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Home Made Easy is a brand new show that gives you all the help you need to turn your house into a home – from practical gardening to exciting DIY projects and inspirational décor advice.

Join our presenters Tanya Visser, Ryan Paulsen and Elle Franco, as they share a range of useful tips and tricks to get the most out of your home.

Win with Builders

  • Weekly prizes – each week BUILDERS will give away a prize (relevant to the episodic theme) via sms competition (keyword “BUILDERS” sms 41703).
  • Grand Prize – viewers can send photos of their latest DIY projects to diy@thehomechannel.co.za to stand a chance of winning a R10 000 BUILDERS voucher and being crowned DIY’er of the season.

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This week: Episode 8 – From nothing to something

In episode 8 of Home Made Easy we take everyday items and turn them into something useful…

Episode 7 – Sustainability

In episode 7 of Home Made Easy we look at sustainability in and around the home…

Episode 6 – Vertical

In episode 6 of Home Made Easy we look at projects that revolve around a vertical theme…

Episode 5 – Kids

When it comes to getting your kids into the garden and nurturing a love for all things green, these two projects will keep the little hands busy during the school holidays:

Episode 4 – First Impressions That Last

In episode 4 of Home Made Easy we look at ways of making first impressions that will last…

Episode 3 – Ground Cover

In episode 3 of Home Made Easy we take things down to ground level… Pathways, stepping blocks and painted rugs…

Episode 2 – Out In The Sun

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In episode 2 we make the most of outdoor living, by looking at projects that celebrate the wonderful weather we have in South Africa.

Episode 1 – Being Water wise


In episode one we visit the theme of being water-wise in and around the home. In times of drought, we need to think ahead by changing the way we consume water.