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Homeowners get a much needed reality check in the ultimate reno tug of war between wants and needs! With veteran contractor Bryan Baeumler choosing a space based on the biggest need, priorities clash and reno dreams are put on pause. Watch as homeowners are forced to re-evaluate their reno expectations and how Bryan takes their renovations from gut to glory.



JP blames Bryan for giving his wife unrealistic expectations on renovation timelines. Bryan has to give JP’s reno-TV-loving wife Julia a renovation reality check.

Episode 2028 – SPACE CASE

Faye & Adam have a lot of wants for their small home, but space is limited. Bryan has to work with big wants, a small space and even smaller room for compromise.


Steve knows his wife Pauline has trouble seeing the final vision come together. Bryan has never had to budget for indecisiveness before, but it might end up costing the couple big in the end.

Episode 2030 – RENO BACKFIRE

Nicole has her hands full – a new home and an opinionated husband named Regan. She’s at her wits end with her house and her husband. She called in Bryan for mercy, but will his plan be help – or hell?

Episode 2031 – MISH MASH MESS

Stacey & Darren traded their city home for a bigger home in the suburbs. Their home has quirks that Bryan can’t get his head around, but will the couple be able to get their heads around Bryan’s room choice?


Stefan & Michelle moved into their first home and it is the definition of a fixer-upper. But when Bryan shows them the reno tango, who’s going to take the lead?

Episode 2033 – RENO BIG OR GO HOME

Alison and Kevin are newlyweds itching to get their first reno off the ground. They think the bigger the better, but they’ll soon learn the connection between ordering big, and creating even bigger issues.

Episode 2034 – ALL STACK NO ACTION

Rachel doesn’t get her husband’s vision. He has big ideas, and not much to show for it. Bryan takes Jehred’s plans, but puts his own into action.


Emma and Scott are young homeowners with a pre-war home. Bryan is about to teach these newbies the ultimate lesson, when a window of opportunity opens, sometimes a door closes.

Episode 2036 – BROKEN BONES

Tara & Stephen have a home they want to make more functional for their six-person family. They believe the bones of their home are in good shape, but are about to find out they have some mending to do.


Erin & Scott are desperate for a reno in their home that has tons of issues. They are nervous what Bryan will find behind the walls and struggle with letting in the bad with the good.

Episode 2038 –  FAMILY FEUD

Domenica and Arthur just bought a new home for their huge, blended family. With teenagers sleeping in the living room, and no space for Domenica and Arthur to decompress, fences may make great neighbours, but walls make even better family members!

Episode 2039 –  SNAKES IN A DRAIN

Roger and Nina bought a home from a seller who built the house himself. Unfortunately, they think he fast-tracked the finishes without much thought to function or design. When Bryan takes on this builder’s home he finds a big surprise that makes his skin crawl.