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All About Property provides advice, insight, solutions and offerings to home buyers, sellers, investors, landlords and tenants. In this new season Cornelius is joined by his new co-host, Sylvia Milosevic. As an avid property investor herself, Sylvia brings a whole lot of passion and insight to the show. Together, Cornelius and Sylvia, continues to chat to the property experts to help you make your next property transaction so much easier. We are also introducing a new feature where we showcase different residential offerings. Buying or selling a home is probably the biggest transaction you will ever make in your life; you want to know all the facts and you want to explore all your options.

17 – 23 Feb: Episode 3

Sales Negotiation Process; Monaghan Farm; Due diligence when buying at an auction

This week on All About Property…

We chat to a property practitioner about the importance of the sales negotiation process between the home buyer and seller and how the real estate agent should ideally navigate this process.

You no longer have to decide between the amenities of living in the city and the peace and tranquillity of living in the country. When you buy a property in Monaghan Farm, just 30 minutes north of Sandton, you can have the best of both worlds. We chat to the developer to find out what this offering is all about.

And, buying a property at an auction is one thing, but understanding what due diligence to do before attending the auction is very important to ensure you know what you are buying. We chat to a property investor about all the boxes that needs to be ticked before going to the auction.

Guest Details for Episode 3

Linda Erasmus – Fine & Country

Prospero Bailey – Monaghan Farm

Dunisani Manganyi

Previous Episodes

Episode 1

The real estate agent’s role; Home staging; the mindset of a successful property investor

In the season premiere of All About Property…

The real estate agent plays a vital role in the successful sale of a property. We look at how the real estate agent should navigate a healthy relationship between the buyer and the seller.

We are currently in a buyer’s market. Simply put, there are more homes for sale than there are buyers. This means home sellers should be very creative in the marketing of their properties. We explore home staging and why this is such an effective marketing tool to sell a property faster and closer to the asking price.

No one can ever be successful without the right mindset. This is also true for property investors. We get advice on how to ensure that you’re not only skilled as a property investor, but also how to have a winning mindset.

Guest Details for Episode 1

Linda Erasmus – Fine & Country

Vanessa de Villiers – Spacenergy

Neale Petersen – Real Estate Investor Magazine

Episode 2

1st Time Tenant’s Guide; The Houghton; Land Value Capture

This week on All About Property…

Many young people, who are fresh out of university or leave their parents’ home for the first time, need to look for a place to rent, preferably near the workplace. The fact is many don’t know where to start or what to do. This week we look at the first time tenant’s guide to finding that ideal rental property.

Also in this episode…

Imagine being on holiday 365 days per year. Well if you own an apartment or a penthouse at The Houghton you can. We profile the apartments and penthouses at The Houghton and we take a look at all the associated benefits like room service, laundry, resident gym, restaurant, family and adult pools, cocktail bar, to name but a few, that comes with owning an apartment at The Houghton.


The City of Johannesburg has recently introduced a new programme called Land Value Capture where they enter into agreements with developers to give the City a piece of their land for infrastructure development. This is an initiative that has proved to work very well in most first world countries. We spoke to a City’s representative to find out what this is all about.

Guest Details for Episode 2

Liesel Kovacs – Foundation Homes

Rene van Dyk – The Houghton Hotel

Monyake Moteane – The City of Johannesburg

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