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In this brand new season of All About Property we’ll be chatting to the property experts who will share all the home buying and selling, advice, insights and offerings that will make your property transactions so much easier. We’ve also realized that no matter how much property advice we share, if you don’t have the money to buy that starter home, upgrade to that dream home, or start that property investment portfolio, our advice really means nothing. So in this new season we’re introducing a special weekly “Wealth Creation through Property” feature. That means in each episode our experts will share a different way of making money through property. And here’s the good news… Whether you’re starting out with no money, or hoping to expand your current property investment portfolio with offshore investment opportunities, or anything in between, we guarantee you that after this season you would have found a way to make money through property. So make sure you catch this season of All About Property.

14 – 20 Oct: Episode 14

Affording your bond before you buy; different retirement accommodation options; Investor’s legal guide

This week on All About Property…

Very often people buy homes only to realize a couple of months later that the property is nothing but a financial burden? Well this week a financial advisor gives advice on how to make sure that you can in fact afford the property that you are intending to buy.

Also in this episode…

Many South Africans are often unsure of the type of retirement accommodation that suites their needs and lifestyle. We shed some light on what the retirement accommodation options are that are available in South Africa.


Whether you’re starting out on your property investment journey, or whether you’re a seasoned investor with a sizable portfolio, the success of that investment depends on a number of decisions. And one key decision is to understand when to purchase the property in your own name, in a company, or in a trust. We explore the options that are right for where you are on your property investment journey.

Guest Details for Episode 14

Belinda Forbes – GJ Wealth

David Ingle – Seeff

Anastasia Haji-Pavlou – STBB



Episode 1 

The sole mandate; The home loan application process; And The home you live in is not an asset

Many sellers seem to think that the more real estate agents who market their homes, the more buyers will see it and the quicker it will sell. This may not always be the case and sellers should guard against looking desperate. In this episode we unpack the sole mandate. This means giving one real estate agent the opportunity to market your home. The sole mandate is a legal document that includes a marketing plan and a service level agreement. Should the real estate agent not adhere to this agreement, the seller can get out of this agreement.

Self-employed or contract workers are often of the opinion that it is difficult or impossible to qualify for a home loan due to the irregularities in their income. We look at how these uncertainties can be overcome and how easy it actually is to apply for a home loan if you are self-employed.

And, in our “Wealth Creation through Property” feature…

We have been taught that our homes are our biggest assets. This believe could be detrimental to our wealth creation plan, because an asset is something that puts money in our pockets, while the homes we live in, whether paid off or not, takes money out of our pockets. We look at where this myth comes from, how to bust it, and how to turn properties into assets.

Guest Details for Episode 1

Berna Daly – ERA South Africa

Anna Motaung – Batho Pele Home Loans

Ann Wilson – The Wealth Chef

Episode 2

Lost or stolen title deeds; Solar power as an investment; And, The four asset classes

Many homeowners do not have a title deed on their properties. This may be due to the title deed having been displaced, stolen, or there were never a title deed when the property was bought. This can have huge implications when you try to sell the property. It can either delay the process or cause the entire sale to fall through. We explain how relatively easy it is to replace a lost or stolen title deed for now, as the law around this is changing and in the near future obtaining a lost or stolen title deed wil be a much lengthier process and much more expensive.

Also in this episode…

We are often not sure whether to invest in a solar power system for our homes. In this episode we find out why we do not only save thousands of rands in electricity bills, but it also adds value to our homes. This means that when we are ready to sell, the actual rand value of the property would have increased, and it also makes the property more attractive to prospective buyers. The best part is that this system does not have to be installed all at once. You can install it as and when you can afford to do so.

And in this week’s “Wealth Creation through Property” feature…

We continue our discussion on assets. We look at the four main asset classes through which we can create wealth immediately. They are property investment, equity, passive business ventures and the fourth asset class being you. We find out why you are your biggest asset and we challenge the scarcity mindset that most people have around money.

Guest Details for Episode 2

Skoko Sebola – Leapfrog Property Group

Craig Hutchison – Engel & Völkers

Ann Wilson – The Wealth Chef

Episode 3

Divorced? What happens to the property; Removing your name from the blacklist; And, Getting onto the property ladder with little to no money down.

