Reno vs. Relocate

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RENO vs. RELOCATE is an all-new series that pits property against renovation as homeowners tackle the expensive and life-changing question ‘Do I renovate? Or relocate?’

Style-savvy designer Robin Lewis works to persuade homeowner’s to stay using state-of-the-art graphics to simulate their dream reno, while expert realtor Vanessa Roman tries to convince them to move by showing a property that perfectly matches their wish list & budget.

Episode 1 – Kitchen Catastrophe:

Hina and Paul spent many years seeing the world, but now their only view is the unsightly kitchen in their neglected home. Time to decide whether to renovate or re-locate.

Episode 2 – Tween Management:

Things have changed at Ish and Josie’s once comfortably spacious house. With 2 tween age kids vying for more space, the walls are closing in, prompting Josie to develop an MLS habit and Ish searching for solutions.

Episode 3 – Sibling Rivalry:

Niya and Drish have differing ideas about what to do with their parents’ house that was given to them. Party girl Niya wants to fly this outdated coop and head to the city, while emotionally attached Drish feels the place just needs some youthful inspiration.

Episode 4 – Promises Promises

Dmitri said “I do” to marriage and renovations, but six months after the wedding, the dated décor remains an “I don’t” and bride Tatiana says the honeymoon is over.

Episode 5 – Emotional Attachment

Uchenwa thinks the family starter house is all but finished, while her husband Dwayne is emotionally attached and thinks it still has a few good years left in it.

Episode 6 – In law in the house

Heather and Gord have “made due” with their hazardous eyesore of a kitchen with limited seating for far too long, but now Gord’s mother is moving in and they need to make some big decisions!

Episode 7 – Toddler Sprawl

Both Shannon and Karen are in pursuit of la dolca vida, but Karen believes their house has become a detriment to their life plan. This couple would like to have another child but Karen says ‘no way’ until they figure out their house issues.

Episode 8 – In From the Cold

The mood has gotten chilly for this family, as Nick has been forced to move his man cave outside to make way for his wife Danielle’s photography studio. Nick wants inside, but not in this house, while Danielle thinks they can stay and renovate their way to happiness.

Episode 9 – Close Encounters

An apartment -sized kitchen, plus a cramped main floor equals chaotic family meals and limited work -space for Sarah and Marc. Marc wants out of these close encounters, while Sarah thinks a renovation solution is close at hand.

Episode 10 – Open to Change

Marie and Adel’s house of long narrow rooms is not conducive to entertaining, so social butterfly Marie wants out. Meanwhile, house proud Adel wants to stay and renovate their way out of this standstill.

Episode 11 – A Woman’s Touch

Recently, Agnes moved into Chad’s rundown bachelor pad. Chad admits it could use a woman’s touch, but Agnes thinks it needs a complete overhaul, starting with the eyesore of a kitchen. She just wants to move to the country, while Chad thinks a renovation is the answer.

Episode 12 – On Hold

Dan and Ross are getting married at home, but there’s nothing to celebrate about their cramped galley style kitchen that makes entertaining near impossible. Dan has set his sights on moving, while Dan thinks they’re a reno away from ‘home sweet home’.

Episode 13 – No Where to Go

Misty and Danny can’t fit their house full of kids into their half finished basement. With nowhere for the kids to play Misty is at the end of her rope and half way out the door, while Danny thinks a renovation will make space for everyone.