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From dated décor and filthy interiors, to cluttered closets and messy bedrooms, The Unsellables tackles the most unsightly and ‘unsellable’ listings on the real estate market…And encourages desperate homeowners to get smart, let go, and prepare for a sale.
Back for its second hit season on HGTV (and with a successful UK version now on the BBC), join property guru and British TV personality, Sofie Allsopp, and celebrity contractor Anthony Sayers, as they coach and cajole home sellers through a major clean-up and targeted makeover that will help them seal the deal.  There’s plenty of drama and inspiration along the way, and lots of how-to tips for turning real estate lemons into lemonade.

Episode 1: Lisa

Since she’s already bought her next house, single mom Lisa is even more desperate to sell her three-bedroom city cottage…But after a month on the market, the home hasn’t generated a single offer. Can Sofie transform the home from rustic shack to storybook cottage?

Episode 2: Simone

With more home than she can afford, Simone is desperate to sell her semi-detached, three-bedroom house…But after six months on the market and over a hundred visits, she hasn’t received a single offer.  Can Sofie redesign the charm-free, unsellable property?

Episode 3: Candace and Fulton

Newlyweds Candace and Fulton want to move to a larger home and start a family…But they won’t be going anywhere until they clean up their junk-filled, two-storey home.  Can Sofie transform the unsellable property and reveal its hidden potential?

Episode 4: Laura and Errol

Laura and Errol thought their semi-detached Edwardian home was soundproof…That is, until the noisy new neighbors — her ex-husband’s cousins — moved in next door.  Now they’re desperate to move.  Can Sofie transform the unsellable property?

Episode 5: Rob

Rob is desperate to pursue his lifelong ambition of writing a novel in the Florida Keys.  But after a month on the market, and 27 viewings, his unsellable home is holding him back.  Can Sofie transform the home’s bachelor pad interiors and help send Rob packing?

Episode 6: Michelle and Shawn

Since they’ve already bought another property, Michelle and Sean are desperate to sell their three-bedroom home.  But after a month on the market, it seems no buyer can see beyond the manic color scheme, oddball knickknacks, and over-personalized interiors.  Can Sofie help?

Episode 7: Sherie and David

Planning to move their family to Florida, David and Sherie are desperate to sell their 1930s bungalow.  But after six weeks, 37 viewings, and two agents, they haven’t received a single offer.  Can Sofie transform the unsellable property and help the family hit the road?

Episode 8: Gail

Gail and her daughters have outgrown their modest two-bedroom home, and while Mom thought she could sell the property without a realtor, it’s been six weeks, and she hasn’t received a single offer. Can Sofie breathe new life into the ramshackle property?

Episode 9: George

Photographer George’s grand Victorian home has character, history, and a fabulous downtown location…But after five months on the market, 88 viewings, he’s turned down six offers, refuses to have open houses, and insists the price is non-negotiable.  Can Sofie transform the unsellable property, and help send George packing?

Episode 10: Big Family, Bigger Price

The close-knit, multi-generational Rocha family has decided to sell their 1,800-square-foot, five-bedroom home and go their separate ways…  But after four months, they’ve had only eight showings and not a single offer. Located in a popular neighborhood just 20 minutes from downtown, the home features a new kitchen and separate basement apartment…  But with its oversize furniture, dark and cluttered interiors, dilapidated bathroom, and off-the-charts price tag, the home is completely unsellable.

In order to help send the family packing, Sofie unveils a luminous design intervention that’s guaranteed to work. And while Anthony and the team repaint, re-grout, build a living room focal point, and transform the master bedroom into a study, Sofie explains why dropping the price and allowing open houses will dramatically improve the family’s chances for a sale.

Episode 11: Esther and Libertad

Sisters Esther and Libertad want to sell their four-bedroom bungalow… But after a year on the market with roller coaster pricing and multiple agents, the property is turning buyers off with its dowdy kitchen, reams of knickknacks, dull garden, and busy thoroughfare location.  Can Sofie transform the home to showcase its best asset?

Episode 12: Condo Competition

Marco and Maria, are desperate to sell their four-bedroom home so they move closer to their kids. While Anthony and the team declutter, and transform the mudroom and backyard, Sofie gives A lesson in how to present a house for sale.

Episode 13: Emily and Andy

Tired of their insane commute, Andy and Emily are desperate to sell their three-bedroom, semi-detached home… But after three long months on the market, they’ve switched agents and still haven’t received a single offer. Can Sofie transform the drab dwelling?  And will her dramatic makeover finally send the couple packing?