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Featuring two pivotal real estate moments, double the stress, and twice the manpower, Buying & Selling is the property series where a duo of renovation and real estate experts helps homeowners take their next step up the property ladder. First, the family’s home is staged for a successful sale, and then the real estate agent steps in to hunt down the best options for their next property. With all the drama of big moves and big decisions, this show is packed with entertaining, aspirational, and informative real estate action!

Episode 1

Two active boys and their hockey equipment have overtaken Dan and Voula’s cramped suburban home. Drew and Jonathan are ready to make their dream home possible.

Episode 2

Laurie and John’s stately century home has been in her family for generations. Jonathan tackles a much-needed update and Drew promises to find the couple a perfect new family home.

Episode 3

It was just the two of them when Gus and Denise first moved into their three-bedroom home. 12 Years and three kids later, the house is bursting at the seams. Drew and Jonathan know exactly what to do.

Episode 4

With four kids and two busy careers, Chris and Stephanie’s cramped home has morphed into a toy-filled giant jungle gym. Drew leads the couple on a search for the family’s forever home.

Episode 5

Renee and Brent live in a quiet suburban neighbourhood, but life in their overcrowded home is anything but peaceful. Drew’s challenge is finding the family’s forever home.

Episode 6

With their children’s education on the line, Kathy and Michael need to move or their daughters will have to change schools. Jonathan takes charge of the renovations and Drew leads them on a search.

Episode 7

Feeling the squeeze in their tiny place, Pearl and Folkert are ready to move out of their starter home. Jonathan comes up with a solution for the home’s tricky layout and Drew reassures the couple.

Episode 8

It’s been 6 years since his wife passed away, and Ken and his daughter Kimberly are now ready to move on. Jonathan gets busy with his knockout design plan and Drew is determined to find their new home.

Episode 9

Raising their growing family while running two home-based businesses, Saira and Jesse are feeling the squeeze. Jonathan overhauls the kitchen and Drew leads the tricky search for a home.

Episode 10

With 3 kids and a grandmother all living under the same roof, Daniel and Iris ran out of room long ago. Jonathan does a much-needed makeover and Drew searches for a spacious 4 bedroom home.

Episode 11

Busy parents Travis and Carolyn dream of finding a move-in ready home in time for the new school year. Jonathan vows to finish all the renovations and Drew promises to find the couple the perfect prop

Episode 12

Barry and Corrina are determined to move or their son will lose his coveted spot at a top-notch school nearby. Jonathan is eager to do a much-needed overhaul and Drew tries to balance Barry’s tight budget.

Episode 13

School teachers and busy parents, Jill and Warren want to buy their forever home in time for the new school year. Jonathan tackles a major renovations and Drew tries to find a budget-friendly home.