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In the Australian series of popular property program, Location Location Location, hosts and buyers’ agents Veronica Morgan and Bryce Holdaway are on a mission to make property dreams come true. The sister series to Relocation Relocation Australia, this time they must help two families find one dream home each. Property experts Veronica and Bryce split up and then scour the country to find several properties that might fit the brief and then pull out all the stops to do the deal. Whether upsizing, downsizing, retiring or relocating, buying the family home brings out the best, and the worst in people, and Veronica and Bryce have their work cut out for them making these property dreams a reality. From Byron to the Barossa, the cut throat market of the Inner West of Sydney to the history and tranquillity of Hobart, Location Location Location Australia is a feast of fabulous properties in beautiful locations.

Episode 1 – Tasmania

This week Veronica and Bryce are stepping back in time and heading to historic Hobart, on the hunt for two tricky buyers. Karen and Stephen have a million dollars to find their dream home in Hobart’s most exclusive suburbs; the only catch is the house needs to fit five thousand books and eight pets, and these guys are very fussy! Meanwhile Sydney siders Pete and Jenny are moving the whole family sixteen hundred kilometers for a new life in Tasmania. The ferry’s booked for six weeks time so the race is on to find a family home for 500 grand before the ship sails.

Episode 2 – Adelaide

This week Veronica and Bryce travel to South Australia on a mission to help two young families. Dana and Kev have two boys under 4 and are living in cramped conditions with her parents while they look for a family home with space in Adelaide. They need to get out and fast – trouble is they like everything they see and can’t make a decision!  Jody and Greg, on the otherhand, have sold their home in the mining town of Roxby Downs and are moving 600ks across the state to buy a home near the beautiful Barossa Valley. But Greg doesn’t want just any house – it has to come with Australia’s largest man shed. So it’s a hunt for the perfect house, and the perfect shed – double trouble for Bryce and Veronica.

Episode 3 – Sydney (Balmain/Maroubra)

Bryce and Veronica have two big challenges this week for two very different buyers. Newly married David and Marie and their blended family of 4 kids need a 4 bedroom place they can all call home. Their heart is set on the sought-after-suburb of Balmain but their budget might not stretch that far. Something’s got to give or they’ll be going nowhere fast! Gillian’s finally leaving the family home aged 37. She wants her own one bedroom place where she can live and work but she’s been looking, without any luck, for five years. Something’s been wrong and it’s Bryce and Veronica’s job to get to the bottom of it. Both our buyers are looking in the highly competitive market of Sydney’s Inner West and both are hoping for a miracle.

Episode 4 – Melbourne

This week Bryce and Veronica are in Melbourne, helping two sets of buyers, both with matching budgets but two VERY different searches. Bryce is on the hunt for 32-year-old Amy who’s looking to fly the family coop.  With help from her builder dad John, she’s looking for her first inner city pad. But while Amy’s got big dreams, she doesn’t have the budget to match and is going to need a little bit of a reality check if she’s going to get her city girl pad. And Veronica is helping Joe and Suzanne, a couple who are upping sticks from Canberra to move to Melbourne. But while reuniting the family sounds easy enough, their deadline is anything but! It’s the ultimate race against the clock for Veronica, and the pressure is on.

Episode 5 – Byron Bay 

It’s an emotional search for Veronica and Bryce this week, with life changing decisions, two challenging searches and a dramatic health scare.  We’re on the North Coast of New South Wales, looking for two homes amongst the rolling hills around Byron Bay. Bryce is helping Fiona and Ninian, a stressed out professional couple from Sydney. They’re desperate for the simpler things in life – slow, lazy days, a veggie patch and even a cow or two. Then there’s Dave who wants to get away from his cows!  This exhausted dairy farmer from Victoria is worried hard work is ruining his health.  He needs Veronica’s help him to move to retirement and relaxation in Byron Bay.  But fears for his health prove well founded, with a dramatic twist that ups the urgency for David’s new home and new life.

Episode 6 – Sydney (Hills District/Earlwood)

This week Bryce and Veronica are pulling out all stops to find dream homes for two young Sydney couples. Matt and Raquel are desperate to climb the property ladder and have sold their 2 bedroom apartment and need to be out in 5 weeks. Problem is they’ve already looked at 100 houses and have only found one that they liked, which appears to be out of their reach. Rohan and Bel are first homebuyers who’ve not looked at any houses. They’ve never even lived together. They’re about to get married in six weeks and are desperate to buy a house so they have somewhere to come home to after the big day. But these guys are babes in the woods when it comes to buying property and need all the help they can get!

Episode 7 – Newcastle

This week Bryce and Veronica are throwing out two lifelines to two sets of hard working Aussies who want to make major life changes. Adam and his wife Monique have spent less than half of their married lives together. Adam’s a corporal in the army who served in Afghanistan but after 7 years in army greens, he’s ready to leave and start a whole new chapter in their lives, starting with buying their first family home in Newcastle. But the property market’s full of land mines and this young couple are going to need to keep their wits about them to keep this search on track. Garry and Linda also want to make a move. After saving extremely hard they’re finally ready to move  from their long term family home and buy the house of their dreams. With 1.65 million in the kitty, the properties on offer are spectacular. But this move has been a long time in the making and these two might not be as keen to move as it first seems…

Episode 8 – Rural Victoria

This week Bryce and Veronica are trekking the Victorian countryside in search of two couples’ patch of paradise. But the quest for the simple life proves to be no walk in the park. Bryce is helping new parents Ben and Lena find a home in the Macedon Ranges, but they’ll need to make a few compromises if they’re ever going to make their country dream a reality. And Veronica is helping out newlyweds Erin and Allan with their treechange to the Dandenong Ranges. Only problem is, Erin wants a timber house in the treetops and Allan wants a brick house in the suburbs. They are poles apart so Veronica has A LOT of ground to cover if she’s going to maintain the harmony in this home!

Episode 9 – Canberra

This week Veronica and Bryce are heading to Canberra, to help two couples trying to get a leg up on the property ladder . Gab and Monique are making the biggest move of their lives… with three kids and a dog in tow, they’re swapping Alice Springs for the nations capital. But big moves don’t come without big wish lists, and things don’t always go according to plan! Meanwhile long distance lovers Tarun and Mel have spent the last three years apart, now they want to buy their first home together. The budgets tight but that’s not stopping them from having big dreams, and it’s Bryce and Veronica’s job to find the middle ground!

Episode 10 – Sydney/Noosa

This week Veronica and Bryce are up to their necks in nappies, finding homes for two very different families in two different states.  Bryce is on the hunt for a couple of urban hippies in Noosa’s spectacular hinterland.  Chad and Tahlia are loved-up first time buyers looking for a tree change so baby daughter Venice can be closer to her grandparents. Problem is, it’s got to have the right ‘vibe’ and Bryce has got to dig deep to find his inner hippie! At the opposite end of the spectrum, Veronica’s on a multi-million dollar hunt on Sydney’s exclusive lower North Shore. She’s trying to find the dream home for a blended family of 7. But big budgets mean big wish lists and this couple are like kids in the proverbial candy store and want more, more, more!