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All About Property returns with a brand new season and in this series real estate professionals share advice on everything you need to know before buying or selling your next home. Whether you are buying a property for the first time, upgrading to a bigger family home, downscaling, investing in property, or hoping to sell your home for whatever reason, the experts share it all. A home is the most expensive item you’ll ever purchase. You want to know all the facts and you want to explore all your options.

18 – 24 Feb: Episode 6

The Home Application Process for Foreign Nationals; The Law on Latent and Patent Defects; Market Conditions

Many foreign nationals living in South Africa, especially those from neighbouring countries like Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Mozambique, are highly skilled, educated, and contributes towards the economy, but are often not aware that they do qualify to apply for a home loan, and they either continue renting or try to save for a cash purchase. We’ve decided to sheds some light on the home loan criteria for foreign nationals.

And… One of the biggest disputes between home buyers and sellers are those around defects to the property, where the seller fails to disclose a latent defect and the new owner only becomes aware of it after he has moved in. In this instance, the ‘Voetstoots’ clause does not protect the seller, and if found guilty, he can be held responsible for the defect. We get legal advice and insights into this matter.

There are many external market conditions like the interest rate, and the economy that may dictate property buying and selling behaviour. Yet, if you look at the deeds office data, thousands of property transactions are being concluded each month in South Africa, which means, regardless of what’s happening in the country, there are ways to mitigate market conditions when it comes to buying or selling a home. We investigate the options.

Guest Details for Episode 6

Natasha Champion – Ooba

Giles Buswell – Attorney Realtor Hub

Jan van der Merwe – RealNet Centurion Core Properties

11 – 17 Feb: Episode 5

Property Evaluations, The Installment Sale, & Successful buy-to-let property investments

Pricing your home incorrectly could lead to it not selling, or worse, you might end up having to reduce your price to below market value just to gain buyers interest again. This week on All About Property we look at how to go about pricing your home correctly for a quicker sale.

And… Not many South Africans qualify for a home loan and they end up renting for a very long time. This week we explore the Land Alienation Act. This piece of legislation allows for a home buyer to purchase a home directly from the seller, and pay him off over a period of time, without having to apply for a home loan.

Also in this episode… According to the experts, if you own one or more rental properties you have to have money left at the end of the month after you’ve paid the bond, levies, water and electricity and all other costs. If you have to pay in at the end of the month, then you are not doing it correctly. This week we look at the do’s and don’t’s of successful buy-to-let property investments. We are also giving away three one year subscriptions to Real Estate Investor Magazine

Guest Details for Episode 5

Lee Clarke – Leapfrog Property Group

Heron van der Westhuizen

Neale Petersen – Founder REIM



Episode 4

Home Staging, Township Properties & Renovations

When putting your home on the market, you want it to stand out between all the other properties that are also for sale, especially in a buyer’s market. One way of doing this is through a concept called ‘Home Staging’. We find out why staging your home can lead to a quicker sale.

And…Due to commercial and infrastructure developments in and around townships, township properties have started to increase in value. We found out why this has attracted many first time home buyers as well as property investors to the townships.
Also in this episode… Most people will tell you that renovating a home has been one of the most stressful experiences of their lives, but it does not have to be this way. We share some tips on choosing a reputable contractor for your renovations.

Guest Details for Episode 4



Episode 3

Commuting between the city and a small coastal town;

You don’t have to wait for retirement to live the dream and move to that small coastal town. We visited Gordon’s Bay, where we found out just how easy it has become to commute between your job in the city, and a quality lifestyle, in a small coastal town.

The 72-hour clause in an offer to purchase;

And…Even after sealing the deal with a purchaser, you can continue marketing your property, accept a more favourable offer from a second purchaser, and give the first buyer 72 hours to meet all the suspensive conditions, like securing his finance, otherwise you can legally go ahead with the second offer, provided you have one very important clause in your contract. We explore why it is so important to ensure you have this clause in your contract when you sell.

And, getting the most out of your bond originator

Also in this episode… When applying for a home loan, a bond originator will assess your individual situation, motivate your case to the bank, and apply on your behalf to all the major banks in order to secure the most favourable home loan. And best of all, this is a completely free service. We’ve explored how to get the most out of your bond originator.

Guest Details for Episode 3




Episode 2

Four investment strategies; Buying versus renting; & Using your bond to create wealth

In South Africa there are fifteen different property investment strategies that work very well. In this episode we explore four of these strategies, namely multi-let, instalment sale, buying and selling distressed properties, and back-to-back deals.

Also in this episode… Many people are still not sure whether they should continue renting or buy a property? We’ve decided to explore the pros and cons of each. And as we imagined, one of these came out tops. We also share some tools for people who decide that this is their year for buying their own homes.

And… Did you know you can use your bond to pay for school fees, buy your next car cash, go on that dream holiday, save hundreds of thousands of rands in the process, and pay off your loan over a shorter period? Today we find out how to use your bond to create wealth for yourself.

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Episode 1 

Seller’s Requirements, FLISP & The Law on Noisy Neighbours  

In this premiere episode:
Are you planning on selling your home this year? Find out what you need to consider before, during and after the sale of your property.
And; If you’re a first time home buyer and a South African citizen, you might qualify for a government housing subsidy of up to R122 000. This is enough to cover your deposit and legal fees.

Also in this episode; disturbing your neighbour’s peace and quiet can be a punishable offence of up to two years in prison. We chat to a property lawyer who explains how to use the law to get your noisy neighbours to lower their noise levels.

Guest Details for Episode 1







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