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In this series, viewers nominate friends and loved ones who need more than a makeover, they need a ‘make under’. Host Purva Bedi and her team of experts ambush them — then get to work showing them that the key to a healthier, happier lifestyle is ‘less is more’.

Episode 1 – Lauren

In this episode of Natural Reboot, we meet Lauren, a 28-year-old paralegal and entrepreneur whose life is out of control.  She works in two different legal offices during the day, runs a baking and t-shirt business out of her home and owns and runs a fitness studio at night.  She works from seven in the morning until midnight. Adding to her time shortage is the fact that Lauren never leaves the house without a face full of makeup and her long, highlighted, blonde hair, “done” perfectly.  She confesses that getting her look “right” in the morning often takes her two and a half hours! Adding to Lauren’s already crazy schedule is the fact that she just can’t say no.  She often does favors for family and friends including her sister who doesn’t drive so Lauren is always running errands for her and her children.  As for her home, Lauren says it is so completely cluttered and disorganized that it “looks like a bomb went off.”  This is especially true of Lauren’s closet which reflects her over-the-top look and her affinity for the color pink.She is completely overwhelmed by the mess and clearly has no time to do anything about it. Lauren also has very little time to spend with Joe, her husband of ten years, and her large, close Italian family, not to mention her two french bull dogs.  And even if she somehow could find a break in her schedule, Lauren is the first to admit that she doesn’t know how to relax:  “My brain doesn’t shut off even when I’m sleeping.” In short, between her work hours, her home clutter, keeping up with her over-the-top style and her lack of time with her husband and family even Lauren agrees that she needs help:  “I need to do something now before it progressively keeps getting worse. I need a change.” Lauren’s best friends Heather and Jennifer agree.  They think it’s time for Lauren to grow up, take control of her life and add some sophistication to her style.  Heather works with Lauren and she helps us to set her up at her office where we surprise her and tell her she’s about to get a Natural Reboot. With the help of Soul Stylist, Sally Miller, Yoga guru, Jennifer Schelter and hair stylist Kevin Gatto, we’ll take Lauren on an emotional, life-changing journey that she will never forget.

Episode 2 – Jacki

Jacki is a 34-year-old wife and mother who feels like her whole life is one big juggling act.  She is married to her high school sweetheart and they have a very active six year old daughter. Jacki also has a high-stress job in the New Jersey Department of Corrections. Between work and her daughter’s ballet, tap, jazz classes and soccer practices, Jacki’s calendar is full, too full.  She also frequently babysits for her sister’s two children, one of whom is deaf and autistic and will accept only Jacki. Due to all the stress and a metabolism that “decided it was tired of keeping up with me,” Jacki has been battling a 20 pound weight gain that has seriously affected her self-esteem.  Always skinny growing up, Jacki really never learned the right way to eat.  Although she’s always “on a diet,”  her pantry is still stocked with junk food and snacks. Since she’s not happy with the way she looks, she just throws on anything, the bigger the better, to hide her body.  She’s also very concerned that she’s passing on her unhealthy eating habits to her young daughter. Adding to her frustration is her house that she says is in desperate need of a “clean sweep.”  As soon as she walks in the door she “immediately feels the stress of what I should be doing to clean the house.”  It has gotten to the point where her house is so filled with clutter that she doesn’t even know where or how to start. Jacki is starting to realize is that all of the clutter in her life is connected to how she feels about herself and she is finally ready to tackle it all and the Natural Reboot team is here to help. After surprising Jacki at the supermarket, as she was filling her cart up with the unhealthy foods she has vowed NOT to eat, her Reboot is underway.  Our team will teach Jacki how to achieve a balance of mind, body and spirit by introducing her to the Eastern practice of Ayurveda.  With these techniques, we’ll help Jacki learn to slow down and bring some desperately needed order to her house and her life.

