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If you’re one of the nine out of 10 people in this country who complain they don’t have enough space in their homes, DIY Network’s Wasted Spaces is the series for you. On every episode, master builder Karl Champley shows how to solve your space management problems by taking better advantage of your existing space. Whether it’s banging down a wall, going under the stairs or punching through the ceiling to create an overhead closet, our Wasted Spaces expert shows how to make the most out of the nooks and crannies you’re not using now.

Episode 1 – Of Course It’s Quartz

The Sartor family transform the centre of their home by maximising the space in the kitchen.

Episode 2 – Let there be light

Chad and Rebecca Ridner have a huge room right off the kitchen that any family would love, however, hardly use the space.

Episode 3 – Convertible dining table

The Foster family has four small children that are currently using the dining room for a craft room. The plan is to convert and cover the walls, floor, and lighting to make this room the perfect craft area.

Episode 4 – Tower of the toast

On this episode Karl shows Jodi how to build a butcher block, slide-out shelves, and even make room for the family computer.

Episode 5 – Deck the hallway

The hallway leading from the kitchen to the garage in Erika and Michael Nazerias’ home is the busiest area. So Karl Champley arrives with a plan to cut into the wall to open up the walkway.

Episode 6 – Wow! What a workshop

Jack would like to turn his basement into his own DIY workshop. Karl is to the rescue to.

Episode 7 – Make room for mudroom

Karl helps the turn Mieg’s the high-traffic space into a mud room the entire family can use. 

Episode 8 – Whining for a cellar

Lee and Donna would love to find a place in their home where they could not only store their wine collection and accessories, but also display them. Karl shows up to create storage space.

Episode 9 – Kicking out the

Luc’s wife wants her garage parking space back that Luc has used as a dumping ground for his incomplete home improvement projects. Karl has a solution!

Episode 10 – The serving curve

The Wasted Spaces team will teach John and Casey on how to build a custom curved bar, prep table with built in sink near their entertainment area to solve the problem of running back and forth to the kitchen when entertaining guests.

Episode 11 – Drop down gorgeous

On this episode of Wasted Spaces Karl brings fresh ideas in the form of a closet that disappears into the ceiling.

Episode 12 – A nice place to spin time

On this episode of Wasted Spaces, see how Karl helps Eric, Megan, and Cline take advantage of unused space that’s been there all along.

Episode 13 – A new shed for the mwangis

Simmon and Kim Mwangi have a huge family room that is never used. The Wasted Spaces team  has a plan to transform this room into an entertainment area.