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Fake concrete log

  Fake concrete log (For the garden) To make the silicone mould apply thin layers of silicone onto the log and build up to a thickness of 10mm and allow to dry over night then remove the mould From the log Roll up chicken wire to the same size as the log close up one […]


Crispy Chicken Thighs with New Potatoes & Tomatoes

Everyone loves potatoes. Jamie enthuses about these underground jewels and makes the perfect potato salad using freshly dug wonderful new potatoes at their best. Jamie’s enthusiasm is infectious as him and Brian investigate what lies beneath the soil. The purple potatoes that are uncovered are amazing. Ingredients 1 3/4 pounds new potatoes, scrubbed 12 boned […]


Asparagus With Soft-Boiled Duck Eggs, Capers, and Bone Marrow Broth

Pete heads to Tasmania to see how Cape Grim beef gets its international reputation. The answer? Rich, lush grasslands. Not content with just the standard cuts, Pete and fellow chef, Gavin Baker, explore the most nutritionally dense offal. Guests include author, Neil Mann. Meals include Duck Egg with Bone Marrow and Asparagus, Beef Heart with […]


Mediterranean Garlic Bread

With a few extra ingredients a garlic loaf can be turned into something far more decadent and oozing with flavour. Buy a quality readymade garlic loaf as a time saver. Gas Braai Kettle Braai Direct Wood or Charcoal Fire Serves 6–8 Ingredients 1 large readymade garlic bread Filling 1 x 125 g sachet basil pesto […]


Brilliant Breakfast

Coming up this week on Fresh & Simple, we get the day started off right with a brilliant breakfast that your whole family will enjoy. We start off by preparing and baking a fantastic homemade banana bread. After that we’ll prepare delicious granola Parfaits served in elegant glassware, and, for the main course, an amazing […]

Chuck's Day Off

Honey Glazed Fried Manchego Cheese

Easy, Moderate, Complex Yield: 5 servings Ingredients 1/2 pound Manchego cheese, cut in 1 1/2 inch cubes   (1 kg)                                               1 cup flour (250 ml) 1 egg, lightly whisked 1 cup Panko bread crumbs (250 ml) canola oil, for deep-frying A drizzle of honey A sprinkle of smoked paprika Method Cut Manchego into 1  1/2 inch […]

Cooking with Nick Stellino

Risotto with Zucchini, Goat Cheese & Prosciutto

Chef Stellino is all about the details of simple techniques and his teaching style shines with brilliance in this Episode , inspiring people to enjoy life with fabulous recipes and simple techniques. Nick visits the fish monger and the green grocer and prepares Halibut with Tequila & Jalapeño Pepper Sauce and Risotto with Zucchini, Goat […]


Quilting a Stained Glass Window

  Requirements 1 x Fat Quarter Black Fabric 1 x Fat Quarter Multi-coloured Fabric (Batik works well) 16” sq. Batting 16” sq. Backing Fabric 16” sq. Applique Paper Black thread, clear thread, sharp scissors and safety pins Instructions Step 1: Choose design from various sources, e.g. Library, mosaic tiles, wrought iron works, etc. Step 2: […]