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Kirstie and Phil are back with a brand new series of Location, Location, Location and this time the challenge ahead of them is tougher than ever.  Britain’s favourite property duo are taking on the unpredictable housing market; searching all over the country from the rural countryside of Cheshire to the super speedy London market.  No matter how small the budget or how big the expectations, Kirstie and Phil are on hand to match hopeful house hunters with their dream homes.


This week Phil & Kirstie are in Scotland.  They’re searching across city and country as they take on urban Glasgow and venture into the rural ruggedness of the Scottish lowlands close to Loch Lomond, to find new homes. 

Phil is helping John & Stella who are relocating 500 miles to Scotland from Hampshire, in search of a home with a view.  With their £350,000 this active pair want to fully embrace rural living, so are desperate to have hills, lochs and walks right on their doorstep.  But they also want to be close to a community, especially to help launch Stella’s catering business idea.  It’s a fine balance and quite the challenge for Phil as he tries to get the house and the setting just right, covering some 50 miles and beyond in the search for property perfection.

Mikey & Anna are looking for a flat in the popular West End of Glasgow but so far have fallen foul of the competitive market.  They have £150,000 to find their dream home together and their search has become something of a family affair.  With Mikey’s parents also assisting with the search there’s been no shortage of input and advice, and Anna & Mikey have found themselves a bit befuddled.  Kirstie needs to refocus these fledgling buyers and find out exactly what matters to them in this all-important first home.  But, when they start to disagree on what they each want, Kirstie has more of a challenge than she first anticipated

Episode 10 – DORSET

This week Kirstie and Phil are on the sunny south coast, scouring Bournemouth & Poole for family homes.  

David & Claire Wainwright have £460,000 to find a family home in Bournemouth to help them recreate the relaxed, beachside lifestyle they had when they previously lived in Australia.  They want to make something their own so are keen to look at properties that need work and which they can renovate… Phil has to get the right balance of work, space and proximity to the beach all under one roof – not an easy task in a market where good properties sell fast and everyone wants to be beside the seaside.

New parents Matt & Jodie Annen are also looking for a family home, but can’t agree on where it should be.  With £350,000, Jodie thinks Bournemouth would offer them all they need as a family whereas Matt has his heart set on the pricier postcodes of Poole.   Neither has viewed properties in the other’s preferred area, so Kirstie has quite the challenge on her hands to get this couple onto the same page- let alone through the door of a new home

Episode 11 – NORTH & WEST LONDON

This week Phil & Kirstie are in London where they are covering popular suburbs in the west and the north, in a bid to find homes for some desperate house hunters.    

Kirstie is with thrill seeker Davy who works hard and plays hard; he snowboards, he skateboards, he travels all over the world with his work as a Wine Buyer.  He’s got it all going on, apart from one thing – he can’t find a home.  After falling foul of the competitive market in the capital, it’s Kirstie’s task to unearth Davy a place of his very own in west London.  With a budget of £340,000 made up of inheritance from his Granny and his Father, its all the more crucial Kirstie helps Davy spend his money wisely.  But will Davy be accepting of what his budget will buy him in this popular part of town?  And when it comes to the crunch, will he have the bottle to make the right decision under pressure?

Across town, Phil is helping a young family find their dream family home.  Rajeev & Nisha have lived in London for 5 years having moved from Mumbai, and they love everything the city has to offer.  Having rented, they are now ready to find a home, not least for baby son Ari who is 11 months old.  But Phil has plenty to be considering on this hunt for a family home – it must be within the catchment area of a good school, it must have an easy commute to central London and it must feel bright and spacious.  Despite a generous £500,000 budget, the London market means they can’t have all they want, and it proves tough work for Phil as he tries to get Rajeev and Nisha to stop thinking about moving- and start committing to a new home


This week Kirstie and Phil are taking their house hunting expertise to the West Midlands and Shropshire, searching in cosmopolitan Wolverhampton and the historic town of Shrewsbury.

Kirstie is helping Hannah & John Sherlock make a big life change.  With the kids soon to fly the nest, they have sold their rural family home and are looking to downsize and move into Shrewsbury town centre.  But, this longed-for new home has to meet a few exacting criteria.  Not only does it need to be less than a mile and a half from the town centre for the cafés and shops, it needs to have room for all the children when they come home for holidays. Sounds simple but there’s a hitch – the Sherlock’s want to downsize without downsizing- so for Kirstie, the solution is far from elementary… It’s up to her to find them a dream home for their £350,000 – or this case of property detective work will remain unsolved…

Some thirty miles east and Phil is with professional musicians Me’sha and Darren.  Priced out of the capital, they’ve left behind the bright lights of London to buy their first home together in Wolverhampton, close to Me’sha’s family.  But they are at crisis point – with over 70 properties viewed in 5 months, this search desperately needs a reboot.  Phil has a hard task ahead of him – working with a budget of £130,000 it becomes apparent Me’sha and Darren’s wish list is more like wishful thinking.  Phil needs to help them sort the must-haves from the would-likes if he’s to get this house hunt ending in perfect harmony


This week Phil & Kirstie are in south east London with two couples for whom time is critical; one couple are fast running out of time and the other couple are petrified by when’s the right time to buy.

Kirstie is helping Lucy and Dan find their first home in London.  They have been together for 2 years and love everything the capital has to offer… they just need to make their home there a little more permanent.  They are currently living in a B&B and if they don’t find somewhere to move to soon, home will become their vintage camper van.  Lucy and Dan have a budget of £380,000 but there is a lot riding on this property; they’ve had a difficult year with illness in the family so their home needs to be just right to give them the stability they deserve.  Kirstie shows Lucy and Dan two fabulous potential homes, but the third option creates a reaction she isn’t expecting and suddenly the search is thrown up in the air.  Has the search gone beyond the point of rescue or will Kirstie be able to bring it back from the brink?

Closer to the city, Phil is searching for new family Lia and & Andrew in and around the Isle of Dogs & Greenwich.  Andrew has saved a large deposit over 7 years giving them a sizeable budget of £600,000 but, after witnessing the crash of 2008, he’s nervous of spending his hard earned money for fear the market will dip.  With a one-year old son, Lia & Andrew are keen to have more children, but for Lia this dream of a big family is off-limits until they find a family home.  And for Phil, this search is anything but a dream.  With Andrew’s fear of the market getting in the way at every property, Phil’s patience is put to the test… And, to top it off, as the search area moves 20 miles from where it started, what will Phil be able to rustle up at the 11th hour to try and find this family a home?