Episode 3 – Mindy

Mindy is a single mother of three young children.  She has a high stress job as a therapist working with at-risk youth and their families. Mindy feels like she has to be “Superwoman” at work and then a “SuperMom” at home so her kids won’t develop the problems she sees at work every day.  The more she tries to be perfect, the more anxiety she feels and the more out of control her life gets.  She works nights studying to complete her psychology degree and volunteers on a regular basis preparing meals for the homeless. Mindy herself says her life is “disorganized” and “completely unstructured.”  She always feels like she’s one step behind and her schedule is so intense that it leaves her with “absolutely no me time.”  She’s always there to help her friends but they’re afraid that if Mindy keeps going at this pace, she’s going to burn herself out. In addition, Mindy suffers from alopecia, a condition that causes hair loss and for a long time caused her a great loss of self-esteem. After many years, Mindy has learned to deal with her alopecia. She can go out in public  “and feel like a real woman” and she even leads support groups to help other women dealing with alopecia. Physically, she spends so much time with her hair and make-up “just to make myself look natural” that when it comes to her clothes she just ”throws on any old outfit” she can find. She would like to learn some makeup tips and tricks to help her cut down on that daily routine. Then she’d like to learn how to shop for clothing that would help her feel and look more “put-together” from the neck down. Mindy feels that she’s worked so hard adjusting to her condition and becoming a confident woman again that it’s time that “my outside matched my inside.” After a surprise set up by her friends, Mindy began a journey with our Natural Reboot team that moved from helping her learn to reduce her anxiety on the inside to an amazing makeover on the outside complete with some surprising emotional revelations along the way.

Episode 4 – January

January is a beautiful, smart and successful woman but the way she presents herself to the world tells a different story.  Because of low self-esteem and a fear of being vulnerable, this 31-year-old college professor has spent so much of her life pretending to be who she thinks she should be that she’s lost her sense of self along the way. January is obsessed with perfection which keeps her from opening up her true self to those around her, making if hard for her to form lasting relationships. She never leaves her house without full make-up and styled hair.  She even sleeps in old-fashioned curlers overnight to straighten her naturally curly hair. Her beauty routine adds hours to her already full day and ironically, it also adds years to her look.  She doesn’t know how to just simply enhance her natural beauty both inside and out. As a college professor, January so wants to be taken seriously that she tries to dress the part of an intellectual: black, conservative suits, power heels and pulled back hair.  She even started wearing glasses to make herself look older.  In fact, her closet is filled with simple, dark clothing, nothing casual for a date or a night out with friends and no color! January also battles Celiac disease, an immune disorder that can damage the small intestine.  She should be on a gluten-free diet but she struggles with eating right since her busy schedule often has her eating on the run. January needs to boost her self-esteem and her confidence and learn to live a healthy, balanced life.  The Natural Reboot team will help January learn to love herself as she truly is both inside and out because only then can she begin to find the balance she needs to live a happy and healthy life.

Episode 5 – Erin

Erin is a 43-year-old successful financial expert and free lance writer who just completed a new book.  She is married and lives with her husband and three cats. And although her life has grown up, Erin’s look and her wardrobe have not. “My clothing is stuck circa 2003.”  Erin would like to learn to dress more age appropriately and have a more professional hair and makeup look for her upcoming book signings and parties. In short, she needs a new style that will fit the new woman she’s trying to become. Erin’s home needs some restyling as well.  She works out of a home office so cluttered with books and papers that they have spread from her desk to the floor to just about every available surface in her house.  Erin has been so focused on her writing that she doesn’t see the chaos that surrounds her. The Natural Reboot team arrives to bring some order back to Erin’s home, her work and her life.

