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If you’re one of the nine out of 10 people in this country who complain they don’t have enough space in their homes, DIY Network’s Wasted Spaces is the series for you. On every episode, master builder Karl Champley shows how to solve your space management problems by taking better advantage of your existing space. Whether it’s banging down a wall, going under the stairs or punching through the ceiling to create an overhead closet, our Wasted Spaces expert shows how to make the most out of the nooks and crannies you’re not using now.


Jeremy is unlike most teens. He suffers from a debilitating disorder aggravated by stress. With a small bedroom next to his boisterous little sister, Jeremy needs his own space. Wasted Spaces team comes together to revamp the garage for Jeremy.


Chad and Rebecca Ridner have run out of space and ideas in their kitchen. Wasted Spaces team has an idea that gives a nod to the space makers from days gone by in the form of two different corner cabinets.


Eric and Cara Foster have four small children and the nook in their kitchen is a cluttered mess. Wasted Spaces team leaves the Fosters stunned at the space they’ve been wasting.


On this episode of Wasted Spaces, we show Tom how many uses can live happily in one room.


On this episode of Wasted Spaces Karl shows the Fords how to maximize storage and minimize clutter while also making the room fun. 


On this episode of Wasted Spaces we’ll show the Simmons how to get their kitchen back by building a new cabinet below a new countertop and giving these two a beautiful kitchen bar. 


Karl shows Mark and Molly how to create a stained glass affect with nothing more than a spray bottle and some sheets of paper.


Karl shows up with a creative plan for both storage and display including built-in wall cubbies for Mark’s cars his unique artwork.


Karl shows Luc and Olivera that directly below their staircase, there’s tons of wasted space, and it’s easy to use.


On today’s episode  We’re going to build the Norris family a new closet in the basement with enough room for everything to be stored efficiently and still leave enough space for a family room.


On this episode of Wasted Spaces, Karl helps the Stantons build in a pantry by knocking a hole in the wall.


On this episode of Wasted Spaces, see how Karl helps the Johansson’s reclaim a completely unused corner of their kitchen and transform it into a delicately finished serving centre.


On today’s episode the Wasted Spaces team help the Mwangi family build a complete wall of entertainment, complete with built in cubbies for the television accessories.