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The South African & African creative realm has truly come into its own over the past few decades. To the point where the world is watching, looking to Africa for inspiration, answers and guidance. In this series we will explore the creative world of Fashion, Design, Technology, Trends and the Arts, talking to the visionaries and thought leaders who are at the forefront of African creativity. We’ll meet the personalities, showcase their craft and discover what it’s taken them to get to where they are today. Come and join us on this journey exploring all the wonders that are on offer in the world of African creativity. This is Africa Modern!

23-29 Nov: Episode 6

In this week’s episode of Africa Modern we’re exploring African Beauty Products with the African Beauty Collective. Then we take a look at Fashion with a powerful message with Tshirts For Change. And to finish off we’re “Catching Up With Creatives” by chatting to product designer Candice Lawrence from Modern Gesture.