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With nervous sellers, anxious buyers and the real estate market in free fall, it’s important to tread carefully, and with 25 years experience between them, Bryce and Veronica are leading the way. Whether upsizing, downsizing, retiring or relocating, buying the family home brings out the best, and the worst in people, and Bryce and Veronica have their work cut out for them making these property dreams a reality. From Byron to the Barossa, the cut throat market of the Inner West of Sydney to the history and tranquillity of Hobart…Location, Location, Location is a feast of fabulous properties in beautiful locations. And it’s an emotional rollercoaster!

Episode 1 – Helen & Tom / Robbie & Bec

This week we’re in double trouble in one of Australia’s toughest markets with two couples who can’t afford to take a wrong step. We’re on the hunt for houses in some of Melbourne’s most popular suburbs with Helen and Tom, a couple of downsizers whose business went bust last year, and also Robbie and Bec, who are trading Melbourne’s hip bars for the burbs on a tiny budget. But buying houses can be an emotional business and both couples will find adapting to change is not so easy.

Episode 2 – Fabrizia & Nick / Fred & Coralie

This week we’re heading north with two couples making major life changes in the name of work. But moving onwards and upwards is not always a breeze and these sea changers are finding the going a little tough. Newly weds Fabrizia and Nick are swapping Sydney city for the Sunshine Coast and if Fabrizia doesn’t find her dream home there’s going to be storm clouds on the horizon. Fred and Coralie are saying goodbye to their dream home in Richmond that Fred built 30 years ago. They’re looking for a new place to put down roots on the NSW mid north coast, but matching their wants with their wallet is a struggle.

Episode 3 – Terry & Kay / Vanessa & Dwayne

This week we’re chasing the sun with two couples seeking a big life change. Terry and Kay and their two young girls are swapping a snowy English winter for fun in the sun on Sydney’s northern beaches while Melbournites Vanessa and Dwayne have had a major wake up call and want to start anew on the balmy Gold Coast. But buying houses in unfamiliar markets can be daunting and these two couples are going to need their wits and their wallets if we’re going to help them but their dream homes.

Episode 4 – Wendy & Makira / Marty & Jude

This week Bryce and Veronica are managing expectations with two tricky buyers who want a lot more for a lot less. They’re hunting for a funky warehouse conversion for Wendy and her teenage daughter Makira in Melbourne’s inner city, as well as a character cottage for hipsters Marty and Jude who don’t want kids but are trying for a dog! These buyers know what they want and they’re not about to compromise. But something’s got to give and it’s Bryce and Veronica’s job to find out what.

Episode 5 – Janey & Richard / Andrew & Ian

This week Bryce and Veronica are helping two lots of house hunters who are not making any headway. They’re looking for homes in one of Australia’s most expensive real estate markets – Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs – with Janey and Richard, and also Andrew and his brother Ian. But matching wallets with wish lists is proving a little difficult. It’s time for some radical action and a reality check. But, will it pay off?

Episode 6 – Margaret & Ian / Darina & Lucy

This week Bryce and Veronica are helping two buyers who need, rather than want to find a home. Grey nomads Ian and Margaret have been travelling the highways and byways of Australia in their trusty caravan for three years. Now the kids have called time but are they ready to give up life on the road for a house in Adelaide? It’s also time for Darina to stop camping at daughter’s Lucy house. But after losing her dream property in the Christchurch earthquake will she be able to put it behind her and find a new place to call home.

Episode 7 – Melissa & Stephen / Rhian & Jarad

Buying a home can be a daunting business but this week Bryce and Veronica are helping two buyers who are taking a brave new approach to buying a house. Best mates Rhian and Jarad are joining forces and throwing their lot in together to buy their first property in Sydney’s highly competitive Inner West. While Melissa and Stephen need a total change of scene from Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs to the North Shore to make their property dreams come true. But, will they be able to make the move?

Episode 8 – Peter & Grace / Kerry & Wayne

This week Bryce and Veronica are separating dreams from reality with two buyers with grand plans. They’re looking for a palatial pile in the beautiful NSW Southern Highlands for Peter and Grace, but finding the perfect property can prove a little testing. They’re also on the hunt on the NSW South Coast for Kerry and Wayne. They’ve got champagne Tastes on a beer budget and it’s Veronica’s job to convince them you get what you pay for. .

Episode 9 – Karen & Robert / Hedley & Anna

This week love is in the air but commitment is proving elusive for writer and performance coach Hedley. She’s on the hunt for her dream home in Sydney’s ritzy Eastern Suburbs but after four years of looking she hasn’t found ‘the one’ and it’s Bryce’s job to find out why… Veronica’s also got her work cut out for her looking for Karen and Robert’s perfect property in Sydney’s Inner West. Competition is tough and the market’s on the boil, and if that isn’t hard enough they want a house with a perfect Feng Shui.

Episode 10 – Fabrice & Meggy / Kelly & Shaun

This week Bryce and Veronica are going troppo in Queensland with two couples making giant moves. Sean and Kelly are packing up the house and the kids and leaving Melbourne for Cairns on a heart warming search to help a mate, while French couple Fabrice and Meggy have decided to pack away the suitcases and put down roots in Brisbane. But buying homes in unfamiliar markets is a risky business and it’s Bryce and Veronica’s job to help them thread carefully.