Episode 6 – Kristina

Kristina is a 41-year-old mother of nine-year-old triplet girls.  Her life is non-stop.  She works the night shift as a NICU (Neonatal Intensive Nurse Unit) nurse at one of the most prestigious hospitals in the country. Between her daily 45-minute drive to and from her high pressure job at the hospital to driving her triplets around to school, gymnastics, and physical therapy, Kristina practically lives in her car. She has no time for herself and is always juggling multiple responsibilities.  With no way to relieve the stress caused by her crazy schedule Kristina doesn’t sleep well at night and lives in a constant state of exhaustion. No time means no style; Kristina is all scrubs and no fashion. And she and her husband haven’t had a “date night” in years!  Kristina is running on empty. Something needs to change so her husband and best friend surprise her by calling in the Natural Reboot team!  Our experts will teach Kristina that putting herself first is the best thing she can do for her career, her family and her personal health and well-being.

Episode 7 – Allison

Allison is a 40-year old divorced mother with two young boys at home and a stepson in college. She has been a stay-at-home mom for the past eight years but she is returning to the work force as a real estate agent.  Allison is a perfectionist. She puts a lot of pressure on herself for everything to be just right and when it’s not, it causes her a great deal of anxiety.  The long hours required in her new job have thrown everything in her life out of balance. She doesn’t have enough time to be with her boys and she’s afraid they’re feeling the stress as well. She doesn’t have the right clothes for her new career and really doesn’t even know the look she needs. Allison used to pride herself on having a neat and organized home but now she’s overwhelmed by the clutter and disorganization everywhere she looks. As for a social life, Allison would like to start dating again but she has put her personal needs at the bottom of the list. She feels over-scheduled, overwhelmed and out of balance. The Natural Reboot team will help Allison learn to give up on her pursuit of perfection.  Only then can she achieve a healthy balance between work, family and personal life. 

Episode 8 – Lizette

Lizette is a 43-year old divorced mother of two children, a career woman and a good friend.  She remains strong, but has endured some serious struggles throughout her life. She is now at a point where she is ready to face her past and truly move into her future.  “Satya” is a Sanskrit word meaning absolute truth.  On this episode of Natural Reboot, the team sets Lizette on a path toward living her life with a complete understanding and acceptance of her absolute truth. Lizette recently moved from New York to Philadelphia and feels like she is starting her life all over. She has been through a lot of change and self-discovery in the past few years, but lately she has been feeling isolated and is having a hard time meeting new people and establishing a social life.  She enjoys writing and being creative but is not sure how to give herself permission to work on her dreams without feeling guilty.  She often feels that she puts up obstacles to her happiness by thinking that she doesn’t  deserve good things in life.  Her time working with Life Coaches Jennifer Schelter and Sally Miller help her to let go of the negative thoughts and move forward with new energy and confidence. Lizette suffers from Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD).  She knows a healthy diet is an important part of keeping this condition in check, but she sometimes uses eating as a way to comfort herself. Although she recently lost some weight, she has a hard time staying consistent with her eating habits. She finds it difficult to stick to a healthy diet when she is short on time, and she resorts to junk food. This has become a vicious cycle.  Holistic Trainer Solidea DiFelice helps Lizette address her relationship with food and provides her with some exercise tips to get her mind and body aligned and moving in a positive direction.

Episode 9 – Stephanie

Meet Stephanie, a high energy, high-powered publicist who is all work and no play.  Her dedication to work is creating an imbalance in all areas of her life. Stephanie looks like she has it all together on the outside, but on the inside, she’s “lost and confused.”  She spends a lot of time socializing at work but does very little socializing for herself.  
“I’m constantly on the go and I’m extremely busy, and I need to find the balance between work and my personal life.”  She needs a reboot to learn to slow down and reconnect with her inner confidence and beauty, so she can truly thrive in the next chapter of her life. Though Stephanie has tried yoga and meditation before, she feels she’s never been able to “get it right.”  Her high expectations make it difficult for her to be in the present moment without distraction. She has trouble focusing and slowing down, but with the help of Mindfulness Based Psychotherapist Romona Mukherjee, Stephanie learns to put the constant judgment aside to find a meditation practice that works for her. Stephanie still has body issues and images from her past that she can’t seem to change. She doesn’t know how to dress for her current build. She wears baggy clothes and ties sweaters around her hips because she still feels she’s the “heavy girl.” When Stephanie goes out with friends, she’s always dressed in her black or grey business suit and has her game face on. She has no casual clothes and needs to bridge the gap between work, going out and working out. Soul Stylist Sally Miller helps Stephanie let the “publicist guard” down to let the real, reenergized and colorful Stephanie shine through.  Stephanie is a beautiful woman but still struggles with her sense of self.  She needs to break from her self-criticism and show herself that she’s beautiful on the inside and on the outside. 
 Natural Beauty Expert Yari Murray gives her some tips and gets her ready for a PR event where Stephanie is finally at the center of her own story.

