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Kirstie and Phil are back with a brand new series of Location Location Location, helping house hunters across the country solve their property predicaments.  Britain’s favourite property double act will be pounding the pavements battling tricky markets and trying to match great expectations with budgets big and small. But if anyone can make property dreams come true, Kirstie and Phil can!

Episode 1 – East Midlands

Kirstie and Phil are back and busier than ever, as they attempt to find homes for two sets of house hunters with very different needs in a challenging market. This week they’re pounding the pavements of Derby and Nottingham, but; with high expectations and very specific requirements they’re going to have to perform some property magic to make these  dreams a reality.

Episode 2 – St. Albans

This week Kirstie and Phil are in Hertfordshire trying to find two homes for two young couples.  They’re searching in prime commuter territory where property doesn’t come cheap. Both couples have high expectations for their first homes and our duo will need all of their property know-how to come out on top!

Episode 3 – Brighton & Sussex

This week Kirstie & Phil are in Sussex, looking for two homes for two very different sets of house hunters… They’ve got a first time buyer after a perfect pad near the Brighton hot spots and a couple who know exactly what they like- and exactly what they don’t… on a hunt across two counties. But whether the search area is big or small- there’s no easy answers for Kirstie and Phil…

Episode 4 –  London North Side

This week- Kirstie and Phil are with two sets of househunters- with very different problems….  Kirstie’s house hunter is London born and bred and has viewed a whopping 90 properties already- whilst Phil’s couple have yet to view a single place and have no idea where to buy.  One thing’s for sure if these property searches are to have a happy ending Kirstie and Phil are going to have to take control.

Episode 5 – Tees Valley

First time parents Nicola Moore and Tony Curry are desperate to find their first home where they can bring up 1 year old son Lucas. Previously in rented accommodation, they moved in with Nicola’s parents as a stop gap but after 4 months it’s time to move on. They have a budget of £120,000 which they hope will secure a 3 bedroom home on the coast but as both have a phobia for all things DIY it must be in tip top condition.  Having viewed a number of properties there’s only one problem…Tony! He’s proving so picky it seems this family will never be settled. It’s up to Kirstie to take charge….

Episode 6 –  North Surrey

Sonia and Daniel Alderson-Smith and their two girls Eva and Ella sold up in London and moved to a rural location in Buckinghamshire.  9 months on they’ve decided that life in the sticks isn’t for them but the clock is ticking.  They desperately want to be settled in their dream family home before eldest daughter Eva starts school in 5 months’ time.