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Gardening Australia provides practical, realistic, and credible horticultural and gardening advice, inspiring and entertaining all Australian gardeners around the nation. Presented by Australia’s leading horticultural expert Costa Georgiadis, Gardening Australia is a valuable resource to all gardeners.

This week: Episode – 4

Clarence visits Wendy Whitely’s secret garden.

Josh Byrne shows us how to use and plant vertical climbers.

Sophie is in Adelaide taking a look at autumn flowers.

Ask It solve It: Norma has some trouble with her wind damaged plants.

John Patrick: Designing with trees.

Episode – 3

Colin takes a look at growing veg with fish in your back garden.

Jane visits horticultural  legends Frank & Isabel Baguley.

On Ask It Solve It Heather takes a closer look at her lemon tree.

Veggie Patch: Tino Carnevale shows us what to plant from plants around the country.

Jerry Coleby shows us how to protect our plants from unwanted pests.

Episode – 2

Tino Carnevale shows us how to make a raised herb bed.

Josh Byrne visits a garden block that’s at least half a hectare.

Leonie Norrington is on the veggie garden rescue.

Episode – 1

First up  we take a look at Paula and Michaels Garden.

Clarence shows us how to germinate native seeds.

Leonie Norrington gives us tricks on gravel paths.

Sohpie Thompson gives us tips on taking care of your citrus plants.

Jane Edmanson visits the Hendriks garden.

Still to come:

Episode – 5

Veggie Patch: With Tino Carnevale tends to his fruit trees. He Prunes his apple tree, and his corn field. He also shows us how to control pests and slugs.

Flood Recovery Tips: With Colin Campbell

Stephen Ryan visits friends Chris Williams and Sophia Konstantyniuk about the veggie and edible garden they grow together.

Episode – 6

Jerry uses seed bombs to propagate seeds.

Jane visits Bill Coombies Garden.

John Patrick is in the veggie plot and his showing us how to clean it for autumn.

Josh Byrne shows us how to build a compost bay.

Episode – 7

Angus Stewart is in New South Wales visiting the gardener of the year, we get some wet season tasks from

Leonie Norington and Cole shows us how to make your garden anew.

Also in Ask it solve it this week, we show you how to grow an avocado plant.

Episode – 8

Angus Stewart treats new plant diseases;

Tino Carnevale makes the perfect veggie soil, and loads more gardening tips.

Episode – 9

Jane is in Charlton Country Victoria to help turn a flooded affected garden back to looking fresh again.

Sophie is in Adelaide visiting an extraordinary young gardener who happens to be an expert on all things orchid.

Debra Harding is in Melbourne Inner West taking a look at a very creative garden.

Ask it solve it: Can one use recycled concrete as a mulch?

Veggie Patch: Tino gives us tips on harvesting mielies and radishes.

Episode – 10

Sophie Thompson: gardens with her kids and offers tips on how she inspires them to have a go at gardening.

John Patrick looks at a range of small gum trees suitable for most gardens.

Veggie Patch: Tino checks on his projects which includes growing a huge pumpkin, bananas and a coffee plant.

Dallas Kampes Garden: Tropical Inspired Garden visited by Colin Campbell.

Ask it solve it: Sene in New South Wales has a problem with white butterflies in her veggie patch.
Lorrain of New South Wales has a problem with webbing caterpillars on her Yellow Broon.

How to: Jerry Coleby shows us how to use bamboo in a good, beautiful, useful and even edible way.

Episode – 11

Clarence Slockee is in Kings Cross to have a look at an unexpected intriguing garden.

Angus Stewart: Travels into the country to look at the important work being done presenting and showcasing a huge range of Australian Plants.

Design Guru John Patrick dishes out design tips on how to make the most out of small courtyards.

Viewer tip:  Natalie Andrews shares tips on extending crops of spring onions.

How to:  Spot conifer borer

Ask it Solve it:  Peter in New South Wales has frangepanni growing in a large pot and asks when he can shape it and will it sprout again next spring.
Seah in Western Australia wants to know why the leaves on her citrus tree cracks and splits.

The Veggie Patch: Leonie Norrington teaches us how to layer a veggie bed in the dry season.

Episode – 12

Josh shows us how to chase the sun in winter to keep the garden productive.

Jane Edmanson visits another magnificent garden on the river that’s full of inspiration.

Tino is on the move with his giant pumpkin to a weighing competition.

Design Guru John Patrick shares tips on using foliage.

Ask it solve it: Dave in South Autralia wants to know how often stag and alcorn ferns need to be watered.

Jerry Coleby is in Williams and shows us tips and ways on how to grow strawberrys.

