Escape To The Country

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Escape to the Country sets out to find the perfect country house for families who are seeking to get away from city living.

Each episode features one couple/family who are looking to make the escape. After discovering what their particular requirements are the show sets out to find four houses that fit the bill.

Episode 16

Jules Hudson heads to Wiltshire to help a humble suburban couple find their dream home in the country.

Episode 17

Nicki Chapman heads north to Leicestershire, to help couple of hoteliers find their perfect retirement home.

Episode 18

Aled Jones is helping a couple from Wimbledon escape the suburbs for countryside living in East Sussex.

Episode 19

Jules Hudson is in Powys with a couple from Basingstoke. They love their big Victorian semi but hate suburban life.

Episode 20

Nicki Chapman is helping a couple looking to relocate their business and start afresh in the Cotswolds.