A Place in the Sun: Summer Sun

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Sara Damergi goes house-hunting in Spain, France and Portugal with couples who are looking for a holiday home where they can enjoy a little more sunshine over the summer months.

17-23 May: Episode 14


Robert and Diana Tayler have sold their Norfolk home, packed up their belongings and travelled to the Dordogne region of France. They have got a budget of £320,000 to buy a large property that could accommodate visiting family. It should also have a gite that will give them an interest and generate an income. But will Sara Damergi be able to help homeless Robert and Diana find their dream property?

Episode 15


Derbyshire couple Philip Beardsley and Faye Brown are about to be married and are hoping to get the best wedding present ever by finding their dream home in the beautiful French region of Aude. But Faye has her heart set on a character property and Philip likes modern clean lines.  With £150,000 can Sara Damergi find a property that that they both agree on?

Episode 16

Almeria Costa

Sara Damergi scours the property market in Almeria Costa to find twin sisters Sona and Roopa Modi a holiday home for their budget of £90,000.  The race is on to find the perfect property before their 30th birthday just weeks away. But the property search throws up an unexpected dilemma which sees the girls torn between a number of strong contenders. Will the twins be able make the right decision in time and make an offer?

Episode 17


With retirement just five years away Graham and Janet Gifford from Wigan want to buy a holiday home that they can eventually relocate to permanently in the Italian region of Liguria.  Armed with a budget of £80,000 Sara Damergi helps the couple navigate the Italian property market, but can she find them the property they have been dreaming about for the last 20 years? 

Episode 18

Lake Como

Gloucestershire couple Helen and Charles Taverner are looking for a holiday home on Lake Como that they can inject some money, time and love on. But will they agree on just how much work they both want to do and the size of the project?  Sara Damergi leaves no stone unturned showing the couple just how far their budget of £50,000 will stretch in this desirable part of Italy.

Episode 19

Le Marche

Graham and Dawn Tucker both fell in love with the beautiful Italian region of Le Marche eight years ago and since then have been dreaming and planning to buy their perfect home from home.  With £160,000 Sara Damergi searches every nook and cranny of the local property market to find their perfect property. But will Graham and Dawn be able to agree on which property they like best?

Episode 20


Jackie Venn and Jane Howes have been friends for over 25 years. They simply adore Italy and have pooled together all their savings to set up the next stage of their lives in the region of Abruzzo. With a budget of £110,000 they are after a renovation project they can turn into their dream home and also have an additional £80,000 to make this happen.  They’re after 360 views, olive trees and a substantial property that gives them the layout that suits their different needs. But can Sara Damergi deliver a property that has all three and will it have them reaching for their chequebook?