Valerie from Melbourne shares a viewer tip on how to make a worm farm at home.

Episode – 13

Josh Byrne helps a family of four plant their ideal garden.

Sophie meets a couple in Adelaide whose garden is filled with the rare and unusual.

Veggie Patch: Tino Carnevale shares tips on planting black cabbage, kale and lacinato.

Stephen Ryan visits Eleanors garden in Melbourne Glen Iris whose garden is filled with native plants.

Leonie Norrington tells us more and shares tips on growing pineapples.


Episode – 14

In our first episode of Gardening Australia Stephen Ryan shows how to train climbers around trees to add seasonal colour and protect fruit crops.

Con’s Garden
Jane Edmanson drops in an old friend to see some of the tricks he has mastered over a lifetime gardening.

Colin Campbell looks at a colourful collection of Hibiscus and gives his top tips for growing them.

Moving Natives
Angus Stewart explains which native plants can be successfully transplanted and how to do it.

The Vegie Patch
Tino Carnevale plants heirloom potatoes and peas as well as a green manure crop.

Tropical Bulbs
Leonie Norrington shows how to get cool climate bulbs to flower in the tropics.

Episode – 15

Planting for Autumn Colour
Stephen Ryan profiles some his favourite best plants for vibrant autumn colour.
Perennial Vegies
Sophie Thomson shows how to incorporate some hardy perennial vegetables into an ornamental garden.
Plants and Pollinators
Jerry Coleby-Williams explains what plants attract pollinators and starts a new garden bed to bring even more into his productive backyard.

Pruning Wisteria
John Patrick demonstrates how to prune a wisteria vine.

‘Gardener of the Year’
Angus Stewart visits the winner of Gardening Australia’s ‘Gardener of the Year’ for 2010, has a look around their garden and presents them with their award.

Episode – 16

Growing Kang Kong
Leonie Norrington shows a simple way to grow leafy greens in a small garden.
Sub Tropical Onions
Jerry Coleby-Williams plants a range of onions and their relatives suited to the sub-tropics.

A Plant Collector
John Patrick visits a garden where the owner has filled a difficult sloped block with an amazing collection of rare plants.
Planting in the Shade
Jane Edmanson shows what will grow under the competition of trees and how to get them to thrive.
Garage Mahal
Josh Byrne visits an unusual house in Fremantle, where the garden has been designed to provide shelter, shade and security.

Episode – 17

A Chat with Old Friends
Stephen Ryan drops in on some old friends to see the private oasis they have created from nothing, in only a few years.
After the Wet Season
Leonie Norrington plants cool season crops in her layered veggie bed including cabbage, broccoli and beetroot.
The Front Garden
After the hottest summer on record, Josh is taking stock of his native front garden by looking at what has thrived and replacing those plants that haven’t.
Rose Hedge
Sophie Thomson shows how to create a colourful and fragrant hedge from roses and explains which varieties are best to use.
Quaker Arboretum
Colin Campbell explores an incredible collection of trees only a stone’s throw from the Brisbane CBD to find out who created it and why.

Episode – 18

Best in Show?
Jane Edmanson follows retired flower grower Frank Baguley into competition at the Chrysanthemum Society of Victoria’s Annual Show – will he get ‘best in show’?

Native Herbs
Clarence Slockee looks at Australian native herbs and spices and how to use them.

The Vegie Patch
Tino Carnevale is doing some essential winter jobs including thinning beetroot, carrots and parsnips seedlings, training the climbing peas and planting a new crop of garlic.

Growing Pandanus
Jerry Coleby-Williams profiles one of his favourite groups of plants and shows how to propagate and grow them.

Episode – 19

Winter Inspiration
Stephen Ryan visits the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne to explore their collection of unusual plants and mature trees.
The Vegie Patch
Tino Carnevale checks the progress of the NZ yams, prunes raspberry and youngberry canes and gives the peas a homemade health kick.
 A Transplanted Garden
Sophie Thomson visits a young garden where the owners dug-up, moved and replanted every thing from their former home.
Pruning New Growth
John Patrick demonstrates how to select and train vigorous regrowth into a healthy tree.
A Blended Garden
Angus Stewart visits a garden in Sydney, filled with a combination of native and exotic plants.

Episode – 20

Giant Lilies
Clarence Slockee looks a spectacular group of local plants, Gymea and Spear Lilies.

Peas, Beans and Winter Greens
Jerry Coleby-Williams plants peas and broad beans for a big spring harvest and shows how he keeps up a continuous supply of greens.

A Poetic Garden
Leonie Norrington visits Waldo Bailey, a Vietnam veteran and poet, to explore his large rural block filled with tropical trees, flowers, individuality and poodles.

