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Alter Eco

Not currently on Air
Alter Eco is an eco lifestyle and makeover series presented by Adrian Grenier and his team of green activists, experts, and friends. Some of Adrian's green team includes eco contractor Darren ...


Builders – DIY Made Easy

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The Home Channel and DIY giant BUILDERS bring you innovative DIY projects and gardening advice suitable for young and old. Let our DIY and gardening experts inspire and guide you through ...


Carter Can

Not currently on Air
Carter Oosterhouse is a man on a mission. For homeowners who have been told that their home project is too difficult, costly or just not worth the effort, Carter comes ...


Challenge Tommy Walsh

Not currently on Air
Tommy is a DIY action man-who-can, determined to train an army of raw recruits desperate to learn how to fix things properly and learn the basics.  Set in England, in ...


Completely Hammered

Not currently on air
Imagine having a man with talent and tools ring your doorbell. You throw open the door and tell Jaran, Anthony, Matthew or Dylan exactly what you want. He’ll fix your ...


Decked Out

Mon 11:00 | Tue 15:00 | Thu 19:00 |Fri 22:30
DECKED OUT is back for another season of entertaining, funny, irreverent learning experience in learning the creative process of designing and building impressively intricate outdoor decks and beautiful backyard spaces.  Episode ...


Design For Life

Not currently on Air
Designs for Life is a new four-part series that follows four couples as they set out to build their very own designs for life. Presenter and Architect Garry Miley matches ...


Design U

Not currently on Air
Design U is the pre-eminent institution of higher learning for the design-challenged.  Through our rigorous training and education programs, Design U attempts to bring out the inner designer hidden deep ...


Disaster DIY

Not currently on Air
Take one sheepish DIY-er, one disastrous project, and one pissed off partner who blows the whistle on their well-meaning loved one.  Armed with quick wit, a little sarcasm, and a ...

Flip Addict

Flip Addict

Not currently on Air
Flip Addict is a two-episode special. We follow Danielle Bryk as she fights her way through a renovation flip nightmare to transform a neglected home into a buyer's dream.For the ...


Get it Done

Not currently on Air
  Join us for a brand new season of Get it Done! With exciting new projects and step by step instructions, there’s no reason for you to miss out on ...


Get the Look

Not currently on Air
Get the Look sees one of the UK’s hottest interior designer, Kathryn Rayward, help families get the designer look they aspire to, whatever their budget. From Hollywood glamour to shabby ...


Grin and Build it

Not currently on Air
Who will crack first in this design pressure cooker? Many a marriage has cracked under the stress of a home renovation project, and Grin and Build It cranks up the pressure ...


Holmes Inspection

Not currently on Air
Holmes Inspection is the exciting new series from The Holmes Group.  Featuring Mike Holmes (Holmes on Homes), the series shines a spotlight on innocent homeowners facing massive repair bills and ...


House of Bryan in the Sticks

Mon 08:30 | Tue 12:30 | Wed 16:30 |Fri 20:30 | Sat 13:00 & 20:00 | Sun 17:00
Five years have passed since Bryan and Sarah built their custom dream home in the city. Always up for a new challenge, Bryan and Sarah are back at building again ...


House of Bryan on the Rocks

Not currently on Air
The successful global franchise and ratings record-breaker HOUSE OF BRYAN, had Bryan and his family struggle to build the dream house in their hometown.  So it’s no surprise that HOUSE ...


Housecalls to the Rescue

Not currently on Air
House Calls To The Rescue”, it is a show which solves real problems within the home.  Not for those who want to sell and move on, not necessarily for those who ...


If Its Broke Fix It

Not currently on Air
Presented by TV handyman Craig Phillips. Two teams of DIY novices are sent off to builders ‘bootcamp’ where they are put through their paces, knocked into shape, and taught all the ...


In A Fix

Not currently on Air
"In a Fix" features a team that attacks a home-repair project that has gone terribly wrong - vast gaping holes in the ceiling or pathetically gutted kitchens.  Before the work begins, ...


Junk Raiders

Not currently on Air
Why spend a fortune on new building materials when other people have chucked out exactly what you need? Junk Raiders is a journey into 'up-cycling'; the thriving do-it-yourself subculture that takes ...


King of Dirt

Not currently on Air
Gino Panaro tells it like it is: If your backyard is a sea of crab grass and half-dead bushes, he'll chide you for not performing proper maintenance in the first ...


Lafarge Finishing Touches

Lafarge Finishing Touches
Be inspired by these beautiful interiors and see how leading SA Designers have used Lafarge products to enhance the décor and design.  See how the finishing touches of an interior ...


Leave it to Bryan

Mon 15:00 | Wed 19:00 | Thu 22:30 | Fri 11:00 | Sat15:30 & 22:30 | Sun 11:00 & 19:30
Homeowners get a much needed reality check in the ultimate reno tug of war between wants and needs! With veteran contractor Bryan Baeumler choosing a space based on the biggest ...


Love The Place You’re In

Not currently on Air
Fed up with your house but can’t afford to move? Interior designer Gordon Whistance has the ultimate solution and is taking aspiring property up-graders on a transformational journey guaranteed to make ...


Man Shops Globe

Not Currently on Air
Claiming he has the "greatest job in the world," Keith Johnson invites viewers along on an international treasure hunt on the Sundance Channel original series, MAN SHOPS GLOBE. In out-of-the-way ...



Not currently on Air
We all have it. A junk drawer, a messy closet, a pile of mail, lids but no containers. A little clutter, a little bit of chaos. But what happens when ...


Over Your Head

Not currently on Air
Over Your Head is the series for everyone who has ever attempted a home improvement makeover only to find themselves, well, a little over their heads.  Even seemingly simple home improvement ...


Renovation Game

Not currently on Air
The Renovation Game is a brilliantly simple new twist on the property show: a crack team of up-and-coming builders and designers put their own fees on the line if they ...


Renovation Nation

Not currently on Air
The "greening of America" continues one home at a time, as Emmy Award winning host Steve Thomas takes us into the exciting world of Green Homes on the captivating second ...


Restoration Man

Not currently on Air
George Clarke returns for a brand new series of Restoration Man.  This series takes us up and down the country to new locations, new restorations and amazing stories of people ...


Tackle My Reno

Mon 22:00 | Tue 11:30 | Wed 15:30 | Fri 19:30
In TACKLE MY RENO, pro-football player turned handyman Sebastian Clovis teams up with overwhelmed homeowners to right their renovation wrongs. In the world of Doing It Yourself, it’s easy to take ...


Tommy Fix Your House For Free

Not currently on Air
Expert builder and DIY guru Tommy Walsh is joined by his sidekick, maverick builder and compulsive scavenger Liam Collins as they both take on the challenge of fixing up a ...


Tommy’s Fix It Yourself

Not currently on Air
Tommy Walsh is on a mission to show Britain’s homeowners how they can save thousands on their home renovations by fixing it themselves. Episode 1 Tommy leaves no stone unturned in his ...


Tommy’s Ultimate Workshop

Not currently on Air
In this light-hearted, observational series, DIY Presenter Tommy Walsh realises a lifelong dream, to design and build the Ultimate Workshop. During a frenzy of building work, Tommy and his team ...



Not currently on Air
Think that in order to go green, the changes to your lifestyle must be extreme? Think again! This eye-opening half-hour reality series makes shrinking your ecological footprint appealing and virtually effortless. What's ...


Weber tiling and flooring tips

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When it comes to finishes for floors and walls, tiles and screeds are firm favourites. Having the correct knowledge and products will add to the longevity of your tiled or ...