Episode 10 – Ellie

Ellie is a mom with two children and two jobs.  She works full-time in the pharmaceutical industry
 and is the lead “divorce” blogger for Women’s Day and a blogger for mom’s dealing with autistic children.  She feels she’s barely keeping it together and has no time for herself. She feels she’s lost her authentic self because of fear and a lack of self-love.  “My self esteem is in the sewer, but I’m at an age where I can look back at my past and see the many times I should have just said ‘yes’. I need to say ‘yes’ to myself.” In Buddhism there is a concept called Maitri which means “unconditional love towards oneself.“ It is something that Ellie needs to embrace before she can truly live a happier and more fulfilling life. Ellie knows she’s at a turning point in her life. Out from under a long divorce process, she wants to face her future with renewed purpose and enthusiasm. She needs to bring fresh ideas and practices into her daily routine if she is to find the balance necessary to attract love and spark new creative directions. Ellie is a creative person but feels an underlying uncertainty. She is currently writing two books, but she is having trouble deciding which way to proceed. Life Coach Jennifer Schelter gives Ellies some techniques to help her focus on what is most important, genuine and true for her. Ellie needs to work on her overall nutrition and fitness. Unfortunately, she eats whatever she’s feeding her kids – like macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets. “I’m overweight and have borderline high blood pressure…I think I keep sabotaging myself and I’m not really sure why.”  Holistic Trainer Mike Thomas gets Ellie’s mind and body moving in a much healthier direction. Ellie feels “frumpy and clueless” and has been told that she dresses like a senior citizen. She hardly buys anything for herself but is always shopping for her kids. She feels she’s lost the motivation to feel good about how she looks.  With the help of Soul Stylist Sally Miller and Beauty Expert Tamera Salvucci, Ellie uncovers and expresses the forgotten powers of her beauty within.

Episode 11 – Sheila

Meet Sheila, a single mother with four kids and a successful career as a sales executive. On the outside her life looks fine, but how she feels about herself on the inside tells a very different story.  Sheila admits that everything “looks good” on the outside, but she knows she has some inner obstacles and issues that keep her from realizing her full potential. As a child of divorce, she realizes that she carries self-esteem issues through out her life. Her low self-esteem is one reason she feels she has been unsuccessful in finding healthy relationships: “I have had one abusive relationship after another.” In yoga, “samtosha” is the state of contentment:  no matter what happens, accepting life as it is and finding happiness in the moment. Sheila struggles to feel good about herself and her life as it is right now.  She needs to let go of her past which holds her back from living a joyful and happy life.  Using various techniques, Life Coach Jennifer Schelter helps Sheila dig deep and literally throw some internal baggage away. Sheila feels stuck in the way she dresses and expresses herself. She goes from her conservative corporate look to her low maintenance yoga/exercise look with nothing in between. She senses her potential and wants to express herself. “I feel I am right on the edge of finding the confidence to blast out into the beauty of my true self.” A session with Soul Stylist Sally Miller goes a long way to help her discover the core of her strengths and a rebooted color palette. Over the years, Sheila has lived in some very nice homes, but since her divorce, she’s needed to downsize. She sometimes feels bad and embarrassed about where she lives, and needs to “refresh” her home and create a space that she can be proud of and that reflects her new self.  With the help of a Feng Shui expert Debra Duneier, a central room in Sheila’s life will become a symbol of her transformation. Her friends care deeply about her, and they have set up a perfect surprise to get her moving toward acceptance and a happier self with a Natural Reboot.