How you are married determines what happens to the property in the event of a divorce. If you are married in community of property everything gets split 50/50, including the home. However, when you are married with an anti-nuptial contract, things become a bit more complicated as you might be married with an anti-nuptial contract with accrual or without accrual which may have an impact on the divorce outcome. In the event of a divorce settlement you may also lose the property even if it was in your name. In this episode we unpack all the detail.

Also in this episode…

Many people never become property owners because they have been blacklisted. There seem to be the perception that it is a difficult process to clear your name from a blacklist. In the past this was certainly the case, but things have become much easier. We chat to one of the major credit bureaus on exactly how easy it is to remove your name from the blacklist and get you well on your way to applying for that home loan.

And in this week’s “Wealth Creation through Property” feature…

We explore just how easy it is to get onto the property investment ladder with little to no money down. We explore concepts like buying property below market value, buying in bulk off-plan from a developer, to using other people’s money, and making money from property even if it does not belong to you.

Guest Details for Episode 3

Tim Boshoff – Tim Boshoff Attorneys

Garnet Jensen – TransUnion

Ann Wilson – The Wealth Chef

Episode 4

Your credit score; Luxury homes; Residency visa through property investment

An excellent credit score will not only get you an approved home loan. It also enables you to negotiate a better interest rate on your loan which could save you thousands over the bond repayment period. This week we get the ins and outs of a good to excellent credit score and how to get there.

Also in this episode…

We always wonder what exactly do you get for a ten or twenty million rand home, and who buys these homes. This week we take a tour in some of Johannesburg’s most sought after homes.


Have you ever thought about immigrating, but the whole process just seems so expensive and drawn out? Well, in this week’s “Wealth Creation through Property” feature we explore just how quick and easy and offshore property investment could secure residency for you and your family in a variety of countries.

Guest Details for Episode 4

Garnet Jensen – TransUnion

Linda Nunes – pam Golding

Quinton Haddon – Pentbridge Offshore

Episode 5

Becoming a real estate agent; NHBRC home inspections; Challenges faced by the start-up investor

In recent months we’ve received many e-mails from viewers asking about a career as a real estate agent. So this week we’ve invited a real estate professional to shed some light on exactly what this interesting career entails and how to get started.

Also in this episode…

The NHBRC is a regulatory body for the South African home building industry, and one of their key objectives is to inspect all registered homes during key stages of the construction period to ensure quality building practices. We chat to a NHBRC representative to shed some light on this topic.


In this week’s “Wealth Creation through Property” feature we find out how you can get started with property investment with as little as two thousand rand per month, no home loan application and none of the searching for deals.

Guest Details for Episode 5

Braam de Jager – Aida

Edwin Limba

Hannes Dupper



Episode 6

Selling versus renovating; Sectional title home insurance; Multi-let property investment

Very often when we are ready to upgrade we are not sure whether we should sell and buy elsewhere, or whether a simple renovation will do. We look at the considerations when you are ready to upgrade.

Also in this episode…

When was the last time you checked your sectional title scheme insurance, or do you simply trust that the next time you need to claim, you will be covered? We look at what you should know about your sectional title scheme insurance.


In this week’s “Wealth Creation through Property” feature where the experts share how we can make money through property, we find out why a multi-let property investment strategy can put cash in your pocket from day one.

Guest Details for Episode 6

Bea Graham – Gaylin Properties

Mike Addison – Addsure

Koketso Sylvia Milosevic – Wealth Alliance

Episode 7

Tips for first time home buyers; Bond registration process; REIDs

One of the many reasons why young people continue to rent is because they find the whole home buying process extremely intimidating. In this episode we give a step-by-step breakdown of what the first time home buyer can expect out in the market place.

Also in this episode…

Once we’ve made that offer on the new home, the excitement often takes a bit of a dip when all the requirements around the bond registration process kick in. We explore why clarity around this process is actually so empowering.


In our weekly “Wealth Creation through Property” feature where the experts share how we can make money through property, we find out why REIDs can be a very lucrative and income generating property investment strategy.

Guest Details for Episode 7

Rensia van Aswegen – Art House Properties

Natasha Champion – Ooba

Izak Petersen – Dipula Income Fund




Episode 8

NHBRC home building legal compliance; Getting a home loan without a deposit;
Finding property deals

It is law for every home builder in South Africa to comply with the NHBRC home building regulations. Failing to do so is considered a criminal office. In this episode we shed some light on this matter.

Also in this episode…

Very often a deposit is the one think that stands between you and your dream home. We look at how to get an approved home loan, without a deposit down.


