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Top Million Dollar Agent is an educational & entertaining reality style show based on the lives & careers of four of North America’s top real estate professionals. The show features Mike Donia, Jin Jiang, Daryl King, & Inez Kudryk. Each hosts their own episode with their clientele & the other three agents plus a guest agent provide luxurious listings for them to see.

In each episode, the host has a client who is interested in buying a home & takes them to four different million dollar properties that are provided by the other agents & a guest agent or builder/designer. Some of the city’s finest luxurious houses, condos, & townhouses are showcased on TMDA. Also, there are segments that feature a guest agent, lawyer, builder/designer, &/or mortgage broker who provides information on the current real estate market & neighborhoods while educating audiences on how to purchase, sell, & decorate real estate.

This show is geared towards everyone from first time buyers to experienced investors & gives viewers a glimpse into the personal lives & careers of top real estate professionals. The goal is to entertain & enlighten audiences about the  growing million-dollar residential market. Tune in to satisfy your curiousity!

Episode 1: Condo

Downsizing can be a difficult transition & Jin’s objective is to make it as seamless as possible. In this episode, Jin is getting outdoors by practicing archery with Mike but mostly just to compete for bragging rights. Jin’s client is moving from a house in Port Credit to a luxurious condo close to the downtown core. They desire extra bedrooms for when their children are visiting, all the amenities, & waterfront views. Jin has a tradition when making a sale that is purchasing a new pair of shoes. After showing a few listings to her client, Jin purchases a new pair of heels that she will wear when closing the deal to remind her of the successful sale & happy couple. With so many luxury condos popping up in Toronto, these top million dollar agents should have no problem finding Jin’s client something spectacular!

Episode 2: King’s Obsession

It is time to upsize! Daryl’s client is moving away from downtown Toronto because they desire a bigger space, more privacy, & tranquility. They have 3 children between the ages of 7 & 13 who need their own bedrooms & the lady of the house needs an office since she works from home. Daryl knows all about tranquility & goes golfing with Mike to discuss his client & Mike’s listing for them. Daryl & the other top million dollar agents are sure to come up with some impressive choices for this family of five!

Episode 3: Rose Garden

Mike’s couple is looking for their luxurious dream home anywhere in between Toronto & Barrie near HWY 400 in a prestigious neighborhood. They have a large dog, tall family, & want to start a family of their own. This means they are going to need a lot of space & want the house to be fully renovated or brand-new. Mike is the perfect agent for this couple because he lives, eats, & breathes the luxury lifestyle. In this episode, Mike purchases a new car from World Fine Cars & has a suit made at his favourite place, London Bespoke Club. Cannot wait to see what these top million dollar agents come up with for this budding family!

Episode 4: Smart Investment

An amazing beachfront property is what Inez’s couple is looking for & these top million dollar agents are sure to surpass their expectations. Inez’s client currently lives in a condo & have one child, however, they desire a home that they can comfortably expand their family in. Daryl, Jin, & Mike go rollerblading at a park to discuss listings for Inez’s couple because not only does the client desire a large luxurious home but they want to be able to rent out part of the property for extra income. This couple has a lot on their wish list but that could never discourage these top agents!

Episode 5: Bucket List

Mike’s friend invites him to an Indian wedding & tells him about his uncle who is looking for a luxury condo close to the airport. Daryl, Inez, & Jin support & donate to Mike’s charity after winning a bet amongst them & the amount is determined by how long Mike lasts in the ring boxing against a professional. This client is looking for an investment property & a place for him to live when visiting. High-end finishes are a must & these top million dollar agents are always ready to exceed expectations! No matter what listing Mike’s client chooses it is party time for Mike & Jin at their first Indian wedding.

Episode 6: Right Choice

Somewhere to spend the rest of their days surrounded by nature sounds like a paradise to retire in. Daryl & Jin play some golf to discuss a potential listing she has found & Mike aids Inez in purchasing a new vehicle. Daryl’s client has older children with their own families now so they are looking for a home with lots of land & nature. It is very important to them because they want to be able to have everyone comfortably visit & eventually retire here in a few years. They both work from home want to live north of HWY 7 in their own private oasis. This sounds a little too easy for our top million dollar agents!

Episode 7: Big City Home

A young trendy couple wants to start a family in Toronto but they need some help from these top million dollar agents. Jin is a natural daredevil & has always wanted to skydive with her clients. In Oakville, Jin practices at iFly that is an indoor skydiving facility. Jin’s client lives a very active & busy lifestyle so they require somewhere with low maintenance but still has enough space for a big family. Inez takes Jin to her hair stylist Anastasia for some business & pleasure. Jin is always ready to dive in to a new challenge & find her client the perfect condo or townhouse!