Episode 12 – Jacquie

Jacquie is a recent empty nester who thought the next phase of her life would be full of excitement and new adventures. Instead, she finds herself stuck in a rut and desperately in need of a Natural Reboot.  She feels she’s going in circles in a boring routine and needs to break the cycle and live her life with more energy and pleasure. Jacquie must summon the courage – “abhaya”– Sanskrit for fearlessness – to free herself from the sameness to live a happier and more joyful life. Jacquie and her husband sold their home in the suburbs and moved into the city. She worked hard to become ‘Center City Sexy’ and dropped 50 pounds. Unfortunately, she quickly gained 25 pounds back. She knows intellectually how to lose the weight but needs to find out what’s going on emotionally.  Why does she reach for a cupcake at the end of a workday?  She’s ready to explore the mind/body connection to her fitness and weight struggles, and with the help of Holistic Trainer Solidea DiFelice, Jacquie gets balanced nutrition advice to improve her relationship with food.  Jacquie is on the go from the moment she wakes up until her head hits the pillow at night. She has a scenic walk to work, but often doesn’t appreciate the beauty around her because of texts, calls and emails. She knows she’s lost touch with herself spiritually and is looking for ways to connect to her inner self. She’s always been curious about yoga but has been afraid that she’s “too heavy”.  She spends time with Holistic Psychotherapist and Yoga Teacher Romona Mukherjee and becomes open to meditation and other relaxation techniques.  She also works with Life Coach Jennifer Schelter who challenges her to deal with her fears on a trapeze at circus school. For years, Jacquie has given everything to her husband and two sons.  Now that the boys are older, Jacquie wants to forge stronger relationships with her girlfriends. She’s invited out all the time but chooses not to go and just sits at home.  She says, “the world is my oyster, and I need to get out there and do it.”  Her loving friends know what she needs and they plan an ambush at her house that shakes her up and gets her on a path toward Jacquie 2.0.

Episode 13 – Dene

Dene is a 35-year-old married mother of two girls who works full time as an Athletic Trainer and Orthopedic Assistant.  Her life of multi-tasking, planning, and worrying about her two daughters keeps Dene so busy that she’s lost track of herself and where she wants to be. Dene spent her childhood in foster care and knows that her past still affects her to this day.  She admits that her painful past causes her to overcompensate her efforts to be the “perfect mom”.   She strives everyday to give her girls everything she didn’t have when she was growing up, but this pressure causes her more stress than joy.  She admittedly suffers from “separation anxiety” when she is away from them.  She says her relationship with her husband suffers as well since she doesn’t find enough time to be “the wife she wants to be.”  Dene knows she’s losing her own identity and is looking for ways to feel good about spending time on herself, so she can establish a healthy balance for her whole family.With all the time she spends with her girls and at work, she has little time to spend on her home.  She says that her home is “just a mess and is a direct reflection of how my mind is on a regular basis…like scrambled eggs.”  She says her husband calls her a “shifter” because she doesn’t get rid of things but just moves them from one place to another.  She realizes that the clutter is a sign of something deeper that she’d like to uncover.  She hopes that starting to de-clutter in one area of her life will have a carry-over effect to the rest. Dene’s sister Tyrika says, “Dene’s life is out of balance,” and she needs to make a shift to allow herself more time to focus on herself.  Tyrika’s love for Dene has her setting up a complicated lunch time ambush featuring Host Purva Beti as a roving online reporter. With the help of Soul Stylist, Sally Miller, Organizational Expert, Sharan Falasca and Mindfulness Based Psychotherapist, Romona Mukherjee, Dene starts on the emotional and life-transforming path of a Natural Reboot.