IVery often new property investors who are just starting out will tell you that the most challenging part of property investing is finding those deals, but in this week’s “Wealth Creation through Property” feature we shares some ideas on how to get your hands on those property deals.

Guest Details for Episode 8

Julia Motapola  – NHBRC

Natasha Champion – Ooba

Koketso Sylvia Milosevic – Wealth Alliance



Episode 9

Tips for 1st time landlords; Buyer’s and seller’s markets; Offshore buy-to-lets

This week on All About Property…

Most property investors know how to run the numbers and make the right investment decisions, but when it comes to the practicalities of being a landlord they often fall short. In this episode we share a couple of tips for those first time landlords.

Also in this episode…

We often hear the terms buyer’s market and seller’s market, but what does that actually mean and how do we respond to these markets? We dig a bit deeper into buyer’s and seller’s markets.


In our weekly “Wealth Creation through Property” feature where the experts share how we can make money through property, we explore why it may be a good idea to consider adding offshore buy-to-let property investments to your portfolio.

Guest Details for Episode 9

Tania Fourie – Lew Geffen Sotheby’s

Hanneleen le Roux – Remax

Quinton Haddon – Pentbridge Offshore



Episode 10

Do’s and Don’t’s of sectional title renovations; Ins and outs of transfer duty; reaching your property investment ceiling

This week on All About Property…

Renovating a unit in a sectional title scheme is not as straight forward as with a freestanding home, as these schemes are governed by the sectional title act. We look at what renovations you are allowed and not allowed to embark on in your sectional title unit. .

Also in this episode…

Transfer duty is the tax that is payable when you buy a property. We find out how it works, when it is applicable, and who is responsible for paying these taxes.

Many property investors get to a point where the banks are no longer willing to finance further investment deals. In this week’s “Wealth Creation through Property” feature, we look at possible solutions to this challenge.

Guest Details for Episode 10

Michelle Cohen – Leapfrog Property Group

Anastasia Haji-Pavlou – STBB

Hannes Dupper


Episode 11

Location, Location, Location; The lease agreement; Airbnb as an investment option

It is widely advised that “Location, Location, Location” should be the main consideration when you buy a property. This week we shed some light on exactly why a property’s location is so important.

Also in this episode…

Very often both tenants and landlords are not very clear on the terms of their agreement, and this may lead to disputes between the two parties. This week we aim to clear up some of these uncertainties.


Many property investors are seeing huge returns with Airbnb. But this short term rental platform will soon be regulated in South Africa. We give the ins and outs on this very popular property investment strategy.

Guest Details for Episode 11

Anita Frasco – Remax

Tim Boshoff – Tim Boshoff Attorneys

Sylvia Milosevic – Wealth Alliance

Episode 12

Buying fixer uppers; Innovative Home Building Technologies; Your wealth plan

Buying a home below market value, that you can fix up and put your own creative flair to can be a good idea. But there are a couple of boxes that needs to be ticked first. We look at what those are.

Also in this episode…

The NHBRC has a special interest in promoting innovative home building technologies. We met up with a NHBRC representative to find out how this initiative is being rolled out to the home building industry in South Africa.


Having a wealth plan is crucial if we want to maintain our standard of living during retirement. And as many people will tell you, having the odd policy here and there won’t quite cut it. In this week’s wealth creation through property feature we find out how investing in property investment can help you achieve this wealth plan.

Guest Details for Episode 12

Rensia van Aswegen – Art House Properties

Thihangwe Mudau – NHBRC

Hannes Dupper – DJV Group

Episode 13

Selling your luxury home; early retirement thinking; Offshore land acquisition

Selling a multi-million rand home does have its challenges, and especially in a buyer’s market, you want to be sure that your luxury home stands out. We share a couple of tips on how these properties can be sold quicker.

Also in this episode…

Many South Africans never consider retirement accommodation or they think about it too late. As a result they either have to move in with children, which has its challenges for both them and the children; or they end up destitute, trying to make ends meet with a government grant of less than R2000 per month. We unpack this matter in detail.


We are always looking for ways on how you can make money through property. And this week we’re not only going offshore, but we’re looking at strategic land acquisition as an investment option.

Guest Details for Episode 13

Linda Nunes – Pam Golding

David Ingle – Seeff

Quinton Haddon – Pentbridge Offshore






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