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From dated décor and filthy interiors… to cluttered closets and messy bedrooms, The Unsellables tackles the most unsightly and ‘unsellable’ listings on the real estate market… And encourages desperate homeowners to get smart, let go of the past, and prepare for a sale.
Join property guru and British TV personality, Sofie Allsopp, and celebrity contractor Anthony Sayers, as they coach and cajole home sellers through a major clean-up and targeted makeover that will help them seal the deal.  There’s plenty of drama and inspiration along the way.  And lots of how-to tips for turning real estate lemons into lemonade.

Episode 1

Frank and Amy’s two-bedroom bungalow has already been on the market for two months…And while the list price is reasonable, they haven’t received a single offer.  They can’t understand what’s wrong… But Sofie knows at first glance — The house is cluttered with personal mementos, the two bedrooms are stuffed with children’s toys, and Mom and Dad are sleeping on a futon directly on the basement floor.  These are all major turn-offs for potential buyers, she says.  But can she get Amy to let go of her own attachment to the house? 

Episode 2

Pastor Andrea doesn’t know why her four-bedroom brick home isn’t selling…  And she’s worried because after five weeks, she hasn’t received a single offer.  The conveniently located, family-friendly home is priced right…But Sofie thinks the crowded décor, amateur paint job, and rotting kitchen sink are giving potential buyers the wrong impression.  Andrea says she’s ready for a fresh start… But can Sofie convince her to let go of her nostalgia

Episode 3

Home to four children, Patricia’s overcrowded two-bedroom bungalow has been on the market for nearly three months.  The house has a great layout and is conveniently located…  But Sofie says the clutter, over-furnishing, and bold paint colors are a major turn-off.  Besides, she adds, it looks like teenage squatters have taken over the basement. 

While Anthony and the team work their magic on the interiors, Patricia gets a crash course in real estate 101.  Can she let go of her attachment to the house and see it as a product for sale?

Episode 4

Ruth’s four-bedroom home has been on the market for two and a half months…  And they haven’t received a single offer.  The home is in a great location, and priced low for a hot market, says Sofie…  But its cluttered interiors, heavy window coverings, and hot pink accents are a major turn-off.  The busy and battered kitchen is also a liability.  The house doesn’t need much work, she says, just a few minor refurbishments to let its best features shine through.

Episode 5

Andrea’s two-storey, three-bedroom home has been on the market for over a month…  And she hasn’t received a single offer.  The charming family-friendly home is in a great location…But Sofie says the musty smell, overflowing storage area, and covered fireplace are a major turn off.  (Not to mention the children’s graffiti and pervasive mouse-droppings.)  Overall, Sofie loves the sun-filled home.  It just needs a few cosmetic changes and some TLC, she says.

Episode 6

Bob and Susan’s reasonably priced, four-bedroom suburban home has been on the market for three weeks…And although they’ve had over 50 showings, they haven’t landed a single offer.  The couple is baffled and frustrated… but not Sofie.  She says the dated décor, bold color scheme, and cluttered interiors are to blame.  What this house needs, she says, is to be dragged about twenty years into the present.

Episode 7

Dana and Mark have only three weeks to sell their completely empty two-storey suburban house…Or they risk losing their new home.  The four-bedroom, five-bathroom house features a spacious layout and a few renovated rooms…But it also has hideously dated décor throughout.  The contrast is a major turn-off for potential buyers, says Sofie…  And so is the complete lack of furniture.

Episode 8

Lynne is ready for a retirement road trip with her boyfriend, Bob… But isn’t going anywhere until she sells her tidy, two-story urban home. Other properties in the neighborhood have sold within days… But Lynne’s ‘unique’ home has languished on the market for a whopping six months.  Sofie says the high price and impersonal, dated décor are to blame.

Episode 9

Christina is leaving town to get married… But first she has to sell her dilapidated downtown home. The good-sized property is in a great location… But after a month on the market, the house is only attracting ‘flippers.’  Sofie says the mismatched color scheme, faux brick accents, and ancient kitchen are to blame.

 And as Anthony and the team repaint the home, dress up the fireplace, and modernize the kitchen, Sofie gives Christina a crash course in home dressing 101.  Their goal is to transform the fixer-upper into a turnkey property…But can they beat the house flippers at their own game?

Episode 10

Yvonne’s three-bedroom townhouse has been listed for over three months…And although she’s reduced the price, no one’s biting.  Yvonne is surprised…But Sofie isn’t.  She says the numerous pets are an allergy sufferers’ nightmare…And says the dust bunnies, musty smell, and gloomy paint colors are another major turnoff.
As Anthony and the team harmonize the flooring, freshen the paint colors, and eliminate odors, Sofie gives Yvonne some much-needed real estate advice.  Yvonne is desperate to move closer to her new dream job… But will the home makeover finally set her free?

Episode 11

Kelly and Michael’s home has been on the market for over a month…And while the price is competitive and the market is red-hot, no one is biting. The couple is stumped…But Sofie says the unfinished renovation projects and student-squat master bedroom are real sale killers.  Potential buyers are focusing on the negatives, she says… And cannot see the home’s fantastic kitchen and many heritage features.

Episode 12

Shannon and Stewart’s baby-centric two-storey home faces a sprawling city park…  But after three weeks on the market, they still haven’t received a single offer.  Sofie immediately knows what’s wrong…  Outside, the verandah is full of junk, and the home’s interior beauty is obscured by oversize furniture, a home office in the dining room, and a tidal wave of baby accessories.

Episode 13

Toni and Gary’s beautiful but boring four-bedroom home has had over 70 showings in two months…  And they haven’t received a single offer
In order to upgrade the home from builder basic to create the all-important wow factor; Sofie comes up with a $6,000 plan.  Desperate to sell, the couple is on board from the start…  And as Anthony and the team neutralize the paint colors, and upgrade the lighting, plumbing and closet fixtures, Sofie teaches Toni and Gary how to set the stage for a sale.  The results are phenomenal…  And within 24 hours, so are the offers…