Episode 8: City Dreams

Moving in together can be stressful but fun because you are starting a new life together! Inez’s client is selling their separate properties & looking for a house or condo in the city or beach area that is close to shopping, groceries, schools, etc. Inez’s couple is not too picky & open to different kinds of properties. Daryl & Inez enjoy a beautiful bike ride along the beaches boardwalk to discuss her client & the perfect luxury listing he has found. The agents love to get together for some competition & a game of pool between Inez & her husband vs. Mike & Jin helps blow off some steam & concentrate on finding Inez’s couple an amazing property. When these top million dollar agents are given a short wish list it gives them the freedom to find something breathtaking!

Episode 9: Cottage Getaways

Agreeing on a vacation home is made much harder when these top million dollar agents have astounding listings. Mike’s client is looking for a waterfront cottage with lots of land & privacy. What better way to check out some waterfront listings then from a helicopter? Debbie wants a family cottage that feels homey, however, Paul wants an impressive high-end cottage that he can bring his business clients to. Jin’s listing may be the real show stopper here since it has all the bonuses: its own go-kart course, tennis court, outdoor play structure, outdoor pool & hot tub, & four docks on the water. Mike’s couple cannot seem to fully come to an agreement on what they want but these agents are professionals at finding the ideal compromise especially when it comes to luxury cottage getaways!

Episode 10: Perfect Neighbourhood

Remarrying is hard enough let alone combining two families under one roof. With a total of 4 children between the ages of 7 & 16 Jin’s client is definitely going to need lots of space & land in a safe neighbourhood. Daryl, Inez, & Mike attend Jin’s band practice to support her & listen to the set list they have prepared for an upcoming charity event. Jin gets her nails done frequently & this time Daryl decides to join her for some much needed pampering. Jin & the other top million dollar agents are surely going to find this new family somewhere they can all call home. In the end, Jin finally gets her chance to go skydiving & what a thrill she has!

Episode 11: Home Sweet Home

Now that Kristen & Kane have opened an office in Toronto, they will be travelling a lot from Vancouver & want somewhere of their own to stay in. Daryl & the other top million dollar agents have a wide range to search over because Daryl’s client is willing to live an hour or two drive away from downtown Toronto. Daryl, Jin, & Mike meet up for lunch in Port Dover to discuss business & later in the episode Mike & Daryl get their hands dirty in the kitchen at Sababa Restaurant. Daryl’s friend is a nature photographer & invites Daryl to the Canadian Raptor Conservancy to talk about real estate & check out some gorgeous birds of prey. One of the listings for Daryl’s client is in Niagara-on-the-Lake so Daryl takes the couple for a helicopter ride over Niagara Falls to show them how gorgeous this area of Ontario is. Daryl, Inez, Jin, & Mike will have no issues getting this couple to forget Vancouver & fall in love with Toronto.

Episode 12: Classic Homes Are Timeless

Many people enjoy staying busy & always having a project on the go. Inez’s client loves to build & create breathtaking properties. On their next project, this couple wants an interesting property, preferably waterfront, which they can use for an investment property or to build on. Inez takes her client on a private yacht so they can cruise around Lake Ontario & discuss the client’s wish list. Meanwhile, Daryl is at a restaurant in Mont-Tremblant with Carlo & Lisa (Design Generation’s builder & designer) to see their brand-new build & videotape the house tour for Inez’s client. Daryl knows this couple will appreciate a luxurious property like this because of the many design features, they love to ski, & have family in Montreal. Daryl, Inez, Jin, & Mike are used to finding empty lots & teardown properties but the true challenge is finding the ideal land for building something spectacular on.

Episode 13:

Agents of Million Dollar Homes

Deborah & Vezi are an international couple that want to live in Toronto for one year but has no idea where to start looking. Luckily for them Mike, Jin, Daryl, & Inez have teamed up to find them the home of their dreams. They agree to split the commission & throw a yacht party for the client’s decision. Mike arranges a private plane for all four agents to go to Montreal & discuss in style what the client is looking for. Each agent will show a luxurious property in their area of specialty in hopes of winning over the client: Inez in the beaches, Daryl in Richmond Hill, Jin in the North & West of the city, & Mike in Brampton. An open wish list & negotiable budget will not be difficult for the agents considering their biggest desire is finding a modern & spacious home that blows the socks off a client. For the reveal of this couple’s decision, all four agents, Deborah, & Vezi aboard a private yacht for an evening of amazing food, champagne, & celebrating a new adventure for this international couple in Toronto.