information? The experts share their insights around buyer’s and seller’s markets.

Melville is one of Johannesburg’s oldest suburbs, and here you’ll still find homes with pressed ceilings, and wooden floors, that dates back to the earlier years, of the previous century. Nestled between eclectic shops, and alternative coffee shops, Melville properties, attract the more free-spirited, homeowner. A local real estate agent showcases one of her listings.

We share five ways how one single buy-to-let property can create wealth for you and your family

Guest details for episode 8

Hanneleen le Roux

Jan van der Merwe – Realnet

Rensia van Aswegen – Ancora Real Estate

Doris Mpela – Riches and Beyond

Episode 1

Selling your home in a buyer’s market; The Leonardo; How to better your chances of getting approved for a home loan

Before Covid-19, we were already in a buyer’s market, and now, with hugely reduced interest rates, and declining house prices, one cannot ask for more favourable conditions to buy a property. But, where does this leave sellers? And, will they have any bargaining power when it comes to selling their properties? We explore how to sell your home successfully in a buyer’s market.

The Leonardo, a brand new 57-storey, mixed-use development in Sandton, is officially the tallest building on the African continent. Well, it recently opened its doors, and we popped in to see what this luxury development has to offer its residents.

Many home buyers seem to think, that applying for a home loan with their own bank, will better their chances, of getting approved, but the opposite is actually true. The more applications you submit, to different banks, the more likely you are, to be approved by one of those banks, and possibly, under more favourable, lending conditions. We aim to shed some light on the matter.

Guest details for episode 1

Michelle Cohen – Leapfrog Property Group

Hanneleen le Roux

Gijs Foden – Legacy Group

Natasha Champion – Ooba

Episode 2

Buy-to-let property investment; The property market in Heidelberg in Gauteng; Cost involved with selling

You might have heard that this is the best time to invest, in residential, rental properties, and, that the current property investment opportunities, may not present itself, very soon, again. We investigate a couple of ground to consider, before you rush out, and just buy the first property that you see.

If lockdown has forced you to work from home, and, all your meetings are taking place via Zoom, there really is, no more reason, to live near the office. You can live further away, have a more peaceful existence, and properties on the outskirts, tend to offer more house, for your money. Well, with all of that said, we thought we’ll have a look at what the residential property market in Heidelberg, in Gauteng, has to offer.

We all know there is no such thing as a free lunch. And this is also true when it comes to selling your home. But, many homeowners, are selling, because of financial constraints. We look at what the solution is for these homeowners.

Guest details for episode 2

Doris Mpela – Riches and Beyond

Dunisani Manganyi

Rachel Marais – Property Professionals

Tania Fourie – Lew Geffin Sotheby’s

Episode 3

Sectional title insurance; Africa’s first green neighbourhood; And, Investing in property with little to no money down

Not many homeowners, who own properties in sectional title schemes, know what insurances, their scheme is covered for. As a homeowner, you are automatically a member of the body corporate, and any losses or damages, that the scheme suffers, as a result of not being properly insured, are losses that affects you, the homeowner. We look at how to be sure that your sectional title scheme is properly insured.

Menlyn Maine, a mixed-use development, in Pretoria is South Africa’s first green city, and, is one of 16 cities, globally, participating in the Clinton Climate Positive Development Programme – the only city in Africa to participate in this initiative. We popped in to see what it was all about.

Money should never be the reason why we don’t follow our dreams, because, where there’s a will, there’s a way. And when it comes to property investment, this statement could not be truer. And to proof that, we’re looking at three ways, how you can make loads of money in property, with little, to no money down.

Guest details for episode 3

Marina Constas – BBM Attorneys

Mike Addison – Addsure

Ilma Brink – Pam Golding

Henk Boogertman – Henk Boogertman Architects

Hannes Dupper – Share Your Wealth

Episode 4

The Offer to Purchase; How to view a property; Eviction Process

Buying a home should be a pleasurable experience. Instead, for some people, it can turn into a long, and costly dispute, only because they were not clear on what they were signing. And even if it’s not a dispute, not being clear, on the terms and conditions in an offer to purchase can delay the transfer of the property. We shed light on this very important piece of legal documentation.

