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Aoife and Garry believe that our home interiors can have a massive impact on the way we live. From cramped or cluttered spaces, to beige rooms with no individuality, good design and a clever use of colour can inject a much needed dose of personality into our homes.


Episode 1

Yvonne, 29, is a Garda and wants to make over her family home in Co Kildare where she has lived all her life. She took over the mortgage after her parents passed away and has been renting out rooms for years to save so that she can redesign the house to make it feel like her own.

Her boyfriend Michael works in a boarding school in his hometown of Tipperary. They have been dating for two years and he is about to move in with her. He is providing half the budget (also his life savings) so that they can make this their family home for the future.

It is a big leap for both of them and for Yvonne there are still many memories and emotions tied up with the house. The house however, is lacking in any character as it has been largely untouched for the past 15 years.

The Design Doctors need to give it a complete overhaul and are keen for Yvonne and Michael to have a strong input on the redesign of the house. With the help of the Design Doctors the couple learn how to give the design of the house their own personality, and create a home that can feel truly theirs.

Episode 2

Kate and Declan live in a terraced townhouse in Raheny. They both work full-time and have two very young kids. Kate works long hours away from home and Declan works shift work which means he gets to be home during the day more with the children.

The couple moved into the house days prior to the birth of their first child, and they admit that they have played it safe with decorating since then. Kate confesses she doesn’t know where to start in terms of bringing colour into the home, and thus has painted the entire house cream and brown. Kate and Declan’s home is in definite need of some vibrancy, and the Design Doctors help the couple ditch the repetitive colour scheme and inject some life back into place.

Another problem facing Kate and Declan is that their house is limited in space and the cramped gallery kitchen is having a real effect on the time the family gets to spend together. As Kate works full time she has limited time to spend with the kids before bedtime, but as the kitchen is so cramped the kids play in a separate room as she prepares dinner.

The couple used to love entertaining friends in their old house, but the bad layout of their house prevents them from doing this any longer. They tried to create a small extension with a Perspex roof but it is unattractive and gets too hot in summer or too cold in winter.

They both seem at breaking point with the kitchen and living rooms situation, but the Design Doctors come along to remedy the family’s layout and space problems.

Episode 3

Christine and Bryan Keaveny live in a terraced house in Wicklow and have two toddlers. Bryan bought the house as a single man but never thought he would still be living in the same place with his wife and a young family.

Like so many others they are stuck in this starter home and have to make the best of the situation.

The lack of space is driving them mad and things just seem to be spilling out of every corner. Their little boys’ shared bedroom is particularly uninspiring and contains just two cots and a large wardrobe full of Christine’s clothes. There is no space for any of children’s things and Christine has nowhere else to move the wardrobe. The room is wasted as it is and Christine and Bryan are at a loss as to what they can do with it.

They need The Design Doctors’ help with designing a better system for storage and some inspiration to create an exciting colourful bedroom that their two boys will enjoy spending time in.

Episode 4

Teresa and Michael live in a detached house in a rural community outside of Limerick. They have five adult children, one of whom still lives with them. Ríona is 22 and has a learning disability. She finds change very difficult so The Design Doctors need to make sure she is on board with the new design and that it suits her needs.

Michael is a primary school principal and Teresa is retiring after 36 years working with people with special needs. Being home at lot more is something she is nervous about and she wants to adapt the house to suit her new lifestyle. Michael is quite laid back and teases her about being tied to the kitchen sink when she retires. Their home suffers from a real lack of light and is not pleasant to spend long periods of time in. All the lights have to be on all the time. The Design Doctors need to come up with a way of bringing light into the dark rooms and create a fresher more welcoming atmosphere in the home.

Teresa and Michael’s home has become cluttered after years of being a family hub so it is also a challenge for the Design Doctors to bring about more balance and harmony in the house and to create a more tranquil home for Ríona and for Teresa and Michael’s retirement years.

Episode 5

Morlin and Martin have spent most of their married life living in a large semi-detached house in Donnybrook.

Morlin is a retired PE teacher who taught Olympics gymnastics and Martin works with marine electronics and is away a lot.

Most of their kitchen dates from the 1970s, the oven is a relic from 1964. Over the years they have stopped having guests over as they are embarrassed by how the house looks. Morlin feels like if she doesn’t do something now to modernize the house and make it into the home she wants then it will never happen. She wants somewhere to be proud of and comfortable in her golden years.

The Design Doctors will guide the couple on how to bring their house up to date and show them how to mix old with new. They will show Morlin and Martin that their beautiful antique furniture can be tasteful integrated into a thoroughly modernized home.

The couple’s children have now flown the nest and it’s Morlin’s two pedigree poodles that have taken pride of place in the home. Morlin and her husband Martin have very different interests and require different things from their home. He’s more practical, concerned about energy and insulation whereas she wants a kitchen, which is a sociable space and a sunroom where she can feel part of her beloved garden.

At the moment no space feels right for them to spend time in, the rooms aren’t functioning as they should. The Design Doctors need to determine how they can make the living areas work for both Morlin and Martin.

