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Kirstie and Phil are back with a brand new series of Location Location Location, helping house hunters across the country solve their property predicaments.  Britain’s favourite property double act will be pounding the pavements battling tricky markets and trying to match great expectations with budgets big and small. But if anyone can make property dreams come true, Kirstie and Phil can!

Episode 1

This week – Kirstie and Phil are playing the generation game in Cambridgeshire as one family look to finally go their separate ways

Episode 2

This week- Kirstie and Phil are in Kent- and the words Location, Location, Location have rarely been so relevant… Caroline and Ian and their little brood of children are bursting out of their tiny house in London. A two up, two down with 3 kids in it, simply can’t work anymore. So they’ve sold up- and are focused on a family move to the Kent coast. There’s just one little problem:- for Ian, Location Location Location means Broadstairs, Broadstairs, Broadstairs and only their own little piece of this costly coastal town will do. Kentish lad Phil tries everything to tempt them-from 16th century cottages to private beaches- but as Phil says, getting any compromise from Ian becomes like ‘pulling teeth’.

Episode 3

This week- Kirstie and Phil are in Wiltshire- where the house hunters have some very specific and slightly unusual demands from their new homes. One couple want room for 4 children and a 4×4 business – whilst the other want a place that will ‘give them a big hug’ whenever they walk through the door!

Episode 4

This week- we’re in the South East- where one family are stuck in a house bursting at the seams- and the other are stuck in one room at mum and dads. It’s a quest for space- and it’s up to Kirstie and Phil to make these searches blast off.

Episode 5

This week – we’re in London with two sets of first time buyers at opposite ends of the property spectrum. We have a teenager with an epic budget keen for independence; and a young couple with high hopes that their funds will stretch to the dream flat. Kirstie and Phil are on their home turf – can they secure a famous victory?

Episode 6

This week Kirstie and Phil are back to visit two sets of househunters. In Yorkshire, Trudi & Steve were moving to be closer to family- whilst in Luton, Zena wanted to get out of mum and dad’s.

Episode 7

This week Kirstie and Phil are back in the shires to catch up with two sets of househunters who both struggled to balance their heads with their hearts. In Buckinghamshire, Emma and Andrew had been looking for the ideal family home, whilst in Aberdeenshire Karen and Russell needed to cut down their daily commute.

Episode 8

This week- Kirstie and Phil are in London- with a story of Vicars and Knickers….Underwear entrepreneur Shazia doesn’t compromise in business- and she doesn’t expect to do it on her house hunt either.  She’s sick of living out of a suitcase, between her home town of Cardiff and her business in London- and nothing but the bright lights of London’s West End will do. She’s after her first home and with a budget of £400 thousand to spend, isn’t thinking of your average starter pad. But property in this part of the capital doesn’t come cheap and it’s not long before everyone’s knickers are in a twist trying to make this fantasy search a reality