Very often, when we, as home buyers, go house hunting. We look on the surface, and we fall in love with the seller’s furniture, but there’s more to viewing a property. You want to be 100% sure, of what you are buying. Well, we met up with a home inspector to share some tips on how to view a property when you are out house hunting.

Regardless of whether your tenant defaults on payments, or whether he causes damage to your property, you cannot just evict a tenant without following a legal process, and failing to do so, may cause you, the landlord, more harm than you think. We get insight into the legal eviction process.

Guest details for episode 4

Anastasia Haji-Pavlou – STBB

Jan van der Merwe – Realnet

Marisia Robus – Gauteng Home Inspections

Makondelele Mudau – Mudau and Netshipise Attorneys

Episode 5

Flipping properties; Luxury retirement; Choosing the right real estate agent to sell our home

There are many ways to grow your wealth in property, and one such way is through flipping properties, for a profit. But, this is a strategy, that requires skill, education, and the right mindset, in order to be successful. We chat to two property investors who shared their insights.

Retirement accommodation does not have to mean scaling down, or compromising on a lifestyle, that you are accustomed to. In fact, you want a better quality of life, where you can feel safe, taken care of, and live in peace and tranquillity. Well, the newly developed, Waterkloof Marina Retirement Estate, in Pretoria, offers just that, and we popped in to see what it is all about.

Just like we get good doctors and bad doctors, and good lawyers and bad lawyers, we also get good real estate agents, and, not so good real estate agents. And, if you want to market, and sell your property, successfully, you want the best person for the job. We get insights on how to choose the right real estate agent to market our homes.

Guest details for episode 5

Doris Mpela – Riches and Beyond

Dunisani Manganyi – Riches and Beyond

Alda Erasmus – Cosmopolitan Projects

Bea Graham – Gaylin Estates

Episode 6 

Becoming a real estate agent; Waterfall Estate; Buyer’s checklist before signing the OTP

We often receive e-mails from viewers, wanting to know, how they can go about, pursuing a career in real estate. So in this week’s episode, we’ve invited two intern real estate agents, who have recently joined the industry, to help us understand how to get started, and, what the job of a real estate agent, entails.

We visit Waterfall Estate in Midrand to see what your money can buy you in this luxury estate. This estate has been voted, the best, mixed-use estate in Africa, for five consecutive years.

So often we hear stories of people buying their dream homes, and, when the property registers in their name, there are still tenants in, and what’s more, they refuse to vacate the property. This means, the new owner can’t move in, but he has to start paying the bond, because the bank wants its money. Well, we shed some light on what the law says, and, what you can do to prevent, landing, in this sticky situation.

Guest details for episode 6

Kagiso Rapone – Harcourts

Priscah Ndlovu – SA Property

Linda Erasmus – Fine & Country

Charlene Foster – Goliath Attorneys

Episode 7

Quality Offers: Meyersdal Eco Estate; The lease agreement

Very often, a seller, unnecessarily, prolongs the negotiation process, or he ends up losing a good quality offer, because of unrealistic expectations. In this episode we’re going to shed some light on what a quality offer is, and when to know, not to let it slip through your fingers.

Only 10 minutes, south of Johannesburg, you’ll find an environmental paradise, with wide open, unspoiled, nature areas. We’re talking about the Meyersdal Eco Estate. Here, you can live a lifestyle, that enhances the relationship, between man and nature, while preserving, and protecting, endangered fauna and flora species.

It is so easy, for a dispute, to arise, between a landlord, and a tenant, because neither of them are 100% sure, on which side of the rental law they are sitting. We get some insight into key clauses in the lease agreement.

Guest details for episode 7

Anastasia Haji-Pavlou – STBB

Michelle Cohen – Leapfrog Property Group

Elina Iordinova – Rawson

Liesel Kovacs – Foundation Homes

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