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Kirstie and Phil are back with a brand new series of Location, Location, Location and this time the challenge ahead of them is tougher than ever.  Britain’s favourite property duo are taking on the unpredictable housing market; searching all over the country from the rural countryside of Cheshire to the super speedy London market.  No matter how small the budget or how big the expectations, Kirstie and Phil are on hand to match hopeful house hunters with their dream homes.


This week Kirstie and Phil are in West London helping two couples find their dream first homes in this perilous property market.  Not only is property expensive here, but it often sells in record time so Phil and Kirstie will need to summon all their property know-how if they want to be the first over the finish line. Dance-mad newlyweds Keon & Zoe are taking their first step onto the London property ladder and are looking for a family home with space for future children AND room for their favourite hobby; salsa-dancing.  They are renting in Shepherd’s Bush and would love to stay in the area, but even with their healthy budget of £450,000 Phil has the ultimate challenge on his hands if he’s to find them all the space they want in this pricey patch.


This week Kirstie and Phil are house hunting in Lancashire and Cheshire with one search focusing on the desirable suburbs of South Manchester and the other in the rolling Cheshire countryside.  But, Phil and Kirstie have quite the challenge ahead of them this time with house hunters who have very particular requirements for their dream homes. Phil is offering a much-needed helping hand to Craig and Becki who, along with their two-year old son Eden and 4-month old baby Finlay, desperately need to find their next family home having outgrown their current property.  And, Phil is up against the clock with this one as Craig and Becki have had buyers for their home for 8 months who they don’t want to lose, so the need to find somewhere is more acute than ever.  If that weren’t enough, this couple want completely different things – Becki wants a ready-to-move-into family home whereas accountant Craig is looking for a bargain and is keen to take on a project property.  They have a healthy budget of £400,000 but they are searching in the popular suburbs of south Manchester where property stock is low and demand is high.  Will Phil be able to help Craig and Becki agree on what they want and find their dream family home all within the time he’s got?

Episode 3 – SOUTH LONDON

This week Kirstie and Phil are helping two sets of first time buyers who have chosen to put down roots in south London. Phil is helping Niki and Rob who have worked hard and saved hard for a deposit for their first home and as a result are searching with a generous budget of £450,000. They are looking for a home to suit them now as young thirty-something’s but which will also give them the space to have a family. Can Phil find a property which gives them the right balance of life as it is now and their future lives?

Episode 4 – LIVERPOOL

This week’s property hunt takes Phil and Kirstie to the bustling city of Liverpool where they are looking for homes for a pilot and his wife who are brand new to the area and a pair of school sweethearts who want to buy their first home together before they get married.

Phil is searching for pilot James & his wife Mairead who have only just moved to Liverpool and are struggling with where to buy their forever family home because they don’t know the area. With a generous £600,000 budget, it’s still a tall order for Phil; he must keep the search within a strict 30 minute radius of Liverpool airport for James’ commute to work and, with their first child on the way, the pressure’s on Phil to find the perfect family home in the perfect location.


This week it’s boys vs. girls in the latest episode of Location Location Location.  Kirstie finds herself helping neurosurgeon Naomi escape from a crowded house-share while Phil has a challenge on his hands with couple Mo and Jon who want completely different things. As the second biggest city in the UK, Birmingham offers the best of both worlds; a thriving, cultural city centre and the quieter village life of the peripheries.  But will it be the city or the suburbs which hold the keys to this week’s dream homes?

Episode 6 -  Bucks & Berks

Kirstie and Phil find themselves in the costly Home Counties helping two sets of home buyers who want everything.  Kirstie teams up with sisters Gemma and Lucy in Berkshire and Phil is helping honeymooners Hannah and Hassan in Buckinghamshire. But with this being prime commuter territory where average house prices are around £800,000 can our dynamic duo make property dreams come true?