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Gardening Australia provides practical, realistic, and credible horticultural and gardening advice, inspiring and entertaining all Australian gardeners around the nation. Presented by Australia’s leading horticultural experts, Gardening Australia is a valuable resource to all gardeners through the television programme, the magazine, books, DVDs and extensive online content.

Episode 1

‘Maren Kamen’ Jane Edmanson visits a surprising and beautiful garden in Mount Macedon, which is filled with subtropical and arid plants from around the world.

Episode 2

Bird-Attracting Plants Birds not only bring colour and song to your garden, they also perform an important function by helping to pollinate plants and aiding in natural pest control. Colin Campbell looks at the top varieties of plants that will draw birds into your garden. 

Episode 3

Tree Removal Angus Stewart watches a team of arborists as they remove a gigantic, dead lemon scented gum tree from a suburban Sydney backyard, to see how it’s done. 

Episode 4

A Kyneton Garden Landscape architect Jim Sinatra has helped create a garden that is geometrical and edgy according to its owner, Cynthia Goudie. The eclectic range of plants has been selected for their toughness and ability to tolerate frosts and high daily temperatures. John Patrick explores this fascinating garden at Kyneton in Victoria.

Episode 5

Managing Compost: Jane Edmanson explains the principles behind successful composting and how to identify and correct some common problems. 

Episode 6

Native Plant Walk: Angus Stewart explores a nature reserve an hour north of Sydney, and discovers an incredible array of native plants bursting with colour.

Episode 7

Orchid Collector: Leonie meets a champion grower of tropical orchids in Darwin. Her collection, which was started after the devastation of Cyclone Tracy, grew quickly into an obsession and now fills every available space in her back yard.

Episode 8

Ormiston House: Jerry Coleby-Williams visits the Brisbane landmark Ormiston House to explore a garden rich in history and horticulture.

Episode 9

Plant Breeding: Colin Campbell meets a plant breeder, to discuss how the new plants we find at the nursery are bred.

Episode 10

Long-stem Planting: Angus Stewart discovers a groundbreaking technique for propagating and growing native and exotic plants, and finds a gardener who has put theory into practice with astounding results.

Episode 11

A Garden For Community: Josh Byrne visits a community project in Broome where disadvantaged students of all ages acquire skills by learning to grow plants, which ultimately benefit the whole community.

Episode 12

Managing Tree Populations: John Patrick explains the importance of successfully managing populations of trees in public spaces to ensure they remain part of the urban landscape.

Episode 13

Volunteer Plants: Jerry Coleby-Williams explains the value of volunteer plants in his productive garden, and demonstrates how to recognise and use them.

Episode 14

Rose Pruning: Sophie Thomson explains what types of roses should be pruned in winter and why, and demonstrates the simple steps to create healthy, flowering plants.

Episode 15

Worm Castings: Josh Byrne demonstrates the different ways worm castings can be used in the garden.

Episode 16

Liquid Fertilisers: Angus Stewart explains how liquid fertilisers work, compares the different types available and demonstrates the best applications for each.

Episode 17

‘Inverawe’: Jane Edmanson visits Tasmania’s largest landscaped native garden, where the owners have used local and endangered plant species to restore the natural landscape in a semi-formal garden design.

Episode 18

Growing Shiitake Mushrooms: Jane Edmanson visits an innovative community project in Melbourne to learn how to grow exotic shiitake mushrooms.

Episode 19

A Passion For Palms: Leonie Norrington visits a rainforest-style garden near Darwin, notable for its collection of over 120 different species of rare and unusual palms.

Episode 20

Using Compost: Angus shows how to use compost to minimise the competition for nutrients between mulch and your plants.

Episode 21

Citrus Care: Jerry Coleby-Williams shows how to grow and care for citrus trees and profiles some of the best varieties for the home garden.

Episode 22

‘Winterwood’: Sophie Thomson explores a rambling old fashioned garden in the Adelaide Hills with a century-old orchard, magnificent exotic trees and a fabulous combination of specialist and common plants.