The Next Step
After helping with the initial layout, Josh Byrne re-visits a young family to help them with the next step building their dream back yard by defining paths and garden beds, preparing for irrigation and starting the trellis for the fruit trees.

A Garden Muse
Jane Edmanson visits opera singers Antoinette Halloran & James Egglestone to see the garden they have created for their young family and their music.

Episode – 21

Daniel’s Winter Vegies
Sophie Thomson visits a young gardening sensation to get his top tips for growing winter vegies.
A Picture Perfect Garden
Jerry Coleby-Williams visits an old friend to see the colourful garden she has created to look good all year around.
Memorial Garden
Colin Campbell visits Brisbane’s Roma Street Parklands, which was devastated by storms in 2008, to see what plants have recovered and how the gardens have been redeveloped.
Home Hydroponics
Josh Byrne shows how to make a cheap hydroponic system to grow herbs and greens in a small garden, using only 2 buckets and some PVC pipe. 
Antoinette’s Garden
Jane Edmanson visits a beautiful large garden on the outskirts of Melbourne full of colour, characters and plenty of fun.

Episode – 22

The Chelsea Flower Show
Jane Edmanson visits the RHS Flower show in Chelsea to check out the Royal Botanic Garden Melbourne’s gold medal winning ‘Australian Garden’.

Grapevine Pruning
Tino Carnevale visits his dad to learn how he prunes his grapevines to create healthy vines and a bumper crop.

Colin Campbell discovers some stunning Camellias and then gives his tips for growing them in the subtropics.

Ornamental Edibles
Stephen Ryan profiles some of his favourite small trees that also produce a crop.

An Integrated Garden
Josh Byrne visits a gardener in Perth who has transformed her ‘sterile’ block into a thriving garden including multi use plants, chooks, guinea pigs and a verge full of vegies.

Episode – 23

Gardening with Kids
Sophie Thomson shows how to keep your kids gardening in winter, by creating a miniature indoor garden.

An Iconic Garden
Stephen Ryan visits Gwen Ford to explore her iconic Australian garden, created by her late husband Gordon, one of our most eminent 20th century designers.

Planting around Pools
Angus Stewart explains how to pick plants that will thrive when planted around swimming pools.

Cool Season Crops
Jerry is in his cool season veggie garden collecting seed of his most successful crops, propagating the next season of yams and planting a cash crop.

Bringing the Bush to the City

John Patrick visits a small inner city block in Melbourne which has been designed to create a distinctly bushland feel.

Episode – 24

A Garden for Wildlife
Colin Campbell visits a subtropical garden that has become a habitat haven for local wildlife, particularly frogs.

The Vegie Patch
Tino Carnevale digs in the green manure crop, checks the progress of winter crops and plants a range of herbs in his handmade garden.

Using Natives
Sophie Thomson shows how native plants can be used to create a range of traditional garden styles.

Building a Bat Box
Josh Byrne builds a microbat nesting box to encourage them into his garden to help control insect pests and explains why they are a gardeners friend.        

A Garden in Kings Cross
Clarence Slockee drops in on a local legend to see the unusual garden he has created on Sydney’s most notorious strip.

Episode – 25

A Kids Winter Garden
Sophie Thomson shows how to keep the kids gardening through the winter months with some fun and fragrant planting ideas.
Fixing Old Fruit Trees
Tino Carnevale helps a new home owner tackle a garden full of old and overgrown fruit trees.
This Gardening Life
Josh Byrne visits a couple who have worked together for over twenty years to create an abundant food forest garden.
Unusual Propagation
Jerry Coleby-Williams shows how to take advantage of the cool dry weather in the subtropics by propagating some unusual plants.
A Traveller’s Garden
Angus Stewart visits a garden in the shadow of the Sydney Harbour Bridge which reflects the owner’s lifetime love of horticulture, art and travel.

Episode – 26

A Garden for the Kids
Clarence Slockee visits a local primary school to help them get their new garden into the ground.

Aussie Inspriation
Jane Edmanson visits Victoria’s oldest native plant garden to look at her favourites for winter colour.

A Garden Recovery
Colin Campbell checks in on plant collector Bill Coombes, in Brisbane, to see how his garden is recovering after the devastating QLD floods.

Making Odd Spaces Work
John Patrick visits a garden where the designer has managed to make productive use of a series of odd spaces.

Experimental Vegies
Josh Byrne checks on the progress of some of his low cost and experimental veggie projects around the garden




This week's episode

Episode 4

Clarence visits Wendy Whitely’s secret garden. Josh Byrne shows us how to use and plant vertical climbers. Then, Sophie is in Adelaide taking a look at autumn flowers.