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Real Estate Investor and Contractor, Scott McGillivray, leads buyers through the house hunt and renovation of their first income property.

The NEW Income Property has exploded into a house hunt and renovation series.  In season seven, the show grows to one hour, with the addition of a three-house real estate story.

Scott partners with homeowners who want to purchase an income property to make their financial dreams a reality.  He guides them through the entire process; buying the house, building the suite, and banking the rental cheques.

The NEW Income Property reveals Scott McGillivray as a triple threat expert in real estate, renovation, and finance.  Every episode delivers an incredible reveal and a financial transformation that feels like a lottery win.

Episode 1 – Cliff & Thyrza

Cliff and Thyrza need a basement apartment in their bungalow but can’t agree on a renovation design. With help, this apartment will finally be completed and carry them into a future of lower mortgage costs while they re-establish careers and raise a family.

Episode 2 – Carol

Carol is ready to overhaul her basement apartment that has hosted groups of students for years, but it’s out of her league. Leaving nothing untouched the new apartment is going from a heavy workload to money in her pocket.

Episode 3 – Nadia & Gino

Nadia and Gino need to finish what Gino started in the basement of their investment property so it can start making them money and they can take control of their financial future by paying off the mortgage faster.

Episode 4 – Diana

Diana needs rental income. Creating a basement apartment will allow her and her two young sons to move downstairs short term while renting the main house until she can afford to move back upstairs and still make money from a rented basement suite.

Episode 5 – Susan & Jeff

Susan and Jeff want to renovate and rent the main floor/basement apartment to generate enough cash flow to buy a second investment property and keep the first one too.

Episode 6 – Rob & Tricia

Rob and Tricia are the first in their neighbourhood to consider creating an income suite. They believe their unused basement is a favourable bet that will help them save for their son’s education and their own retirement fund.

Episode 7 – Tiffany & Jamie 

Having just gotten married and bought a house Tiffany and Jamie have stretched their finances. They see the income potential in their basement but are clueless on how to kick start this plan.

Episode 8 – Rita & Eric

For newlyweds Eric and Rita, their house was love at first sight and they bought it on the spot. Second impressions, however, reveal extensive work is required to make a basement suite both livable and profitable.

Episode 9 – Ross

Ross’ investment is a house that he wants to be his family home – later. For now he wants a main floor apartment to help pay the bills while he establishes his music career.

Episode 10 – Josephine

Josephine’s been frugal and it’s taken her all the way to home ownership. Having recently lost her job, she’s ready to give up her basement for an income suite to help balance her financial books.

Episode 11 – Andrew

Andrew’s taken apart a duplex to turn it back into his own single family home – and he wants this to make him money. Mending this drawn-out mess means Andrew’s got to lose the tools and gain some roommates.

Episode 12 – Rui

Rui’s had enough bad luck and is ready to catch a break. Living with his kids downstairs and finally finishing the apartment upstairs will get Rui back in the game and back to playing with his kids.

Episode 13 – Jerry & Amee

Jerry and Amee just bought a house and are about to get married so why not tackle a renovation too? Adding an income suite to their basement will help fast track their family plans so they can have it all.