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Game of Homes is a huge home renovation competition format, which takes place in the heart of Vancouver. Four teams of two are given an abandoned house scheduled for demolition; and room-by-room, renovate it into the house of their dreams. These houses, which would otherwise have been destroyed, were picked up off their foundations and ceremoniously moved by heavy hauler trucks before being transferred to massive barges and floated to downtown Vancouver. Here, side by side at the Game of Homes site, the teams will have just 4 weeks to completely renovate their houses while they live on site and inside their slowly improving homes. In the dramatic finale, the team whose finished house is voted the best – wins their house and a plot to land to put it on!

Each episode, the teams are faced with a new area of their house to renovate and transform. The teams must complete these projects using skill, ingenuity and teamwork. Teams face impossible time constraints and physical exhaustion, as they transform every inch of their houses including the exterior. Our Game of Homes judges will be looking at workmanship, design and overall transformations in deciding which team will win each week. The winning team each week will earn exciting prizes for their work and be one step closer to winning their own house!

Episode 1 – Welcome to my nightmare

Four teams race to determine who will get which house to transform.  But the exteriors have been deceiving.  When the teams win entry, they realize these disheveled, run down houses will be nearly impossible to make livable.  They have just 72 hours to transform the Living Room.  But their first challenges, size up the competition, and settle into living amidst a disastrous construction site with their partner.

Episode 2 -Everything and the kitchen sink

Teams have just 72 hours to completely transform their Kitchen. Disa and Russel bite off more than they can chew.  Char and Sean’s design may not be everyone’s taste.  And Crystal and Ray’s floor plan may contain a poison pill.

Episode 3 -Wild Rooms

Teams have a mind blowing 24 hours to transform a spare bedroom into anything BUT a bedroom.  Creativity runs wild and tempers run hot as each team buckles under the pressure and a sleepless night to complete their Bonus Room.  The judges must decide who has executed their imaginative use of space to near perfection.

Episode 4 -No rest for the weary

Exhausted from the previous challenge, Cameron sends the teams over the edge; 24 hours to renovate and completely redesign the Master Bedroom.  After 2 week of sleeping on the floor, teams will have a bed, but at a price.  A surprise winner shocks the neighborhood, proving that it’s anyone’s game to win.

Episode 5 -So much tile, so little time

Dated, dirty and decrepit Bathrooms await each team.  In a struggle to gain momentum and regain the favour of the judges, each team pulls out all the stops.  But in the end, only one team finishes their room before Cameron calls time.

Episode 6 -Second bedroom, second chances

Another 24 hour challenge causes egos to sore and tensions to overflow.  Infighting and rumors of cheating rule the street.  Teams turn on each other and themselves.  After three weeks of confinement on the set, few teams have the imagination and strength to score with the judges. But one team emerges with an astonishing transformation.

Episode 7 -Pealing back time

With the interiors finished, Cameron gives the teams 4 days to attach and transform the exterior of their houses.  60 year old stucco and shingles makes way for 21st century roofs, siding and windows.  None of the teams have ever renovated an exterior, and their inexperience brings injury and mistakes.  You can repaint a room, but a wrong choice on exterior cladding will last a lifetime.  Front runners fall to the back and the harsh criticism of the judges proves too much for some.

Episode 8 -Showdown to show home

In a breathtaking race to the finish, teams have just 24 hours to correct their mistakes from pervious challenges.  Cameron welcomes the public to view the finished houses.  Their vote, along with the now opposing views of the judges will change the life of one team forever? But who will win Game of Homes?