Episode 6

Gerard lives in Rush with his twin children, Aoife and Ronan, age 17. The twins mother died when they were just 11 and Ger says he lost interest in the house altogether. He admits he knows nothing about interiors or colour or creating an atmosphere but with the help of the Design Doctors Ger hopes to make their house a home again.

Ger recognizes that the twins bedrooms were originally decorated when they were children and he is keen to give Aoife and Ronan bedrooms that are reflective of the fact that they are now young adults.

The Design Doctors need to create bedrooms that the twins can feel happy in and be proud of. They need to be multifunctional to allow them to bring friends home as well as a place to rest and to study.

Although Ronan is shy, Aoife is very enthusiastic about learning how to creating a warm and homely atmosphere and The Design Doctors want to show her how it’s done.

Season 2

Episode 1

In the first episode of Design Doctors, the team have to blend two styles to create a look both husband and wife are happy with.

Sam’s home was built by her husband Brendan six years ago, with her moving in two years after the build. Brendan had already finished most of the décor, and a lot of it wouldn’t have been Sam’s first choice. For this reason she has hit a wall and doesn’t know how to continue the styling of the house throughout.  Working from home as a beautician, Sam is ever aware of the unfinished home and says the unfinished spaces are starting to stress her out.

Because the couple has two very different aesthetics, with Brendan liking more masculine pieces such as leather armchairs, and Samantha having a passion for pastels, the designers need to work hard to create a look that both Samantha and Brendan are happy with.

With dramatic high ceilings, the hall and office are crying out for a cozy finish, but with Samantha’s fear of dark colours, the designers have their work cut out to gain her trust.

Episode 2

In the second episode of Design Doctors, Anne and Mike Loughman get a makeover for their Templeogue home.

Anne and Mike would like their home to be open, bright and a space for all of their extended family to come over. Mike has 30 nieces and nephews alone, and with 4 children themselves, they would like a family friendly space for impromptu family gatherings.

Anne works as a chaplain in a school, and Mike is a retired teacher and they are keen to update and remodel their home in preparation for their retirement years. They love meditation and the outdoors and are desperate to get light into the middle of their home, which they have nicknamed “the cave”.

After years of conversation and quotes from builders they need the Design Doctors help to finally solve the light problem, and give them the house they so badly want. And with a love for all things organic and natural, the designers are keen to truly bring the outdoors indoors and use clever design and décor tricks to gain more light and give the couple their dream home.

Episode 3

In the third episode of Design Doctors Pauline and Matt Colgan find a solution to their empty patio space and create a new bedroom for their 2-year-old son.

Pauline and Matt Colgan built their home and moved in 5 years ago. They decorated their house as young professionals but they now have a toddler that they need to accommodate as part of their family. They have a passion for beige and bling, but are growing tired of it and need help. Pauline and Matt say that they enjoyed doing up their home in the past but only have confidence to copy images from magazines or showrooms and want to be taught how to loosen up, go out of their comfort zone and learn to embrace colour.

They need the Design Doctors help to find a solution to their empty patio space so that they finally make use of it. And with Ben turning three soon, they are desperate to design a new creative bedroom full of colour, but don’t know where to start.

Episode 4

In the fourth episode of Design Doctors the client, Malini, wants the Design Doctors to help her find confidence when it comes to knowing what designs suit her home.

South American born Malini lives in the family home that she grew up in in  Foxrock. The house itself has not been redecorated since Malini was little, so she needs the designers help in finding her confidence when it comes to knowing what styles or look she really wants for her home. Keen for a fresh start, Malini is desperate to give her home a facelift.

A slave to beige, the designers are keen for Malini to express her vibrant personality in her home, and teach her how accessorizing with colour can be an easy safe first step.

Designing with the two young children in mind, the designers create some clever storage solutions for the family, and by zoning the layout of the new open plan rooms they give Malini a transforming space which can be a playroom or an office.

Episode 5

Ger and Mick have recently relocated their growing family to Tipperary, as Mick took over the family dairy farm. They moved into Mick’s parents house, and are keen to update the décor and put their own stamp on the home. With one very active toddler and a baby on the way, there is a very real deadline to get the home ready for the new arrival.

Ger is a keen photographer and loves design, but is at a loss as how to update the home to give it an authentic country rustic feel by herself. On a strict budget the couple are willing to do as much of the work as they can themselves to keep costs down. Without knocking walls, the designers are keen to use what the farm has to offer, so from reclaimed wood to an old swing-set that is fashioned into a chandelier, the designers get clever with paint to create the wow factor without breaking the bank.

Episode 6

Originally from Tralee, psychiatric nurse Pat bought his home in Stoneybatter 23 years ago with the intention of it being a ‘stepping-stone’ home, but he fell in love with the area and never wanted to leave.

Recently Pat has fallen out of love with his home and is keen for the cottage to have an entire facelift. A keen entertainer, Pat is desperate to revamp his home so that he can start inviting his friends over – something he has stopped doing.

Pat is a self confessed magpie and cannot bear to throw mementos and gifts away, but in a 50sqm cottage he knows that he desperately needs to de-clutter. Excited by this project, the designers look at ways to create clever storage solutions, and with invisible walls and fold-down dining tables Pat’s home will be unrecognizable when they are done.